Top 5 Best Cold Air Intakes (CIA) For 6.4 Powerstroke (2024)

The best cold air intake for 6.4 Powerstroke is considered to be a peerless system today. Also, it’s a foremost invention ever happened in the automobile industry. Usually, air intakes provide impressive torque and horsepower in the truck’s bump. Sometimes a truck is in the shortage of power-producing oxygen. It damages the airflow and fuel economy system gradually. In case, installing a new air intake supplies unrestricted flow to the vehicle’s engine, you get the bolt-on performance. Don’t you do an upgrade like this? Cold air intake may seem like simple hand tools, but through using this tool, you’ll have proper efficiency and better sound in your truck. 

How technologists focused on inventing such air intakes by the way? You must know the more airflow happens to the engine, the better your vehicle gets through torque system. In a standard formation, a vehicle’s airflow is supplemented by an inlet system that can’t make a prime airflow—besides, the manufacturer’s use of noise restrictor to eliminate higher noise. Thus, an engine gets its air from an engine compartment. It leads the engine to function. 

Never worry, choose from our Top-5 choices. You’ll get them for proper size, shape, and multi-purpose uses. We’re confident providing your vehicle’s engine an increased airflow. Admittedly, the best kind of air intakes raises the HP and Torque power by 10X better.     

Our Top Pick: S&B Filters 'Cold Air Intake'

S&B Filters 75-5105 Cold Air Intake For 2008-2010 Ford Powerstroke 6.4L (Oiled Cleanable, 8-ply Cotton Filter)

S&B presents you with their ‘Cold Air Intake’ with better throttle response and fuel economy. The standard of this product is internationally accepted. Another milestone of the S&B air filter is being ISO certified. Be mindful of more airflow, and more efficiency is the KEY to an air intake. S&B declares its efficiency rating for 99.50%. The silicone construction makes the product premium in appearance. It lasts longer than ever. You must be from the US, and the good news is the S&B Filters are street legal in almost every US state. So, why late? Get the air system to be estimated with a pretty straightforward installation.

Story of Top-5 cold air intakes in our guide

Firstly, a renowned company’s cold air intake brings you eminent airflow than a stock paper filter. A vehicle’s engine indeed demands the maximum airflow. A manufacturer’s choice never assures a performance air filter, so that you’ve to use cold air intakes from aftermarket vehicle’s aid. A cold air intake is one of those prominent parts which create an aerodynamic path to the engine’s tubing system. 

Now, the installation process matters a lot. Choosing a product from our guide will ensure you a bolt-on set up. You won’t be in hassle as the kits don’t take much time. You can use such products easily. 

Before choosing a ‘product in quantity (price),’ we are more conscious of ‘product in quality.’ Our experts concentrated on those products which help to provide more oxygen to the engine so that engine’s power is increased by triple performance. 

Top 5 Best Cold Air Intakes for 6.4 Powerstroke

You may think, what’s unique in these products? 

All the products are based on outside air. Be mindful of outside air is always colder than an underhood air. However, don’t mistake by thinking that a ‘cold air intake’ is known as ‘open-air filters.’ They are constructed to keep the engine compartment heat-resistant. 

What’s more? Apart from the engine’s value, air intake improves fuel consumption and pedal responsiveness. Be careful of clamping the engine to the standard tightly.

The best cold air intake for 6.4 Powerstroke is the quickest thing to upgrade performance to your vehicle. Here, we have included TOP-5 options from well-respected manufacturers. If you see the products separately, they’re from all sorts of different options. A dry disposable filter is engineered in these intake systems so that your stock air tubing system reaches to optimum performance. We assure you that our products are built in far more powerful, high quality, and efficient components. The components produce a much higher air into the diesel engine. Now, you may understand how the development process occurs to horsepower and torque system! 

Best Cold Air Intakes for 6.4 Powerstroke

1. S&B Filters Cold Air Intake

S&B Filters 75-5105 Cold Air Intake For 2008-2010 Ford Powerstroke 6.4L (Oiled Cleanable, 8-ply Cotton Filter)

I’ve promised that someday I’ll suggest S&B product to my reader. After being a meticulous & mechanically inclined, I can say one this – ‘S&B cold air intake is so far very pleased.’ It’s a reminder that any cold air intakes help a truck’s engine with the breeze. At first, S&F designed its product for 2008-2010 Ford Powerstroke 6.4L so that you’ll easily fit it into the factory positions. Besides, you rarely need extra modification. When you feel like Ford’s engine is being overheated, it’s smart to pick S&B products for 23.10% More Airflow. Our expert suggests that a vehicle reaches its torque efficiency by 99.50% when the side of an engine installs S&F filters. You don’t need to be a mechanic. This product encourages non-mechanics for the installation. How most natural the installation process is! S&F product is surrounded with premium silicone parts, thus gets you durable performance. A product has its glossy appearance, such as ‘Robotics’ technology. It helps correctly apply the amount of oil to the filters


  • ISO 5011 Standard
  • US Street legality 
  • 30 minutes installation

Click here to buy ‘S&B Filters’ on Amazon. This product brings you more horsepower in Ford’s truck.

2. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: Increase Acceleration & Towing Power, Guaranteed to Increase Horsepower up to 16HP: Compatible with 6.4L, V8, 2008-2010 Ford Super...

It is a high-performance product and engineered for increased performance. You’ll get the ‘K&N air intake kit’ easy to install. You needn’t cleaning the entire filter; instead, take it out to clean. The structure of the air intake system is powder coated and aerodynamic tube designed so that engine will remain safe, harmful contaminants. However, the product is compared to world-class protection. It is to be noted that you get a 10-Year warranty against its lifespan. So, be confident to buy. We had a test in our home garage & got the product Dyno-tested with 5X more airflow system. The K&N air intake kit is the right decision against a factory or intake tube. Don’t you want to increase the improved horsepower, towing, and throttle response today? Get it.


  • 50% more airflow than OEM feature
  • Bolt-on installation (an hour required)
  • 10-Year warranty

Click here to buy the K&N product on Amazon. You may get typical noise in the intake tube. This product is made for performance, deep growl, and 50% more airflow than OEM systems.

3. aFe Performance Intake System

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-32322 GM Diesel Truck 11-15 V8-6.6L (td) LML Performance Intake System (Dry, 3-Layer Filter)

It is a fantastic intake. We’ve tested it on a truck, and surprisingly, it produces maximum torque and factory outflows through the double cold air intake system. The structure is glossy with anodized top and powder coat; through this, you get heat shield protection. Besides, 16 gauge durability is mentionable. A vehicle’s engine will be improved through airflow, torque, and horsepower. To be noted that ‘aFe intake’ is a built-in molded plastic tube which is very heat-insulating so that your engine remains in favor of smooth performance. In a standard vehicle, manufacturers include the intake tract for airflow. In case, ‘aFe system’ recovers volumetric efficiency to the vehicle’s engine. Undoubtedly, this process consists of maximum performance. Another important thing is its extended life assurance. This product is structured in an elegant clear coat (anodized top), which adds style in the engine compartment.


  • US patent
  • Multiple cleaning cycles
  • Maximum performance

Click here to buy ‘aFe Intake System’ on Amazon. Get this product to explore maximum airflow in the engine compartment. We’ve got the Amazon shipping at once.

4. Airaid Cold Air Box Intake System

AIRAID Cold Air Intake System by K&N: Increased Horsepower, Dry Synthetic Filter: Compatible with 2008-2010 FORD (F250 Super Duty, F350 Super Duty, F450...

Probably, the ‘Airaid intake system’ is the thing you want to load on your truck. Yeah, it is nominated as the best performance intake system in 2024. You must be skeptical about buying a product with a lifetime assurance, right? This product brings you a no-hassle warranty. You don’t have to consult an expert. The product can be installed with necessary hand tools. You can do it yourself. An installation guide is included with the purchase. Following the guide, one may be determined to install the entire intake system in about two hours. Through this product, you’ll notice how amazingly the intake system breathes a lot easier, for the breath leads the engine to achieve increased fuel efficiency, torque, and horsepower. Remember that an Airaid system improves the airflow to a gas engine by 10X performance than the intake box. What we like about the Airaid cold air box is being technologically designed and dyno-tested. 


  • MXP Series Intake System
  • More horsepower and torque
  • Made in the USA

Click here to buy ‘Airaid Intake System’ on Amazon. This product brings maximum performance to a vehicle through improving airflow to a gas engine masterly.

5. Volant PowerCore Cool Air Intake

Volant 196426 PowerCore Cool Air Intake

A PowerCore intake kit has specific air ducts and improved efficiency. For these specifications, this product is known as the element filter. You can try Volant in your vehicle for once and the last time. Now, the price of ‘Volant Air Intake’ is considered to be cheap! The installation takes almost an hour, but worth you every penny it takes. You will get the installation guide available online. At this moment, download it. This product meets all the requirements of the OEM standard. Thus, your vehicle is appropriate to get a smooth ride. One of our clients, named Mack, tells us about ‘Volant Air Intake.’ This Volant product arrives almost 3mpg more instantly. We assure you of this product if you’re concerned about an immediate increase in performance and an increase in gas mileage. 


  • For (2008-2010) Ford
  • OEM specifications
  • Stellar performance and filters

Click here to buy ‘Volant PowerCore Cool’ on Amazon. This product might be your 2nd air intake, but we assure you of its extended life capability. An instant increase in gas mileage would be a significant change. Buy it!

Things behind a Cold Air Intake (CIA) system

Hopefully, you’ve picked out the right product. Now, let’s tell you the story behind a Cold air system. It may feel unnecessary, but who doesn’t love reading? Say? 

A CIA system mainly consists of two essential parts. Firstly, a performance filter, second, is an Airpath such as tubing.  

Let me clear you a thing; manufacturers of Ford trucks include a stock intake system. It restricts high airflow due to being molded with the paper filter. It also reduces noise from the engine compartment. For that case, an intake system provides its hot airflow to the engine that leads the inlet tubing lack of the engine’s power.  

Now, what’s the solution to optimize the engine’s power? As you know, lack of engine’s power makes a drive uncomfortable, ‘Cold Air Intake’ is manufactured to benefits the engine’s power through maximizing fresh air to the engine’s compartment. 

You must know the benefits of the cold air intake system. The basic construction of an air intake system is enriched with heat-resistant materials such as smooth tubing, maximum filter-engine, filter-intake manifold path, ETC. 

An air intake system provides you with bags of advantages, and ‘Increased engine power’ is the main focus. Through maximizing the airflow, you get well-heeled with little more horsepower & torque. Remember that an air intake system works best with the turbo than atmospheric engines. However, you’ll get the improved ride quality and enriched with fuel economy.  

What do we suggest? (Final talks)

We can’t be in your touch physically, but our thoughts are always shared with you. Every day, we fix a meeting with different expertise to consider the best products for you. This time, we bring Top-5 cold air intake systems from prominent brands that take your vehicle’s ride to the next level. All the products in this guide are ensured of high-quality resources; through this, you’ll get an engine smoothly run. Who doesn’t want a fast drive? Get it eternally—all you need to upgrade the systems. Undoubtedly, you’ll be aided after a struggle.

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