1998 chevy silverado hard starting problems

1998 Chevy Silverado Hard Starting Problems

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1998 Chevy Silverado is such a rocking car to drive but it may get hard to start after sitting. Having faced the problem, you must think few things are as nuisance as this.

There are several problems in starting this vehicle, solving the issue can make the problem even more troubling.

Is it really too tough to solve? Not at all man. All you need to do is just maintain a few steps properly. 

In this article, we will learn about the 1998 chevy Silverado hard starting problems and their solutions. 

Gear Up Yourself: Preparation Before the DIY Task

Mostly, when the engine is not getting started then the engine requires electrical power to start. Besides, when you are running the keys and the engine does not get started, it can be due to the bad battery connections* or the discharged battery* as well. 

Furthermore, the common problems are the break in the starter circuits wiring, or the faulty solenoid, or the faulty starter. However, before getting the issue machinal, you should keep the level of the car on a plain surface. Again, the electrical connections are to be secured and clean. 

Common Reasons Behind The 1998 Chevy Silverado Hard Starting 

How To Fix 1998 Chevy Silverado Hard Starting Problems 

  • Engine turns but will not start

If the engine turns but will not start, it can be because the engine is not producing the spark at the fuel or the sparkplugs can not deliver to the engine. Again, no spark is due to the weak battery, which can be indicated with the help of the slow-turning starter. Moreover, a wet ignition system* or a faulty ignition coil* can be another reason for hard starting. 

The common problems are the disconnected coil wires, faulty spark plugs, or the broken wires of the ignition system. What’s more, a delivery problem is mostly due to the clogged dual filter with no fuel in the fuel pump or the tank.

  • 1998 chevy Silverado hard starting when starter turns and engine not

It may happen when the starter spins and the turning will not be turning the engine. It can cause the starter gear to fail to engage the engine’s flywheel. The starter is stuck and will not allow the gear to move into the gear moving into the flywheel position. Less common are the broken gear teeth or the broken starter gears on the flywheel which do not start and are unable to connect the flywheel.

  • Chevy Silverado hard to start when cold

When the engine is cold then it gets hard to start. This is because it produces weak sparks and does not provide enough fuel to the cylinders. Moreover, a weak battery will not produce a weak spark. The reason behind the problem is that it’s not enough to start the engine’s cylinders. Plus, the weak spark is responsible for the weak battery and will also turn the engine slowly. Furthermore, a worn rotor distributor cap, broken plug, old, or it can result in weak spark plugs. Moreover, it will turn over the engine perpetually before catching.  Even a dirty fuel injector, clogged fuel filter, or a weak fuel pump can reach the cylinder. In this way, it can cause poor fuel ignition. Then depress the accelerator that helps in starting.

  • Chevy truck hard to start when hot

An engine that is difficult to start can be the reason for 98 chevy 5.7 hard starts. If it is warm, the system is clogged by restricting the airflow intake. Ultimately, it causes the rich condition at the hot startup which is noticed by the smell of gasoline or flooding. Moreover, another possible cause is the electrical system or the weak coil. In the electrical systems, the heat resistance increases and lowering the effective voltage at critical ignition components. Furthermore, the problem is less common that includes faulty emissions systems. This idea can be obtained by the fault codes in the vehicle computer with the help of the scanning tool.

How To Fix 1998 Chevy Silverado Hard Starting Problems? 

new mass airflow sensor

Appliances needed: A quick and easy coil, a mass airflow sensor, a distributor cap and a rotor. 

There are a few quick and simple steps you will need to follow to get your Silverado rock on again. 

Step 1: Keep the key on and use a remote starter right there that comes under the hood. 

Step 2: Check the mass airflow sensor. If it is faulty, then find a new mass airflow sensor.

Step 3: Check engine lights. Start the engine again. 

Step 4: If it is cranking, then you have to replace the ignition coil, a distributor cap and a replace the old rotor with a new one

Hopefully, you have gotten your vehicle started.  

Let’s Wrap Up!

All in all, the Chevy truck may not start when it is cold, or even in a warm condition. No matter what the condition is, you have the ways to fix this problem. We hope that this article has helped you to know about the 1998 chevy Silverado hard starting problems and their solution.

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