best coilovers for wrx

Top 5 best coilovers for wrx in 2021 : Buying guides

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A Coilover doesn’t harm a vehicle but improves the vehicle’s upper part with proper dampening technology, coil spring, and shock-absorbing strategy. So, choose from the best Coilovers for WRX from the global market. Our expert’s suggestion makes you confident about the coil spring adjustment. Plus, you’re ensured that the screw suspension can go swift over the proper height and stiffness. You can move a vehicle to the next level by dampening a vehicle in harder or softer requirements.

Top-pick: Rev9 R9-HS2-039 Hyper-Street II Coilover Kit

best coilovers for wrx

Our top-pick may look unique, but I assure you it to be the best Coilover for WRX. Yes, it is a Rev9 R9-HS2-039 Coilover kit with Full-length adjustability! It doesn’t have the highest price but provides you the latest features that are not mostly available in other coilovers though we’ve chosen the Top-5 products from worldwide. You get 32-way adjustable dampers in this product with no additional fee but play an essential role in height-adjustable shocks. The Rev9 Coilover is a professional’s choice, and through this Coilover, you can add a perfect mix in a vehicle with maximum performance and comfort.

Something, you need to know about Coilovers, how they’re found in a vehicle?

How does your car look? Is it an RC car or 4×4 vehicles? Whatever, you will find coilovers in a vehicle. It is mainly an OEM suspension option for a new car though they’re sometimes used for wishbone suspension systems. In a professional’s view, Coilover is named after the Macpherson struts, and designed with full and slip-on strategy. 

What’s the difference between full coilovers & slip-on coilovers? 

Full coilovers are specially meant to be adjusted with a shock absorber, whereas slip-on coilovers are assembled separately through the dampers and springs. A Coilover is mainly bought for dampening and ride height settings. Replacing coilovers can increase your vehicle’s roll stiffness and keep the weight transfer easily maintainable so that your vehicle doesn’t change its proper direction. Choose from our expert’s suggestion and see how they explain the 5 best coilovers for WRX.

Best Coilovers for Wrx in 2020

1. Rev9 R9-HS2-039 Hyper-Street II Coilover Kit

Rev9 R9-HS2-039 Hyper-Street II Coilover Kit

It is a Suspension Lowering Coilover kit that gets compatible with Subaru Impreza WRX, notes that WRX must be from GR, GV (2008-14) category. If you’re concerned about purchasing the coilovers with an affordable price range and premium functionality, Rev9 comes with a beautiful street feel. It is a professional’s recommendation for being upgraded with Hyper-Street II technology. Plus, this Coilover kit is featured for 32-clicked mono-tube shocks with a fully adjustable length. How does it help, by the way? Mono-tube shocks get able to absorb more gas and oil through the capacity a vehicle receives an improved performance. Also, ’32-clicked’ feature helps a user to resemble the force settings. You’ll get a cornering grip, and the Coilover kit is made for ‘adjustable dampers’ performance. Our experts prescribe this product to be built to last.  


  • Spring Rate is mounted for 8 kg front and 8 kg rear springs
  • Four coilovers in a set
  • 1-Year warranty

The main thing of this Coilover kit is being delivered with height-adjustable shocks. If you’re from those drivers to replace your factory shocks with an intake Coilover suspension, choose Rev9 for productive performance and comfort. Click here to purchase the kit on Amazon.

2. JDMSPEED Full Coilover Struts Suspension Kit 

JDMSPEED Full Coilover Struts Suspension Kit 

I love this suspension kit for the adjustable camber plates. You’ll like its RED color, and the quantity of (2+2) piece front and rear suspension. Maximum clients reviewed it to be a perfect Coilover kit. Through the suspension kit, you’ll have a smooth ride. Plus, it fits well. The users of this suspension kit get it bumpy even after prolonged use. This ‘JDMSPEED suspension kit’ is durable as the package is engineered with the mono-tube design and surrounded with an integrated aluminum formulation. Remember one thing, you’re not delivered the large bolts for the Coilover, but any OEM bolts can be replaced to this suspension kit. ‘JDMSPEED’ is a reliable brand since it is stepped on Amazon from 2016.  


  • It is used to tightening the suspension
  • You can lower a car, and reduce wheel travel using it
  • Get it compatible with 2002-2007 Impreza WRX 

Click here to check the product on Amazon. Remember that this ‘JDMSPEED Coilover’ is not upgraded for the damper adjustment. If it is not a concern, buy it competitive among global products.

3. KW 10245018 Coilover Kit 

KW 10245018 Coilover Kit 

KW is a reliable brand and provides one of the best Coilover kits for the WRX. Some vehicles are needed to be lower for sporty, comfort, and safe driving. You can go counting on, and ensure an extensive driving with this suspension’s factory setup, for the factory set is optimally adjusted with the dampening technology. An individual height enriches your vehicle through the ultimate balance and performance. Besides, the auto dampening technology, the KW Coilover kit is structured with the Inox line technology. This technology makes the KW Coilover protected from fine particles, trapezoid thread, and rusted frame. People like the Coilover kit for being an excellent height adjuster for both rear and front axles. You can implement a basic harmonic setup to the KW Coilover inbox-line. For that, a unique damper setup is mandatory. What the KW Coilover kit does is provide you the best Coilover package with the latest damper technology.


  • TUV tested adjustment for an adjustable height
  • Structured with stainless steel technology
  • Lifetime warranty

You can buy ‘KW 10245018 Coilover Kit‘ on Amazon, for this kit is backed by forever warranty. It’s an excellent choice for those who expect their vehicle to be lowering ranges and comfortable height adjustment.

4. BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

Let’s get introduced with a Coilover that is improved with Mono-tube shock design and engineered from the BR series. I talk about the ‘BC Racing’ product. It is surrounded with high-quality steel, and 30 levels of damping strategy to maximize viscosity. Our expectation of a Coilover is adjustable with a well-structured manual. It helps a vehicle go through the street and motor racing competition efficiently. We consider this ‘BC Racing’ as the premium suspension as this suspension is manufactured with competitive metal and large factory setup. BC Racing’s suspension is supposed to be replacing for brake brackets, braces, mounting brackets, ETC. You get all safety factors included in this BR series Coilover. No worry, the ‘BC Racing’ improves their coilovers to be world-class with damper performance. Besides, this Coilover is encouraged to accessible in the harshest conditions.


  • Easy access to the height ride
  • 30 levels of damping flexibility
  • 365 days replacement warranty

Click here to buy ‘BC Racing Coilover’ on Amazon. This product is made for controlling the compression consistently. Besides, you can get this Coilover with front camber plates included.

5. Emotion Coilover High-Performance Kit

Emotion Coilover High-Performance Kit

I would recommend this strut for an absolute performance with an air suspension structure. It’s easily adjustable to Subaru Impreza WRX (GDB-F) but stay away if a vehicle is constructed with air suspension. Few clients reported this product for having a squeak on the left side, but it is replaceable if contacted to the seller. You won’t be in hassle anyway but adapted to professional use. Being enriched with 8,000 and 6,000 Front and Rear spring rated feature makes the ‘Emotion Coilover’ stable against a low adjustment. Also, you would be helped by the Height Adjustment System (Length Ride). What we like about this suspension is engineered with a Mono-tube structure. You can see an excellent chrome steel protection of silicon that makes the Coilover attractive.  


  • Improved with Japan and Taiwan engineers 
  • 6-Month warranty, but 30,000 hours lifespan assurance
  • Top Mount Plate adjustment

Click here to buy this ‘Emotion Coilover’ on Amazon. It matches the WRX from 2006-2007 models. You will be enjoying this adjustable kit for high performance, and 24-Level Damping strategy.

Things to be enriched in the best coilovers for WRX

Regular cars are specified with standard rod protection with a shock absorber technology, but it doesn’t work firmly like an adjustable suspension. For that, you need something that holds the lower mount attached to the suspension. 

A Coilover is a proper solution to an adjustable dampening system that helps your vehicle moving down without any spring trimming. 

We don’t appreciate the ‘Spring trimming’ method that is done by maximum car enthusiasts. You can lower a vehicle through trimming the coils of an integral suspension so that the absorber rod is dropped down against the lower support. In case, we emphasize the importance of the best coilovers for WRX. Let’s know them. 

  • Focus on the types of Coilover, what do you need?

Generally, car enthusiast needs a Coilover installation between native shocks and whole Coilover kit replacement. Keep in mind that standard shock absorbers are never compatible in extreme positions. Installing a screw thread in place of the regular absorbers will make your car quite confident and eliminate the poor handling.

Besides, a factory Coilover kit is engineered with a full replacement of shock absorbers; through the kit, you can improve the stock shock absorbers. To developing the Coilovers instruction, the manufacturer focuses on the shock absorber structure so that coilovers work more practical against different load ranges.

  • Design & the installation

Mainly, a shock absorber rod must be conventional and adjustable to a suspension. You have to focus on choosing the rebound operating system instead of a compression design. So, what’s the difference between these two? Rebound suspension usually has the lightest version and provides a wide range of use. Besides, The compression type stays most rigid. 

What are plays most between the suspensions is a special mounting; through this, you can move up a vehicle down freely.  

The products we choose are from the top brands and ensure you adjust with proper height without any interfere. A good Coilover is always compatible with conventional shock absorber structure. Therefore, you get a secure installation besides having a durable composition.

  • Adjustment possibilities

Before purchasing a Coilover directly, you must know about the adjustment possibilities if a standard shock has thread-supported adjustment. Thread-supported shock absorbers have a high demand worldwide. This type of shock absorber is usually used for a clearance change against a low cost though it can’t change the suspension’s solidity.

Secondly, some coilovers are made to encourage the stiffness function in the shock absorbers. In case your budget is a bit higher. The only benefit you earn through the Coilover is getting installed on maximum vehicles. 

Thirdly, DGR coilovers are called the full tape coilovers. It provides an excellent clearance but works against the suspension stiffness. You probably get this kind of Coilover with the support bearings though you can’t install them easily. It’s critical and expensive, by the way.

In case, we bring you the professional’s coilovers for a high and low-speed astringency. You get it premium-rated, though it provides you an inexpedient installation process.  

What’s more? 

At last, we request you to choose from the best coilovers for WRX, for the best coilovers are enriched in this guide. Our experts select these products for adjustment capability. Also, being compatible with the ordinary shock absorber is a big concern of us. If you know how to use a Coilover, you can easily do it through our top-picks. When installing the coilovers, be sincere to screw the suspension on coilovers. It helps your driving more confident and more relaxed. Why late now? Get a sporty look to your vehicle with raising the performance even 10X better.

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