AT Oil Temp Subaru: What Does It Mean & How To Fix It (2024)

Cars are an essential part of our life nowadays, from small commuting to long journeys. To make sure that our car is in good condition and running smoothly we need to take care of it. 

Whenever you see a warning alert on your dashboard, you need to take it seriously. When the Subaru car is on, you will find an AT Oil Temp warning light, which means your car’s transition oil requires attention. In this blog, we will discuss this in detail. 

What Does It Mean By At Oil Temp Light?

What Does It Mean By At Oil Temp Light

The “AT Oil Temp” sign means that your car’s transmission oil requires attention. You should pull over and park your car immediately when you see the sign, and let the engine run while the transmission starts to cool. If the problem still persists, you must get it checked by a professional.

Why Is The Subaru At Oil Temp Light Flashing?

It’s no surprise that the AT Oil Temp signal can start to blink in the middle of the road when the transmission fluid in your car may be too hot for it to handle. For most cars, the amount of heat it can deal is around 2000F.

However, if your oil gets above that temperature, your car would then tell you to keep an eye on it. There isn’t much you can do to reduce the temperature. If your car starts to decline or shake, don’t go too far.

Automatic Transmission Control System Warning

Automatic Transmission Control System Warning

It is made with a traditional, variable speed or dual-clutch design for automatic transmissions.

Some cars only turn on the transmission warning light while you think it is overheating. Most other cars use the light as a friendly reminder to show a wide range of transmission problems.

What To Do When The At Oil Temp Comes On While Driving?

First, you should pull over and turn off your car. Let the oil cool down and give your car a break. You could damage other parts of your car if you keep driving when the oil is too hot.

When you drive your car, many things control the amount and flow of AT Oil in the car. To figure out what’s wrong, you should bring your car in right away so we can figure out what’s going on. While you can still check a few items on your own, if the problem doesn’t go away, you should get help from someone else.

Checking Your Oil Transmission

Checking Your Oil Transmission

Without the transmission, your car might start, but it won’t move very quickly. Maintaining it in a good state is important. Like any major part of your car, you need to keep it in good shape with regular maintenance. 

To figure out the condition of your transmission, you should check the levels, color, even the smell of the transmission fluid in your car.

This means that there’s likely a leak, and it needs to be fixed by a professional straight away. If you need to add more fluid, be extremely cautious not to fill the reservoir too much. 

Overfilling transmission fluid could cause the fluid to foam, putting too much pressure on the transmission and forcing fluid out of a vent or a seal. It can damage the transmission.

The automatic transmission Fluid Park, the car on a level surface & set the parking brake to hold it in place. Shift the lever of the selector in each place. Shift to “P” mode, and run the engine at idling speeds until it’s done. Pull out the dipstick and look at the gauge to see how much fluid is in the car.

brake and the AT Oil Temp light blinking
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How Do I Fix The Problem With The Oil Temp At AT?

Your automatic transmission fluid is too hot if the “AT OIL TEMP” light comes on in the dashboard and stays on for a long time. 

Subaru cars say that you should pull over and park your car in a safe location right away. Let the engine run while the transmission starts to cool; just let this light go out on its own. Later, you need to get it to the professionals and repair it.

How To Know When To Change The Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid breaks down over time. To keep the transmission safe, you must change it often enough. And also, to know how it seems you should consider changing your transmission fluid, you need to know how often you drive with the transmission. 

If you drive in the city, you stop and go a lot. If you do this, the temperature range of the transmission will rise. 

It shows that the volume on the transmission fluid will be higher. Carrying too much weight in cars with torque or towing a trailer will also make this pressure go up, but other things can make it go up as well. 

This lot of use will speed up the deterioration of the transmission fluid. Change the oil for every 90.000 km, but this varies from car to car, so always check your owner’s manual to see the best range.

Source: reddit@MechanicAdvice

How To Change Automatic Transmission Fluid And Filter?

The torque converter is an important part of automatic transmissions. It is a hydraulic machine that takes power from the engine and turns it into its movement, like how the car moves. The transmission fluid flows in and out of the torque converter to make this change. 

It implies that the transmission fluid is in charge of getting all the power from the engine to the car’s wheels. People who have automatic transmissions put a lot of stress on their transmission fluid, which lasts longer and breaks down more quickly than manual transmissions.

Most cars need to have their transmission fluid and filter changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, but some cars don’t.

Source: reddit@MechanicAdvice

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Subaru Transmission?

Subaru is not a cheap car to fix, especially the powertrain. At around $200, it costs to have a fluid change in your transmission. That’s the cheapest thing you can do to your car.

Without knowing what’s broken, it’s hard to figure out how much it will cost to fix. You should expect the costs to start at $1,000, with just an average cost of around $2,000. As much as $3,500 will be charged for a complete transmission refurbishment or new transmission.

It is advised to have the car checked and transmission oil changed. If the problem hasn’t been solved, compare the car’s value now to how much it would cost to fix it for a few thousand dollars. If the math doesn’t add up, sell the car and use the money to buy another car.

When In Doubt, Stop Your Car

AT Oil Temp Subaru

In traffic, at red lights, or near rail tracks, letting the car sit idle in neutral reduces the stress on the transmission, leading to transmission cool down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does Subaru Have An Oil Change Light?

All Subaru cars have an oil change warning light, and at the very least, a service indicator that tells when you need to get your oil changed. But, there could also be other reasons for the warning light to glow, like a malfunctioning oil pressure sensor, low oil pressure, or even a faulty light. However, do not ignore the light and get it checked immediately. 

2. How Long Can You Drive With The Oil Light On Subaru?

Most of the time, you have about two weeks or 500 miles of driving before such a flashing oil light turns into a real issue. That’s when things can quickly go downhill, which can cause a lot of damage to the machine. So, try to get your car checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible.

3. Is It Bad To Change The Transmission Fluid?

Changing the transmission fluid will not necessarily damage the transmission. But, try not to change it very frequently. For manual cars, its ideal to change it every 30000-60000 miles, but automatic cars can go even higher from 60000-100000 miles.

Can I drive with AT oil temp light flashing?

Driving with the AT oil temperature light flashing is risky as it indicates that your vehicle’s oil temperature is too high. This can lead to engine damage or failure. Pull over and turn off the engine to avoid further damage and have the issue diagnosed by a mechanic.

Why is my AT oil light flashing Subaru Outback?

The AT oil light flashing in a Subaru Outback may signify a transmission issue, low transmission fluid, or overheating. Have your vehicle inspected by a professional to determine the root cause and address it accordingly.

It’s Time To Wrap Up

The transmission oil is among the most crucial aspects of the transmission system and its efficient operation. If the AT light is on, you need to take it very seriously and contact a professional to take care of it.

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