Top 5 Best Exhaust for Harley Fatboy in 2021: Our Top Pick

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This guide recommends the 5 best exhaust for Harley Fatboy. You must be known how vital an exhaust system can be! A bike is benefited not only by removing gas from its engine but also by its many advantages. Including the performance, you can ensure a good riding over the highway. That’s the reason we help you with the world-renowned brands.

The Fatboy is a production of Harley Davidson. It belongs to an exhaust already. But why do people still look for a replacement? You’re recommended to improve airflow and stock performance. For that, replace the damaged system. Once you do it, the motorcycle reaches the steady torque and power.  

Not all models fit on your bike. For being that case, expect something relevant to the requirements. Consider both advantages and disadvantages of exhaust, then choose the specific product with maximum applause.     

Our Top Pick: Vance & Hines Chrome (Twin Slash)

Best Exhaust for Harley Fatboy

Take a look at our best choice. You can modify both the look and sound just at an affordable cost. The full replacement of this muffler can be done in a few minutes. Follow the direction that is included with the purchase. It helps an easy installation. Though the bolt placement looks critical, it goes correct over the system. The baffles come with the exhaust is loud but not intolerable.

Top 5 Best Exhaust for Harley Fatboy

Best Exhaust for Harley Fatboy Review

1. Vance & Hines Black Eliminator 300 Slip-Ons 

Vance & Hines Black Eliminator 300 Slip-Ons

I’m sure you probably look for the bike sounds 100 times better than stock. ‘Vance & Hines’ introduces us to great products all the time. Following the rules, they bring Black Eliminator 300 Slip-on this time. The structure of the exhaust is compatible with glass-wrapped acoustic. You’ll receive it in Chrome or Wrinkle Black. The ‘Eliminator 300 Slip-on’ is round with a 3-inch Muffler Body. You will experience not a very loud but sumptuously resonant tone. As we’ve tested it ourselves, it fits very tight sometimes, almost too tight. Though you’re ensured with 100% fitment, few users have said to use an expanded to make the bottom fit accurately.


  • 3-inch muffler (rounded)
  • Precision-machined billet (CNC)
  • Inserts 21947 (Optional quiet)

Click here to get the ‘Eliminator 300 Slip-on’ available on Amazon. It won’t fit Fat Bob, Deluxe, Heritage Classic. As it powered soft ail family, it is renowned as the popular Eliminator line. 

2. Cobra 3 Inch Slip-On Chrome Mufflers

Cobra 3 Inch Slip-On Chrome Mufflers

You can order a set of Cobra Slip-on mufflers considering the chrome. It comes with good quality. Every penny you spend after the kit pays off as it is created for excellent sound production. Let’s talk some feature of it; what makes it praiseworthy? At first, the repacked to tune the sound. Clients prefer it to have great music. Secondly, you need not break the bank when customizing the bike. Considering an affordable price, the mufflers have great features and performance that includes billet aluminum tips. You need not spend an extra charge for the additional feature. Rotate it in three positions. Riders consider the slash-down look, slash-cut look, or one in between. You can review any of them. 2-inch replaceable baffles are included in one purchase. It helps to alter the sound. Besides muffling the sound, Cobra exhaust helps power gains through the mufflers.  


  • 3 inch chromed muffler
  • 2-inch replaceable baffles
  • Chromed billet tips (3 different positions)

Click here to check where it fits and knows the following models. The product is available on Amazon. It includes all the passionate skills, including the OEM-style crossover for stock models. You’re able to enhance performance using it.

3. MagnaFlow Exhaust Products 7210807

MagnaFlow Exhaust Products 7210807

It is made in the U.S.A. You can choose it to deliver upgraded power. MagnaFlow releases the version to perform and turn heads. If I specify the cutting edge contrast of this product, the muffler tips come in gloss black. You will receive the exhaust with stainless steel finishes. It helps to transform the appearance of your bike. One thing, the head pipes are not blue and doesn’t get faded. MagnaFlow Exhaust has heat shields with a dynamic stance so that the performance gains over the stock. 


  • 12mm and 18mm O2 sensor ports
  • Magna-Black coated (Durable)
  • Stainless steel construction

You get it available in show chrome or deep black finishes. Click here to check the price range on Amazon. It is constructed with Hi-Flow stainless steel. Get a maintenance-free solution.

4. Vance & Hines Chrome (Twin Slash)

Vance & Hines Chrome (Twin Slash)

It comes with a twin-slash 3-inch slip-on. Besides, the exhaust brings an initial surprise to the Milwaukee-Eight. The sound remains gusty and loud. You can achieve great value over the road. If I specify the engine, it stays by the new Softail model line. But, how does it benefits in either chrome? Vance & Hines Chrome is efficient to feature full heat shields coverage. The structure of the exhaust system is wrinkled with a black finish so that it matches the twin slash look. The wrinkle black finish is precisely matched to these slip-on mufflers. You can get an accurate fitment for the slip-on mufflers. Choose it as the optional quiet or competition baffles. 


  • Chrome or Wrinkle Black
  • Twin Slash End (Signature)
  • Heat Shields in full coverage

Click here to get the product available on Amazon. ‘Vance & Hines’ is a promising brand over the global market. You can ensure a credible purchase just in touch.

5. Bassani Manufacturing 1S66E-36 

Bassani Manufacturing 1S66E-36 

It is used as an alternative exhaust for Fatboy. The 1S66E-36 has true duals with 36 inches. You can use the exhaust as the road king’s mainstay. Besides, getting on a tour is exciting, using Bassani’s authentic duals brand. Why choosing it? Consider it for having ideal performance and sound complications. The only benefit you’ll have is to get it cruising down the road. The dual exhaust pipes are made to enhance excellent performance. The trend is getting a deep throaty sound in a bike. And, Bassani’s 1S66E-36 mellows it out. Reserve design around the crossover makes the exhaust more adjusted. 


  • Straight-through design
  • Dual sensor ports
  • Excellent sound range

If you’re aware of the fishtail muffler with baffle, the 1S66E-36 is a perfect choice in chrome color. Click here to check the product on Amazon. 

How to install for the Harley Fat boy system?

The installation varies from the exhausts. It includes different bike models. Depending on the slip-on task, all you need to replace the old pipe to the brand new tube. If the replacement changes the whole stock system, remember that the exhaust system involves the engine ports (exhaust) in the muffler.  

Step: 1

At first, be the concern of the fact, why do you need a quick replacement? People tend to the new exhaust depending on the picking up tools! Besides, never choose a product with unwanted scratches and particles though we confirm the leading brand in this review. A purchased model must suit the vehicle specifications, including the extra gaskets. 

You’ll be provided an instruction guide that helps to mount the system. The main benefit you can earn is not breaking additional bike parts improperly.

Step: 2

The next step is removing the old pipes. Remember one thing for the customization; they are, floorboard and fender need to detach if needed. Few systems contain oxygen sensors that are connected beside the pipes (rear systems). After being conscious of these formulas, screw off the nuts and bolts from the engine header. Besides, locks are connected to the mounting brackets that need to remove. Place the nuts aside for the next use. Therefore, those studs present on the Harley Davidson need to detach. Now, the exhaust pipes can be slide off. Be noted to keep them in a safe place. You never know if you’re going to reuse the exhaust. 

Step: 3 

It’s time to install the new system. You must be done removing the old exhaust. Though you’ll be provided instruction with the products we mentioned, it is essential to maintain precautions to never damaging the new pipes. Doline up the headers properly by pushing the pipes back correctly. Be careful if the engine’s cylinder (heads and ports) is maintained in guts. Once it is placed safely, reattach the securements (nuts and bolts) tightly. Finally, check for leaks and footpegs to ensure you put nothing loose in the process. 

Final verdict

The best exhaust for Harley Fatboy makes your ride charming with better performance and sound. Hopefully, you’ve benefited from our product reviews. The prominent exhausts help you with a new lease on life. Adjusting a few things doesn’t trouble your neighbors. The attractive task you achieve is having a good look with the accurate system. You get a full replacement with these staggering exhausts. We recommend you choose from our guide if you’re conscious of the hot rod sounds. Who doesn’t love having an exhaust with full-length heat shields? Black or chrome finish models are great to use on a manageable budget, aren’t they?

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