Top 6 Best Exhaust for C6 Corvette in (2024) + Special Top Pick

The best exhaust for c6 corvette is rare if you are not in the right place. We, GMP members, bring you a wide selection of exhaust systems that include most exoteric brands worldwide. When people think of an exhaust system, they’re obviously from car enthusiasts, and they need personal modifications. You can do it quickly. Having a corvette is easy. Why not making you Vette optimal in sound and performance? Do it today.

After a rough use, you Vette must be looking for a little modification, right? An adjustment does not always mean a full-bodied performance sound. Sometimes, it means replacing from leading manufacturer’s exhaust systems. In this guide, we explain Top-5 brands with the most significant and reviews. While many manufacturers sell their exhaust for c6 corvette, we get few extensive vendors that are most reliable to buy.

CORSA 14169 Axle-Back Exhaust System

Corsa-14169 is a pro-series product and built to increase sound quality & optimal performance. After installed, you’ll see the vehicle’s horsepower accelerates to 15X. Global professionals do agree about the fitment to 2005 to 2008 C6 Corvettes. Why are you waiting for then? Get your car more pronounced with this exhaust system now!

Top 6 Best Exhaust for C6 Corvette

Remember that, a reliable manufacturer brings its axle-back or cat-back systems in quality. Besides, they’re available on Amazon for fast shipping and efficiency. You can rely on our selected products for sporty car loud, exact fitment, and bolt-on installation facilities. Why not be concerned about a permanent modification today? Get reading the rear exhausts, and let us help you pick out the correct corvette exhaust systems.

Best Exhaust for C6 Corvette Review

CORSA 14169 Axle-Back Exhaust System

This product is engineered with Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) Technology, through which a drone-free sound lover will get the acoustic performance. Comparably, the sound happens in straight beast mode.

At this time, Corsa brings us their pro-series exhaust system for Chevy Corvette. Corsa sport is styled in a vehicle’s personality. This product brings a smile on your face with both increased performance and aggressive sound quality. By the way, why Corsa announce their exhaust to be premium? It has some components like premium clamp-on tip design, heat malformation, and stainless steel construction, which make it worthy. Once you install the product on the vehicle, you’ll see how improved your TQ and HP! The installation gives you a drone-free experience and maximum performance gain. Your truck is harmonized between heat distortion and durability. Now, you can confidently buy this product for a lifetime warranty assurance.


  • Pro-Series 2.5″ (sport)
  • Improved in (RSC) Technology
  • Lifetime warranty
Click here to buy ‘CORSA-14169’ on Amazon. We highly recommend this product for high performance, and a superb sound like a pure animal!

SLP 31077 Loud Mouth Exhaust System for Chevrolet Corvette C6

The SLP product is a choice to improve the sound of your corvette. If you have a Chevrolet Corvette from (2005-2008) models, SLP-31077 can be the best choice in place of the stock system.

Let me clarify about this SLP product as the product is built for (2005-2008) C6 Corvette. It is known as a ‘Loud Mouth’ exhaust system. You’ll love how the exhaust system is adequately packaged in bubble wrap, molded foam, and related hardware. You get the exhaust system is an entirely new condition without a dent! The installation is easy. But, if you’re a newbie, please go to nearly Chevrolet dealership for a quick installation.

We’ve compared the price range with average axle-back systems and got amazed to see it has a far less price! You’ll love the combination of vehicle exhaust & inside the music. It’s unbeatable. Besides an optimal performance, the SLP product is a choice to improve the sound of your corvette. To be honest, it doesn’t enhance horsepower like a pro! The reason behind not developing the strength as it is a short axle-back system. Whatever, it’s a productive exhaust to the racers. All necessary hardware is gotten just in one buy! Overall, the product is inspired by sound optimization. Who doesn’t love producing a substantial sound when on the highway? Professional’s recommended


  • Fits 2005-2008 C6 Corvette
  • Hundred percent loud for the time
  • Affordable option to a supercar

Chevrolet manufacturer is always familiar in the alternative of a stock system. Click here to buy this product on Amazon. You’ll love this system for being loud at highway speeds.

BORLA 11815 Axle-Back Perf. Exhaust System 2005-2008 Chevrolet Corvette (C6) V8 T-304 Stainless Steel S-Type II Sound Dual Center Rear Exit Dual 4' Round...

The Borla-11815 is constructed for Corv C6 2005-2008, much like our initial model. We tested it in a 2007 Corvette, and the sound quality was excellent. It just sounds amazing.

In short, it sounds great. You can fit it to a vehicle’s back as it is a world-renowned product designed for rear section and automatic or manual transmission. What components are used in Borla’s exhaust construction? 300 series stainless steel is surrounded all over the product; through this, and you get an optimal performance and stability. To be noted that, ‘Borla-11815’ exhaust has street legality in the 50+ states. Talking about its warranty, Borla makes it guaranteed for million miles. It’s like; the exhaust has a lifetime warranty.

Very first time of its installation, you may experience little sound performance. By the time, the exhaust breaks in loud. Though it’s an axle-back product, your vehicle gets a 7 to 10% increased in horsepower. Maximum aftermarket products increase the engine’s airflow, and Borla-11815 Exhaust is similar to them. Besides, the fuel economy is a big success to this exhaust.


  • Fits Corv C6 2005-2008
  • Improved in 300 series steel
  • Highest (50+) states legality
Click here to buy Borla-11815 Exhaust on Amazon. You’re confident to buy Borla’s product for a million-mile warranty. Besides, the client’s activities make you attentive to this product. The exhaust system brings performance and sound strategy at once.

NXT Step Performance Axle Back Exhaust System Compatible with 1997-2004 C5 Corvette EX1002

“NXTSTEP” is a confident company. This company guarantees a lifetime warranty on the goods. If there are any manufacturing or material flaws in the exhaust, you will receive a replacement right away.

If you’re concerned about a sound system with a lifetime warranty, try ‘NXTSTEP PERFORMANCE’ products. Our maximum products are ensured of a lifetime warranty. But what’s unique in this exhaust? It’s an Axle-Back Exhaust and specialized in high-grade material. The high-grade material is stainless steel. The NXTSTEP’s exhaust is structured in stainless steel and strengthens with TIG weld. Besides, superior visual appeal is its most attractive feature. An enthusiast is always concerned with the mandrel-bent functionality, for the mandrel bent feature optimizes the maximum flow and power ability. This exhaust encourages both HP & Sound quality in a vehicle.


  • High-rated (Axle Back) exhaust
  • Increased HP & TQ System
  • Life Time Warranty

Click here to buy ‘NXTSTEP PERFORMANCE’ Axle-Back Exhaust on Amazon. The system is mainly used for racing purposes. The sound quality is comparably acoustic. It has a slight exhaust drone, but it is preferable in its price range and quality.

BORLA 11815 Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System 2009-2013 Toyota Corolla S & XRS 4 Cyl. T-304 Stainless Steel S-Type Sound Single Right Rear Exit Single...

This technology produces the highest decibel for exhaust notes. Maximum enthusiasts want high-performance purists and exhaust notes over their stereos, making it perfect for your needs.

It is another surprise from Borla for Corvette C6. We all know about Borla’s revolutionary exhausts. They are encouraged in the latest technology and structured with 301 series of stainless steel. What we like about this brand is being conscious of street legality. Borla’s products are declared to be safe and legal in 50+ states. Let’s talk about this rear-section system. US engineers attribute a new technology to this model & it is ATAK. ATAK is a short form of ‘Acoustically-Tuned Applied Kinetics.’ In case, Borla’s Rear-Section Exhaust System is most reliable. Besides, the sound clarity is from the high-volume output. It avoids distortion.


  • For Corvette C6 (ZO6 & ZR1)
  • 301 series metal structure
  • Well packaged with instructions
Click here to buy this excellent exhaust on Amazon. You’ll get it soon after ordering. Those car enthusiasts who love having a graphic equalizer to maintain audio (high-volume) output can choose it undoubtedly.

6. Hooker RHKR 2005 C6 Corvette

Hooker C6 Z06 Corvette Axle Back Exhaust W/O Mu

This is another high-quality and high-performance exhaust system for your C6 Corvette. As one of the most popular exhaust systems, the product comes with unique features.

Designed and manufactured by the well-known brand Hooker, this model is perfect for the C6 Corvettes manufactured between 2005 and 2006. One of the unique features of this system is its high-quality welds. The system looks really good and provides the users with better longevity and strength. 

The manufacturer has used 18-gauge along with 304 stainless steel material to increase durability and strength. Some of the most powerful cars have headers from Hookers. 

On the other hand, the system produces a good aggressive exhaust note when you accelerate, and the sound is also pleasant. As it comes in a tube geometry design, the installation process is hassle-free.


  • Long tube design increases your car’s engine performance. 
  • The product is resistant to corrosion.
  • It is made of 100 per cent stainless steel material.
  • It lasts for years with little maintenance. 

You can click here to buy this high-performance C6 Corvette exhaust system now. It will come within your budget, and the features are also good.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best-sounding exhaust for a Corvette?

The “best sounding” exhaust for a Corvette is subjective and depends on personal preferences, but some popular options include Borla and Corsa. These brands offer a range of exhaust systems that provide distinctive tones and performance enhancements for your Corvette.

How do I get more horsepower out of my C6 Corvette?

To increase horsepower in your C6 Corvette, consider performance modifications such as upgrading the air intake system, installing a performance exhaust system, adding a more aggressive camshaft, tuning the ECU (electronic control unit), or installing a supercharger or turbocharger.

What type of exhaust sounds the best?

The best type of exhaust sound is also a matter of personal taste. While some prefer a deep and throaty rumble and others an aggressive and raspy tone, the exhaust that sounds best is the cat-back exhaust. 

How does dual-mode exhaust work on a C6 Corvette?

The dual-mode exhaust system on a C6 Corvette employs vacuum-controlled valves within the exhaust system. These valves open or close, depending on the engine’s RPM, throttle position, and load. When open, the exhaust bypasses the mufflers, producing a more aggressive exhaust note and enhancing performance.

Final words

Choosing the best exhaust for C6 Corvette is much more comfortable, right? You must be looking for qualities than an accessible price. Get the right choice in our consultancy. It’s nothing like the stock car doesn’t provide excellent performance. We talk for those enthusiasts who want their vehicle a bit upgraded. Some of the exhausts are specific for either performance or sound capability. If you read us, you must have seen almost every product in our hands include different options for you. Consider them.

Suppose we discussed on ‘CORSA-14169 Axle-Back Exhaust System’, and the product is coupled with great sound and optimum performance. Amazon clients are must tend to this product. To be noted that, this exhaust system provides the horsepower to a vehicle even when sounding way better.

No worry, we have options for budget-conscious people too. Check from our listings and redirect them to Amazon. You’ll get a real idea about the product and get a quick buy. These Top-5 products are tested in our home lab. We’re satisfied with their noticeable performance, budget variation, and life assurance. You won’t be unhappy with our selection, by the way.

Remember that the right exhaust system is secure if you get a professional’s guide, although it’s not the simplest of tasks. Besides, be mindful of why do you need an exhaust system? Moreover, knowing the benefits of this system is essential. Don’t just go to your friend’s suggestion. If you’re running in lack of engine’s performance, sound optimization, and fuel efficiency, go for expert’s consultancy. If you’re an own expert self, you better know how the exhaust system improves the sound quality and vehicle’s performance. In case, choose the best product for easy setup. Think twice!

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