Top 7 Best Brake Line Flaring Tool in 2022 : Reviews & Buying Guides

There are plenty of flaring tools in the market. However, you can’t use any flaring tool when working on your brake lines. Your brake lines need a specific tool that can effectively operate on them. 

If you want to buy a brake flaring tool, make sure that you buy a worthy brake flaring tool as it will benefit you in the long run. Mechanics and people who like to repair their vehicles on their own always have a brake flaring tool in their tool kit. It is a tool that will make a lot of difference to your car in the long run. 

You can use the brake flaring tool for plenty of tasks. These tasks include bending or tightening the brake lines. You can use the brake flaring tool for tubing, piping, and many other projects. Before we talk about some of the promising flaring tools in the market, let us look at the meaning of the flaring tool. 

A brake line flare tool repairs the break line. This tool is inspired for one job, and it is likely to be gotten for the cheapest to a premium price range. If you go to a local shop, you’ll be provided the most low-cost kit that costs only 20$. Should you be that cheap to buy a brake line repair kit? No, an inexpensive brake line flare tool makes your work harder and produces leaks through the inadequate flares. 

Our guide gets a few of the cheapest kit, but all are from premium quality. Have a check what suits your budget!

Top 7 Best Brake Line Flaring Tool

Best Brake Line Flaring Tool Review

1. MASTERCOOL 72475-PRC Flaring Tool Set with Tube Cutter

MASTERCOOL 72475-PRC Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set with Tube Cutter, Blue and Silver

It’s expensive, but a universal Hydraulic smoothest flare you’ll ever see. This tool comes with Tube and dies set assemble arm to handle the tube foaming easily. We have experimented with this tool and got the adapters in place with the assistance of a magnetic adapter. It may seem harsh to spend a prime budget on a single brake flare tool, but this thing is ever worthy of the construction it’s surrounded with. The flaring tool’s primary focus is being equipped with the ‘Die set compression area,’ which is enlarged in size. You can have a better grip on dies. Despite a money concern, ‘MASTERCOOL 72475-PRC’ is an invention of reliability. It let you connect it on an ‘annealed steel & dead soft’ structure. Overall, the formation of the flaring tool is chewed up, and worthy for a smooth installation.  


  • A premium toolset to make fastest smoothest flares ever
  • All necessary tools are packaged in a blow-molded case
  • Expensive, but equipped with an eternal push connect
Click here to buy this product on Amazon, and we ensure you won’t regret it. This flaring tool is an ultimate option to the lopsided flares, as the device resembles the brake lines, transmission, and fuel line flare proficiently.

2. Titan Tools 51535 Double Flaring Tool

Titan 51535 3/16-Inch Double Flaring Tool

It is a 3/16-Inch flaring tool with an impressive overview. You must be looking for a Titan’s choice, right? Get it. Let us explain why it is boss worldwide. It’s a versatile flaring tool with various options. Through this, you can upgrade a vehicle option to the compact design. Then, it can be used in a bench vise. Finally, it is instructed to be a functional inversion over the nickel-copper brake lines. You’re probably not a newbie to choose a flaring tool, or you must have used other double flare tool previously with the features of avails, screw press, and the bar. It looks critical when you play with so many moving parts to make an all-in-all tool necessary for simpler use. What we liked about this flaring tool is being used in a little room without error. You can accomplish an intuitive operation through the instrument. However, you’re not recommended to use this Titan Tools on the stainless steel tubing, but it is compatible with the under-car spaces.


  • 45-Degree SAE double flare
  • Can be used to repair brake lines in a vehicle
  • Maximum positive impressions

Click here to buy this Double Flaring Tool for the smoothest line up on Amazon. You’ll have a good grip and perfect use in the automotive brake line applications.

3. Shankly Flaring Tool Set (10 Piece)  Professional's grade Flaring Tool

Shankly Flaring Tool Set (10 Piece - Professional Grade) Heavy Duty Brake Line Flaring Tool Kit and Swage Tool, Flare Tool with Tubing Straightener or...

Do you look for a flaring tool with tubing cutter included? Let’s once over this Shankly Flaring toolset in professional’s choice with heavy-duty steel and swage tool. Note that it is not made as a double flaring tool. If you buy additional parts separately, that would be costly, but this kit saves your half budget. An inclusive kit is always structured with a professional tubing cutter so that you can focus on the job without searching for parts. Besides of being an all-inclusive kit, this tool is specified for a wider adapter range. Click here to check the sizes of the flare adapters. Five swaging fittings of the Shankly Flaring Tool is engineered for a common swage fitting. Additionally, a rugged and long-lasting tool is made in the combination of the sturdiest steel materials. You’re prescribed purchasing the ‘Shankly Flaring Tool’ for original flared fittings.  


  • Flaring tool and tubing cutter technology
  • Self-centering yoke for the professional’s choice
  • Easy to install

If you need a chromed finished toolset with smooth precision, Shankly Flaring Tool is the best choice. Click here to buy this product on Amazon. Remember one thing; in today’s world, you’ll get flared fittings option rarely. But, this ‘tool kit’ repairs the old equipment very quickly.

4. RIDGID 83037 Model 458R Precision Ratcheting Flaring Tool, 1/8-inch to 3/4-inch Pipe Flaring Tool

RIDGID 83037 Model 458R Precision Ratcheting Flaring Tool, 1/8-inch to 3/4-inch Pipe Flaring Tool

Among the precision flaring tools around the marketplace, ‘RIDGID 83037’ Model comes with very superior performance. You can purchase this version of the flaring tool for being high quality and durable construction. It is constructed with flares steel, hard copper, and brass tubing technology that let you feature ratcheting handle instead of a standard handle’s requirement. Through this handling issue, you can minimize your effort in confined areas. After accomplishing the operation to the iron and smooth flare option, you get the handle clutch released. It is a perfect choice through eccentrical construction. Besides, clients report it to be most trusted with a lifetime warranty. You get the ‘RIDGID 83037 Model’ affordable and credible against material defects.


  • 45-degree flares in the 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch sizes
  • Assurance of a lifetime warranty
  • A brass tubing option to be considered

Click here to get this product on Amazon’s vendor. It arrives quickly with the instruction included. ‘RIDGID’ proves this product to the global clients, and explains their name to be trusted. 

5. Neiko 20656A Brass Tubing (Double Flare) Tool Kit

Neiko 20656A Auto Double Flaring Copper Aluminum Steel Brake Line and Brass Tubing Tool Kit | 9 Piece | 5 Adaptors | 4.8 mm – 12.7 mm | 3/16” – 1/2''...

You must be assured of the lines that are cut with a tube cutter, right? Get this product with a filed flat option. This product is designed to be decent with a variety of materials, including the copper, aluminum, soft steel line-up, and brass tube options. You get the tool kit suitable and to be flared with a double or single flare strategy. Engineers from Neiko industries help this product to be durable with heavy-duty design so that this Flaring Tool is forged from heat, then reaches the highest durability and strength. The swivel is engineered in the ‘Neiko 20656A’ product, and developed with the chrome-plated material and alloy steel construction. It helps to reduce probable frictions. It will give you the best result and let the lines get no leaks. Whatever it may sound bitter, but after the metal formulation, you can tighten into the calipers.


  • The imperishable design makes it compatible with a variety of material
  • Swivel assisted and reduces friction
  • Blow-molded creation, and easily carried for a travel

Click here to buy ‘Neiko 20656A’ on Amazon with attractive blow-molded plastic storage. You can easily take it for easy travels and portability.

6. ABN Bubble Flare Tool & pipe cutter

ABN Bubble Flare Tool & Double Flaring Kit – Tubing Bender Flare Tool & Pipe Cutter (1/8in to 5/8in / 3-16mm)

ABN is the short form of ‘Auto Body Now’ company that is a family-owned business. The brand is reliable worldwide and assures you of the ‘Double Flaring’ segment for the braking pipe, fuel pipe, and the refrigeration repairs. If you’re fighting with the standard Freight flaring tool, look for this at the plunge. It’s an excellent decision to flares tubing most perfectly. Though some reviewers report the center flares to be wrong, we got it beneficial. You’ll receive this excellent product in a nice fitted box, and will be amazed at the better performance than expectations. To be added that you get this ‘ABN Bubble Flare Tool’ with a small pipe cutter, through this, you can cut 3-16mm steel, aluminum, and copper tubing. Comparing the premium tools, ABN makes their flare tool with swivel construction.


  • It is a reliable tool for bending brake and fuel pipes
  • Restricted with chrome-plated steel to reduce frictions
  • Chrome-plated and Swivel construction (durable)

Click here to buy this product for the ‘built to last’ correspondence. It comes with the highest quality and additional ‘bubble and doubles’ flares accessories. It’s known as the all-in-all flaring kit for being enriched of your flaring needs.

7. Yellow Jacket 60295 Flaring Tool

Yellow Jacket 60295 Flaring Tool with Eccentric Cone, 45 DEG, 3/16 to 3/4 in

Firstly, we assure you it’s construction as it is surrounded through-hardened steel (Off-center) cone. It is combined with 45 deg flare production that helps it be appealed to the flare walls. Note that this is SAE. Those piping are constructed with mini-splits that are metric. You’ll end up with a clean flare, and just a few tries may be necessary. When used the proper line-up, we made sure if the pipe is teamed adequately with refrigerant oil. The tools are aligned in the kit would be substantial. Among many of the flaring tools, ‘Yellow Jacket’ is considered the best quality tool, for the tool never gets leaker and made for superior use.  


  • Prepared with an Eccentric Cone
  • Hardened steel (Off-center) structure
  • Solid tool and delivers quick

Overall, this tool is awesome if you have one through other flaring tools. We assure you of a quick buy. Click here to redirect on Amazon, and get delivered quickly. You must use it once if life.

Flaring Tool: What Is It?

A flaring tool helps you build a mechanical joint by using pressure. It helps in joining or sealing a copper tubing with a flare connection. A flaring tool will let you connect the tubes and help in any other kind of fitting. 

A flaring tool will help you flare the ends of the brake lines in a conical shape—various types of flaring tools are available in the market for the same.

A brake line flaring tool will essentially help you in creating a double flare on the end of the brake lines. You can achieve this task without much hassle with the help of a brake line flaring tool. It will be helpful for you if you understand everything about the brake line flaring tool, especially if you are working on your brake lines for the first time. 

Let us look at what kind of flares a brake system uses. It will help you arrive at a buying decision if you plan. 

The Kind of Flares Brake System Uses

Flaring the brake system simply means stretching out the ends of the metal lines. When these metal lines get stretched out, they can fit with other metal lines without any trouble. These stretched-out metal lines ensure there are no breaks between these lines that would cause a leak or a break in the brake lines. 

Brake flare helps you in securing a leak-proof connection between hoses and fittings. It eliminates the need for a sealant. The brake flares need to be double flared because of the high hydraulic pressure. In case of brake leakage or the hose cracks, the chances of fatality increase. 

If you wonder why single flared lines can’t do the job, then the reason is that the single flared lines suit where the hydraulic pressure is low. Single flared lines are suitable for applications that do not tackle much pressure, unlike your vehicle. 

Let us explain it with the example of how the vehicle manufacturer may use the single flared lines in your fuel and coolant lines. The single flared lines are not as expensive as the double flared lines and do not cause much destruction even if they break. These lines do not undergo as much pressure as the double flared lines. 

On the contrary, double flared lines can cause cracks or leakage in your brake because they reduce the flares’ friction. The vehicle manufacturers in Asia and America use double flares, whereas the European manufacturers use the bubble flared lines. Bubble flared lines are the replicate of the high-pressure hydraulic lines. 

So, the objective of this discussion is that if you find single flares in your vehicle, you should attempt to get them replaced with double flares immediately. If you continue using your vehicle with single flares, it can be dangerous as you could put your life in jeopardy. 

The other parts of your vehicle can have a single flare, except the brake. Your brake system should only have double flares or bubble flares. The law explains the importance and applicability of the double flare system. 

It is not worth taking a risk with the single flare system in your vehicle. So, reiterating, you should get the single flare system in your vehicle replaced with the double flared system. 

If you want to repair your automobile, you will need a brake flaring tool. 

Maintaining or fixing a car requires a deep understanding of flaring the brake lines correctly. If you flare your brake lines, it will help you generate a leak-proof connection, so you don’t need an additional sealant. Flaring will ensure that the fluid from the brakes does not leak. The amount you spend on a brake line flaring tool will turn into a great deal of investment. 

Let us now explore why there is a requirement for a brake tool.

Brake Flaring Tool: Significance?

You cannot repair the brake lines without a brake line flaring tool. With a brake flaring tool, you don’t need to take the entire brake system out of its place. You can make repairs to the brake system while every component stays intact. 

If you buy a brake line flaring tool, you can save both time and money in the long run. When you own a brake line flaring tool, you don’t need to call for professional help again and again.

It is not difficult to use a brake line flaring tool. If you are using it for the first time, you won’t have to spend hours learning how to use it. 

Even if you use a brake line flaring tool with a complex design, you only need to have some basic understanding of using this tool. Once you have a basic understanding, you can use the brake line flaring tool with any design. 

The brake line flaring toolkit consists of 

  • A positioning bolts
  • Die lubricant
  • Double-ended op1/op2 punch
  • A flaring tool. 

A brake line flaring tool has some features which make it the best tool for flaring the brakes. These features are

  • A Compact design that suits the needs of the vehicle
  • A removable handle to avoid any inconvenience. 
  • The capacity to create a perfect 45-degree double flare
  • It has a 3/16-inch brake line to suit most vehicles and trucks.

Then what should you choose?

The price must be a big concern, but why buy something with no value over the brake repair job? The best brake line flaring tool lets you produce a bubble flare with a matter of perspective. 

Our experts are experienced with rusted brake replacement, and explain to you the premium brake flares tools that help you removing rusted fittings and get aligned in the line. It’s never been an easy job as you’ve to go with the very tight spaces. In case, follow our top products in a row, as each product assures you are repairing the old line and the bends even easier.

3 things that make a flaring tool simulated, professional’s talk

With a premium flaring tool, brake line seems to be PRO! 

The best brake line flaring tool isn’t discovered instantly, but it needs some precision to be an essential part of your vehicle’s brake, transmission cooler, or fuel lines repair. We ensure those products that are praiseworthy worldwide and ensure their performance solidly through not damaging any metal or create any leaks. What we like about a brake line flaring tool is maintaining the OEM precision with proper safety. You won’t go for something with the lowest price but skimps on the brake system of a vehicle. At length, we get you the right tools available that create your line coming up short. 

Made of the highest quality

We choose the top brand’s brake line flaring tool, for the top brands ensure you all-in-one tools just in a blow-molded case. Through the durable structure, you can make flares in minimal time. We consider design to be engineered with brake-flare foaming dies, so you needn’t to fumbling for additional tools. A reliable brand always inspects the product before it’s shipped to you. Comparing to the standard flaring tools, premium tools have 100X successful results. Why not choose from an expert’s choice?

Dimension VS. Applications, what to choose first?

Firstly, checking the dimension of a tool kit matters the most. As we’ve said to you before that, our kits can be stored blow-molded case; you can store them even when the brake flaring tool is not in use. The dimensions our products are constructed of are enriched with a useful and feasible structure.

Secondly, be concerned about the applications, which kind of flaring tools are needed for the vehicle’s purpose. You’ve to research the specific models and then purchase the right model for brake repair mode.

Since we know some of the best flaring tools in the market, let us know how to use a brake line flaring tool.

Brake Line Flaring Tool: How to Use It?

There should be a special space for a brake line flaring tool in your toolkit. But your primary concern should be learning how to use it. Here, you will come to know how to use a brake line flaring tool so that you can carry minor repairs to your brakes on your own. 

With this step-by-step guide, you will be able to learn how to use the brake line flaring tool for carrying on repairs.

Here is a list of steps to teach you to use a flaring tool. 

  • Get your tools and materials.
  • Cut the tubing
  • Clean and deburr
  • Slide the fittings into the Tube
  • Set up the tubing
  • Make a bubble and then double flare

Let us look at these steps in detail. 

Get Your Tools and Materials.

If you are performing mechanical tasks, you should have the right tools for the job. If you have the right tools, it will help you achieve satisfactory results. With that being said, the flaring job also requires you to have the right tools for the job. 

As you may be aware, flaring requires different kinds of appliances. The most crucial are hydraulic, manual, and leverage manual appliances. If you are doing the double line flaring of the brake on your own, you will need some manual tools. You can get these manual tools from anywhere as they are cheap and easy to use. 

However, the hydraulic and leverage manual brake will complete the job faster. But the hydraulic and leverage manual are much more expensive, and you should use these if you have to make numerous flares in one day. 

You can make sure that the results are consistent and accurate if you use the right kind of flaring tool. You will be able to find a double flare brake line kit at any local store at a very affordable price. 

Before deciding on the flaring kit, ensure that it has all the necessary tools, including the flare nuts, brake line fittings, etc. Also, make sure that it has the fittings recommended according to the size of your vehicle. The other tools which should form a part of your brake line flaring kit are a tape measure, tubing cutter, gloves, and a tubing bender. 

Cut The Tubing

Once you accumulate all the tools, you can prepare the tubing and the brake lines for flaring. You can use the old brake lines as a guide. After this, you have to cut each line according to the length you desire. You can use a tube cutter for this purpose. 

A hacksaw can also serve the purpose, but it is generally not recommended to use the hacksaw because of the weak metal lines. However, if you use a hacksaw, make sure you use it carefully to remove any burrs. 

You should make sure that you make a perfect perpendicular cut. It will make sure that the flare turns out even. 

Clean And Deburring

The next step to double flare the brakes is to clean and deburr. You should ensure that the edge of the Tube is smooth by removing any burrs. 

For this purpose, you can use a screwdriver. However, you could also use a tube cutter having a blade-like structure. It will prove to be beneficial and quicker in deburring. 

When performing the deburring task, you should pay attention to the tubing to avoid thinning. If the tubing gets thin, it could lead to splitting when in use. 

After finishing the deburring, the subsequent action is to clean any metal parts cut. The cleaning will ensure that no debris persists during the flaring process. 

Sliding The Fittings into The Tubing

After cleaning and deburring, you need to slide the fittings into the tubings. Make sure that you make the fitting in such a way that the threading faces the side that you just cut. 

Most lines flare on both ends. That’s why you should add two fittings. These two fittings should point in opposite directions. Once you complete sliding the fittings into the tubing, you can flare your Tube without any complications.

Set Up the Tubing

After the previous step, you must load the tubing line into the hole. After doing this, you should wing-nut the clamps and tighten them to hold the line in its place. You don’t have to use the flaring tool without mounting it in a vise. However, using it in a vise can make the process easier. 

Once you start setting up the things, you should hang the flaring tool over the table’s edge. It is crucial to do this because the brake lines lie below the flaring tool as you work on them. You should ensure that the distance between the flaring tool and the brake line is 1 to 2 mm. 

You can find a set of dies with every double flare line kit. Ensure that the set of dies matches your tubing line. 

After keeping the flaring tool above the brake line, tighten the flaring tool’s wingnuts to hold the tubing firmly. In the final step of this part, insert the die into the brake line, also making the stub slide into it. The stub is designed to slide into the line to help secure the day in place.

Make A Bubble and Then Double Flare.

Before doubling the flare, you need to make the bubble flare first. After everything is in place, you need to press the locks over the base of the flaring tool. The locks also need to be pressed on the die. You can thread the press down to make the die touch the base. Doing this will also ensure that the press is tight. 

You can finally remove both the press and die. When you do this, the bubbles should be noticeable on the line. Now, make sure to place the press over the line again. However, there is a little change this time, and it is that you will thread it down without a die. 

Also, take care that you don’t crank too hard until it is light. It will ensure that there is no damage in the process. After this process, you will succeed in completing the double flare. It will give your vehicle a perfect seal for the brake fluid. After doing this, you will have concluded the task of double flaring the brake. But, before you wrap everything, inspect any possible splits, scoring, and imperfections.


What Is a Brake Flaring Tool?

A brake flaring tool lets you flare your braking system so that you can handle the repairs of your automobiles on your own. A flaring tool is essential for fixing a car as it will help you establish a leak-proof connection of the fluid. If you lose the brake fluid, it can prove hazardous for your life and property. That is why you must double flare your vehicle’s brakes with a brake flaring tool.

Which Brake Flaring Tool Is the Best in The Market?

There are various brake flaring tools in the market. However, some are exceptionally great flaring tools. These are

  • Mastercool 72475-PRC flaring tool set with a tube cutter
  • Titan tools 51535 Double flaring tool
  • Shankly flaring tool set professionals grade flaring tool
  • RIDGID 83037 model 45 R precision ratcheting flaring tool. 
  • Neiko 20656A brass tubing tool kit. 
  • ABN bubble flare tool and pipe cutter
  • Yellow Jacket 60295 flaring tool

What Must You Keep in Mind Before Buying a Brake Line Flaring Tool?

Before buying a brake line flaring tool, you must ensure that it suits your brake line. You can buy a brake flaring tool which is of the highest quality. Also, check the dimensions and applications of the brake line flaring tool to ensure that it will work fine with your automobile.

How Should You Use the Brake Line Flaring Tool?

To use the brake line flaring tool, you can follow these steps:

  • Gather the relevant tools and materials
  • Cut the tubing
  • Clean and deburr
  • Slide the fittings into the tubing
  • Set up the tubing
  • Make a bubble and then finally double flare

After following these steps as explained above, you will succeed in double flaring your brake line. 

Should I Leave My Brake System Single Flared?

The brake system of your car should not be single flared. It can prove to be fatal in the long run. If you find that your vehicle’s brake system is a single flare, you should change it to double flare as soon as possible. 


You must choose from the best brake line flaring tool, for the best brake line tool makes your day pleasant. In this guide, we introduce you to some premium tools supreme for your budget, quality, and performance. If you’re not concerned about the cheapest product, choose from this guide. You’ll be provided the specific product which suits you. Let us know if you’ve got any queries, and we’ll ping you soon.

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