Top 5 Best Exhaust for 6.7 Powerstroke in 2021: Buying Guides

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The best exhaust for 6.7 Powerstroke is easy to find if you stay with us. We’ve sorted out the questions related to global enthusiasts. This exhaust removes exhaust gases from the combustion chamber and helps an excessive airflow to the engine’s chamber or inlet manifold.

In this guide, we consist few types of exhaust systems. Among the Top-5 choices from our experts, you will get stainless steel, muffler back, single exhaust, and entire replacement pipe.

In 2020, we concerned about those applications with Durable factory choice. Besides, top products are always combined with factory system features. Mainly, a car enthusiast thinks to buy an exhaust system for two reasons. First is improving the vehicle’s power. Second is optimizing the fuel efficiency.

No worry, our selected products are constructed in aluminum or stainless steel. Through this, you’ll get an exhaust in various features.

Our Top Pick: MBRP Aluminum Filter Back Single

Best Exhaust for 6.7 Powerstroke

MBRP Aluminum exhaust is a significant alternative to the standard vehicle’s back system. You may expect the product’s performance so little, but it has improved quality. The fuel economy, torque, and horsepower need to be accelerated at once. It helps to develop the engine’s performance better. An elegant sound is achieved through parts assembly. MBRP exhaust is the most specified product in the budget. In an expert’s view, the exhaust is the best thing for a spoiling sound turbo. You’ll get the product realistic but not excessive in sounds and looks. The installation process is quick and easy. Usually, it takes an hour with standard hand tools. 

Best Exhaust for 6.7 Powerstroke

1. MBRP Aluminum Filter Back Single (No Muffler) for Ford Diesel

MBRP Aluminum Filter Back Single (No Muffler) for Ford Diesel

MBRP brings their exhausts in far better quality than its expectation, and this time, and the brand launches for Ford diesel. The exhaust is firmly structured with heavy-duty steel and aluminized features. Besides, every component from the exhaust system has a quality build without compromise. The exhaust’s performance is encouraged with performance series technology. You can buy this product at a very affordable price, especially; the price is a value price. Some budget systems provide rust at a significant point. But, MBRP exhaust is a manicure to the sealed tubing. Besides, you get an eternal solution to rust protection. Overall, it is a free flow muffler designed product and constructed in performance and specifications. One year warranty makes you confident to buy the MBRP exhaust system.


  • 5″ Exhaust System
  • Dual tail-pipe
  • Fits 2011-2014 Ford (6.7 L)

Click here to buy ‘MBRP Aluminum Filter exhaust’ on Amazon. The parts of this exhaust economy help the torque & fuel boosts. It is a better replacement for the stock exhaust.

2. MagnaFlow 17068 Catback system

MagnaFlow 17068 Catback system

You must be looking for exhaust in universal fit type, right? MagnaFlow is trustworthy in case of choosing exhaust systems in quality. You can combine this exhaust with 6.7 types of diesel. Usually, we tend to buy an exhaust with stainless steel construction as this type of construction leads our vehicles to gain optimal performance. Following the view, MagnaFlow is built in 400 Series steel construction. MagnaFlow is a USA based company that provides exhausts since earlier decades. Global enthusiasts are well known with this brand as their exhausts are made of particular components like a mandrel-bent tube, mild interior sound, and necessary instructions. MagnaFlow exhaust blows your mind with an easy OEM replacement. Through the alternative, you gain little more power over the vehicle’s engine.


  • 400 Series construction
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Click here to buy ‘MagnaFlow 17068 exhaust’ on Amazon. The exhaust system is a reliable choice for a lifetime and built-in the latest technology. If you love a moderate exterior, choose it. You’ll reach to mild interior sound through the product—no worry about installation. An instruction guide & necessary hardware are provided in one delivery!

3. Diamond Eye K4376A 

Diamond Eye K4376A 

‘Diamond Eye’ is an Exhaust Kit with sturdy diesel facilities and featured in a single back exhaust system. It is built in mellow exhaust note and delivers a productive performance to the vehicle. You can’t ignore surprising at its price range. Diamond Eye offers a very affordable price comparing its mandrel-bent construction & maximum exhaust outflow features. Through this product, you can delete all the restrictions behind a stock system. If you compare this exhaust system to other brands, you get it unique with D.P.F. Single-Back technology, uniquely designed for a rich moderate tone and improved horsepower. ‘Diamond Eye’ product is correctly concerned with the price being, strength, fuel economy, and torque power.  


  • Mandrel-bent tubing
  • 4″ Aluminized exhaust
  • Easy installation (essential tools necessary)

You may be looking for a product of excellent quality and fitment. Click here to buy Diamond’s product to save self some money. It sounds moderate but doesn’t provide drone noise.

4. Edge Products 17792 

Edge Products 17792 

It’s an exclusive ‘Jammer Exhaust,’ which is constructed of mandrel-bent stainless steel. Like quality exhausts, ‘Edge product’ also featured for longevity. It suits the Ford truck. Through Edge’s exhaust, you can gain maximum exhaust flow, throttle response, ride power, and aggressive sound performance. You must be worried about buying something to encourage the entire vehicle’s performance, right? Edge’s exhaust improves the backpressure through fresh air intensely. Besides, the professionals love the product for reducing the gas temps. To be mentioned, the exhaust is sized at 4″ to 5″ Chrome Tailpipe. Undoubtedly, the tail-pipe improves the exhaust gas temperatures. Overall, you get the engine works magnificently!


  • Size: 4″ to 5″ tail-pipe
  • Decreases Backpressure
  • A breeze to install

Buy this product on Amazon by simply clicking here. ‘Edge Products’ is a renowned brand worldwide and supplies their jammer exhaust for the Ford trucks. You’ll be amazed to see how it works to reduce exhaust gas temperature and keeps the engine’s performance active.

5. aFe Power exhaust back system 

aFe Power exhaust back system 

‘aFe power’ exhausts are known as heavy-duty exhausts for being constructed with aluminized steel tubing. It can establish maximum torque than a stock exhaust, which helps the vehicle perform in adverse road conditions. The product is a 100 percent solution to heat intensity, and however, it creates the maximum flow to the engine. The installation process is comparably hassle-free. You’ll be benefited with a mitered merge collector also. A mitered merge helps the turbulence and hinder flow. Besides, the product is designed to produce cold air in the EGTs. Being Dyno-tested is one of the best features of this exhaust that ensures accessible mounting facilities.  


  • Unique air vents design
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Hassle-free installation

Click here to buy ‘aFe Power exhaust’ on Amazon. Whatever an optimal performance or aggressive sound, you’ll achieve them in one buy. One thing needs to be shared as the product is built for the racer’s experience.  

How exhaust system tuning helps a vehicle?

An exhaust system is known as the most technical re-equipment in a vehicle. Through the entire exhaust transparent, a vehicle’s engine gets fine-tuning, average electricity consumption, and fuel improvements.

Now, come to the point of how a straight-through exhaust improves the vehicle’s tuning? It’s like solving several problems at once. Firstly, the engine’s sound gets its freedom and provides an aggressive vibe when driven. Secondly, the engine’s power is increased by horsepower and torque updates.

As a car enthusiast, you must want a vehicle with a well-coordinated mechanism, right? Being so, the use of an exhaust system improves the vehicle’s performance seriously. It costs some money, but we don’t inspire you to spend more money on this. Instead of the cost, buy from our top list. The best exhaust for 6.7 Powerstroke is always qualitative to accelerate the vehicle’s capacity parameters. Be noted that the cheapest products are sometimes low in quality, and low-quality products lead to engine nervousness, which may gradually add additional costs.    

You must notice a few things to consider an exhaust system. The ‘build quality’ is a must concerning as the quality ensures the vehicle’s capabilities. A big truck with the exhaust system improves the throttle response, fuel efficiency, torque, and horsepower. Remember that a vehicle is nothing without a high power external tuning in the view of visual perception.

Final words

The best exhaust for 6.7 Powerstroke is an essential part of the modern car. People tend to the exhaust system to gain robust engine operation. Choose from our products. Through these products, you’ll get the next level of engine operation and fuel emissions in low range.

To be noted that a performance exhaust helps a modern car with the highest airflow. This saves the engine from individual failures. When you install exhausts in a contemporary vehicle, drivers are more tuned through the environmental standards and optimum sound quality.  

In a professional’s view, exhausts from a competent brand provide the best system tuning. Besides, the ‘Bolt-on’ installation makes you confident about this part. We include those five products that have a ‘direct flow installation’ feature. You’ll get a rich sound in every drive.

Finally, be mindful of choosing an exhaust for increasing the engine’s power and raise the horsepower by 15X.

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