Top 5 Best Exhaust for 7.3 Powerstroke in 2021: Buying Guides

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A powerful truck is made of its structures and driven after the power and speed. Also, an enthusiast takes care of his vehicle if the engine is pumped-up or damaged parts. Whatever checking the automobile parts for a daily process is necessary. You can add a few aftermarket systems to upgrade the vehicle’s efficiency. The best exhaust for 7.3 Powerstroke is one of those ever-growing strategies to optimize a vehicle’s performance.  

In a professional’s view, a compatible Powerstroke increases the exhaust flow to even higher. Those drivers who don’t get accurate exhaust flow are highly recommended to choose from our following reviewing guide.

Our Top Pick: Banks 48659 Exhaust System

Best Exhaust for 7.3 Powerstroke

We would like to suggest you the ‘Banks 48659’ exhaust system, as this exhaust system is stroked overall aftermarket products and most compatible to 7.3 Powerstroke. If we compare this price, we’ve to consider its design as a monster, and the price is comparably inexpensive. You can replace the existing system with this one and get a massive performance like an OEM version. Therefore, you’ll experience quality performance and sound through the exhaust system.

Top 5 Best Exhaust for 7.3 Powerstroke

Best Exhaust for 7.3 Powerstroke

1. RPG exhaust (Back Pressure EBP Sensor Tube) for 7.3 Powerstroke

RPG exhaust (Back Pressure EBP Sensor Tube) for 7.3 Powerstroke

What’s included here?

Well, our first choice for (1999-2003) FORD 7.3L Powerstroke is structured with the EBP sensor. You need to uncover the box and then straight out the part to install it easily. This package is combined with hoses and clamps. Note that it is an aftermarket and replaceable part that allows you saves some money in contrast to the carbon clogged. You can buy ‘RPG exhaust’ confidently as the company provides a 90-days warranty. People can afford it easily and set their ride safer. 


  • Product in Top Quality
  • Carbon scraper is heat minimal
  • 90 days Warranty

How & Why to buy? 

This product is available on Amazon. Click here to redirect to the home page. We sponsor the RPG brand for being top-notch worldwide. Our guide is not written on emotion, but it’s a mark sheet of the proper fitment and client’s satisfaction. One of the Amazon clients says this ‘RPG’ exhausts to be slightly recessed in the center of a vehicle.

2. MagnaFlow 18951 Exhaust System Kit

MagnaFlow 18951 Exhaust System Kit

What’s included here?

It’s an exhaust kit in heavy-duty performance, which allows you a great look and excellent work. The product is constructed with aluminized steel and proven to be accelerating Dyno power. In a professional’s view, it goes straight through a muffler. You don’t need extra stuff when installing it, as all the necessary parts are included in one box. You’ll experience a different installation process with a cat or without a cat system though the exhaust kit applies to all instructions. With minor modification, you can fit it into the adapter pipe. Talking about its sound, the sound is low, rumbled, and compared to the original muffler. 


  • Accelerated performance
  • Made in the USA 
  • Correctly lined up and installable with a stock hanger

How & Why to buy? 

Click here to buy ‘MagnaFlow 18951’ on Amazon. This exhaust is made to quiet noises, and through the bolt-on structure, you can get an easy installation. Sometimes, you may need to cut a bit from the stock exhaust to properly line up the hangers. Who can afford this exhaust? Is it an excellent product for those who want their vehicle’s performance improved with a minimal sound strategy? You’ll get all the clamps in quality.

3. Banks 48659 Exhaust System

Banks 48659 Exhaust System

What’s included here?

It’s a Monster exhaust system that fits the 7.3 power stroke more perfectly. As per a client’s review, we’ve found the kit goes together in 20 minutes. You may need an extra pipe for concealing the muffler system. Besides, you’ll experience its sound quality quiet compared to a straight pipe. Another thing may inspire you as the exhaust system can be perfectly fit along with the extension pipe. 


  • Eliminates back pressure
  • High-temp and black polished chrome
  • Exhaust Type: SingleExit

How & Why to buy? 

Among the companies worldwide, ‘Banks’ is the most reliable. They’ve got a sizeable 12-acre campus where exhaust and muffler systems are constructed with 200 professionals. This monster exhaust is preferable to car enthusiasts for being straight-through, authoritative, and heavy-wall tubing. Click here to visit the product on Amazon. 

4. MagnaFlow 18941 Cat-Back Exhaust System 

MagnaFlow 18941 Cat-Back Exhaust System 

What’s included here?

It is a MagnaFlow product that comes with a proper aluminized 409 construction. It helps you through stainless steel. People who want to increase their vehicle’s torque system and horsepower are suggested this cat-back exhaust. This product lasted long and engineered for a better economy. The USA engineers instruct the exhaust to fit a vehicle with straight-through flow designs. 


  • Power flow designs
  • Accelerated horsepower and torque 
  • Wide-open performance

How & Why to buy? 

MagnaFlow 18941 is installed with the unrestricted clamp and hooks and provides ultimate torque to the exhaust efficiency. It comes without a muffler so that exterior and interior sounds are majestic. Click here to buy it on Amazon. 

5. Silverline™ FS101409 

Silverline™ FS101409 

What’s included here?

This is a Diesel Performance Exhaust with single system design. You can ensure a maximum optimization to your truck once install it. Note that Silverline™ allows you to fit their FS101409 model in the (1999-2003) 7.3 Ford Powerstroke. The structure of ‘Silverline™ FS101409’ is made of stainless steel, for the stainless less is designed in mandrel bent 409 will help your exhaust to lasts longer. This exhaust inspires the hp and torque development as it reaches to the maximum operability. 


  • Balanced to 2 and 4-wheel drive
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 2 hours installation

How & Why to buy? 

You must choose this product as the product is compatible with easy installation. You can do the whole process in 2 hours by having a better finish in its polish. Click here to buy the product on Amazon.

What’s behind the best exhaust for 7.3 Powerstroke 

You must have read our best products and wants to know more about the essential considerations, right? You must consider a few features and techniques when picking out an exhaust. Here, we assure you about these. Keep in mind that an exhaust brings an accelerated performance to your vehicle. So, reading some solutions will be a solid decision, isn’t it?

  • Construction

We all know about aluminized steel. Digital engineers tend to use aluminized or stainless steel in a vehicle’s part so that the region remains rust-proof and lasts longer. No changing we see in case of an exhaust system as the best exhausts are always constructed in verse of durability. Some of the exhausts are well-constructed but heavy in size and weight. But, we bring you all the lightweight components in a row. Our professionals are aware of the reader’s choice and overall integrity.

  • Pretend, if you need a muffler included

Half of the car enthusiasts love to replace their standard exhaust to an aftermarket system, for that the entire exhaust is replaced sometimes. Many of us look to buy an exhaust system, including the muffler, but some of us don’t need the muffler system included. To be honest, maximum companies provide exhausts without adding the muffler. Whatever, you must know the difference between exhaust systems if you’re doing it entirely. Then, decide to buy a specific policy. Though you can purchase the parts separately from the same brand, you get all the system inexpensive.

  • Warranty

At last, you must consider the product’s warranty. A product with a minimum 1- year guarantee makes you confident to buy it, right? Through the warranty, a company remains by your side till you’re benefited from the exhaust. People want something that is built to last. Besides, a reliable company is a big concern. For that, Amazon is the best considered as reputable companies are licensed here. Maximum clients feel their warranty requirements based on their budget and personal preference, but 90 days replacement guarantee is deemed to be a standard. Within this time, you’ll have the installation process done and make the new system run in the vehicle.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, we say that the best exhaust for 7.3 Powerstroke is one of the trucks’ ever-growing systems. It empowers the Ford diesel truck for mega performance. Plus, choosing from this guide will ensure your maximum HP power gains and torque combination. You’ll be benefited through the silent rumbled engine either. Increasing fuel optimization is an attractive benefit from a good exhaust. A statistic says that an extra 1% to 2% of MPG efficiency is developed in a vehicle through fuel optimization. In this brief guide, you get what you deserve, aren’t you?

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