Best Leveling Kit for 2015 F150

Top 5 Best Leveling Kit for 2015 F150: Reviews of 2021

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An expert is always familiar to his truck and looks for an advance set up consistently. I’m sure you’re one of them. Knowing the ins and outs of an F150 truck, you’ve come for a solution to get rid of exasperating tilt from the vehicle’s suspension, right? Don’t worry; we bring you the best leveling kit for 2015 F150. Through this, you’ll be able to fix the vehicle’s look. About installation, it’s not hard if till you’re a nob. It’s the USA, and here, all people keep a set of jacks and tool kits along with them. You’re recommended purchasing a leveling kit only you’ve mechanical abilities or any professional’s guide. Be mindful of achieving an ultimate ride after the installation.

What is a Leveling Kit? (Explanation)

We usually see our F-150 trucks are a bit lower in front of the rear sits. It’s a manufacturer’s design. They add this kind of purposeful feature on F-150 vehicles, also on trucks and SUVs. The difference between the fronts sits, and rear sits are known as ‘Rake.’ The ‘Rake’ technology is developed to take a heavy load in a truck without losing control, sagging, or bottom out.   

Though some people don’t like the distance between the rear and the frame scale, it is unnecessary to design your vehicle. Thus, the leveling kit comes as a solution. The leveling kit helps to lift the vehicle’s front rather than the entire body. What we called the ‘Rake’ system will be eliminated through the process. You’ll get a proper shaped vehicle and also include larger tires.

Hopefully, you’ve been aware of a leveling kit now. It only impacts the front sits of a vehicle. Though the package, you’ll be benefited with maximum payload capacity or the same. Overall, using a leveling kit manages an aggressive look. Your vehicle stands in a gentle shape. Get the best Leveling Kit for F15 from our following products.  

Top-pick: MotoFab Lifts Front Leveling Lift Kit

Best Leveling Kit for 2015 F150

MotoFab is a qualified alternative to front struts and assembly; through this, you can lift the F150 (2004-2018). It is appropriate for both 2WD & 4WD. The billet construction makes it durable, and the red color combines it to be limited edition. ‘Lifetime Warranty’ makes the product worthy to Ford enthusiasts. This USA product needs almost two hours to get installed. Whatever, this product is the main focus if you’re conscious of the vehicle’s appearance.

Best Leveling Kit for 2015 F150

1. YITAMOTOR Leveling Lift Kit 

YITAMOTOR Leveling Lift Kit 

Ah! This product is fantastic to install. We’ve reviewed the ‘YITAMOTOR’ leveling kit to Ford F-150 (2004-2018) and got it used with both two wheels (2WD) drive vs. four wheels drive (4WD). You needn’t lift the car, instead of it use jack & jack stands. Besides, the spring compressor helps to rotate the struts on 180 degrees. We recommend watching a YouTube tutorial before going to work. Sometimes, you can call a local shopkeeper and tell him to do it for you. Usually, it costs $120! No worry if you can do it alone. Whatever let me discuss YITAMOTOR’s feature. The kit is sized in 2.5″ so that a vehicle gets up by almost 3″ in the front sits. Through the leveling kit, factory rake gets eliminated. You’ll see the vehicle perfectly leveled and keep an aggressive look forever. Besides, tires and wheels get their fender solution to run. Don’t think through utilizing the leveling kit, and a vehicle loses its charm. Instead of that, you’ll be enjoying a super-fast ride quality. 


  • 2004 – 2018 Ford F150 
  • Structure: Aircraft-grade
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Original ride quality
  • 5 years warranty

If you like ‘YITAMOTOR Leveling Lift Kit,’ click here to buy it on Amazon.

2. Supreme Suspensions – Front Leveling Kit 

Supreme Suspensions - Front Leveling Kit 

Undoubtedly, it is a beautiful clean kit and appropriate to F150 (2005 – 2020). Supreme Suspension’s product is high-rated as always though many of the clients ask for its construction. Well, this front leveling kit is built-in aircraft-grade (T6) aluminum. Through the buildup quality, you get protection from corrosion. Besides, the strength-to-weight is assured. However, security is tempered to the supreme construction. If you decide this product for Tacoma 5-lug models, please keep away. Now, come to the technical note. The leveling kit is improved in 2.5-inch size; through this, you’ll manage 2.5-inch front lift. 

Let’s see what does a client’s opinion on Supreme Suspension’s leveling kit. Mark says the product to be a clean kit and mechanically inclined. Fast shipping is one of the impressive options. You’ll get the installation guide included. No matter what, a truck gets higher than the rear quickly, thus provides a premium look.


  • Lift: A total of 2 1/2” as stated
  • Bolt-on installation except for special tools
  • Installation Instructions & Hardware included

Liked this product? Click here to buy SS (Supreme Suspension) Front Leveling Kit on Amazon. 

3. MotoFab Lifts Front Leveling Lift Kit

MotoFab Lifts Front Leveling Lift Kit

You’re keen to raise the front scale of your vehicle by 2.5″, right? Almost every brand assures you of 2.5″, but MotoFab is unique for a limited edition. This leveling kit is Red-colored and structured with a billet aluminum strategy. Because of being power-coated, it remains durable. One specific thing about the MotoFab leveling kit is an easy installation without any strut and coil disassembly, which may be required in other kits. Moreover, MotoFab lifts maximum F-150, especially (2004-2018) F150 models. No matter if your truck has 2WD or 4WD, you can apply! 

We’ve seen a few clients; they compare MotoFab leveling kit with the welded spacers. It’s disappointed—a welded spacer cracks over time, whereas MotoFab is durable. No more hope, buy this product as it has a 100% satisfaction rate with quality and lifetime warranty. 


  • Fits F150 (2004-2018)
  • USA construction
  • A Lifetime warranty

Click here to buy MotoFab 2.5″ Front Leveling kit on Amazon. We sponsor this product for credibility, customer’s choice, and lifetime warranty method.

4. Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit 

Rough Country 2" Leveling Kit 

Hey, you should know that we’ve tried Rough Country’s product and got it 3 hours process since installation. The leveling kit is love, pretty easy to follow the installation guide. In the installation guide, we’ve found a step that says removing the entire brake system. You can skip the stage by the way and simply disconnect the axle. No need to lift the vehicle. Instead of it, use jack stands. Through getting the vehicle’s front line raised for 2 inches, you can install larger tires there. Rough Country’s leveling kit assures your F-150 to unmatched ground clearance. Besides, you can achieve extra comfort against the off-road obstacles. However, this leveling kit provides you great looks and strength. Now, come to its construction. RC leveling kit designs their spacers with a heavy-duty (composite) construction. 


  • Fits F150 (2009-2020)
  • Home Installation
  • Backed by a lifetime replacement

Click here to buy Rough Country’s leveling kit on Amazon. RC is a world-renowned company for five decades. You can rely on them for the best assistance. 

5. ReadyLift 2.25” SST Lift Kit (For F150 Ford)

ReadyLift 2.25'' SST Lift Kit (For F150 Ford)

After deeply researched the leveling lifts on Google, the Global market, and Amazon, we’ve found tons of products that blow our minds. From them, we’ve shortened ReadyLift for being amazingly improved technology. As we are always conscious of billet aluminum construction, this product is also crafted from CNC machined. Plus, you can make the ReadyLift kit compatible with F150 (2015-UP) 2wd Trucks. Note that 4 WD models are not supported. One thing may surprise you that Readylift products are newly inaugurated on Amazon. Before, they were distributing their products in local shops, garage, and worldwide. No matter, the brand assures a popular lifted stance. It’s ludicrous but real that the Ready Lift kit is now available on a price of a single custom wheel! Check it. 


  • F150 2wd Trucks
  • T6 billet structure
  • Max Lift 2. 25″

Click here to buy ReadyLift products on Amazon. You’ll get instruction guides, hardware, and necessary parts included. So, why late?

What to consider before buying the best leveling kit for 2015 f150

You must have read our top-picks as they all are a handful for a Ford truck. If you search Google, countless brands would be in front of your eyes, would you like it? No, I don’t. It’s challenging to check thousands of brands online to buy just one! Right? Being so, we stay by your side. Our experts simulated Top-5 products and considered them the world’s best choice for a Ford F150. It is easy to choose a product, but knowing its specifications must be complicated.

At first, you’ve to know what kind of leveling kits exists in today’s market. Here, we shall explain three versions of leveling kits. Don’t miss reading!

  • Suspension kit

  • Leveling kit, &

  • Body lift kit  

Suspension kits are known as suspension lift kits too. It helps to lift a truck’s suspension and increases its height. It’s a choice from luxurious mechanics, plus car enthusiasts. Why luxurious? It’s because this type of suspension kits have a quality price range. Besides, you’ve to include many additions like the skid plate, brake line brackets, and CV spacers when installing it. Therefore, if you’re budget concerned, please note the suspension kit to be costly! 

A suspension kit allows the whole suspension system to be modified sometimes. It may look critical, but the process is considered to launch a safer vehicle. An affluent shouldn’t miss these required changes.  

Body kits are a bit cheaper than the previous option. These kinds of kits are most practical and lift a vehicle’s chassis by three inches. Following the installation, you can make the bigger tires compatible with your F-150. Besides, Body lift kits are amazing to be an excellent look. Like the suspension kits, it needn’t additional parts, so you can enjoy having an affordable price range. 

Leveling lift kits are our choice. Why? The best leveling kit for 2015 f150 improves the vehicle’s look. The leveling kits align the vehicle’s scale. You get this kind of kits inexpensive comparing to our top products. You can easily install it in the yard.

Difference between lift kit & leveling kit

Having a Ford F-150 is love. Usually, a leveling kit or lift kit is upgraded to the vehicle, for these kits make a rig! Whatever, a lift kit has always lifted a truck equal to the rear sits. You’ll get real off-roading performance through the type of lift kit. But, maximum clients caught in a dilemma whether they should choose proper leveling or lift kit. In this topic, we must know the difference between leveling kits vs. lift kits. Let’s read.  

Leveling kit:

Generally, we notice an F-150 truck looks lower in the front. It’s from the manufacturer’s choice for lifting additional height in the rear. Besides, the truck doesn’t sag even when extra loaded. However, you may not like it hauling. For being that case, a leveling kit appears, and the equipment helps a truck with raising the front of the truck so that the truck looks equal with the back and front. Be noted that the front part gets higher in few inches! If you notice our product list, we’ve enlisted those leveling kits that include additional weight. 

Though, some enthusiasts use the leveling kit mainly for looks. It adds the ground clearance by almost two or three inches. Through the process, you’re benefited by more massive tire installation also. Be mindful of choosing a leveling kit for easy installation also. A leveling kit has a bolt-on installation. Sometimes, you may need to add strut disassembly for the installation process. It is nice to know that our following leveling kits provide you all additional components such as strut extensions, lift blocks, and spacers sometimes.

Lift kit:

A leveling kit is mainly used to improve the balance of an F-150, whereas a lift kit ensures an increased height and ground clearance. This type of equipment increases off-roading performance. One thing is a big concern that a lift kit has a high price than a leveling kit always. You can inch up a vehicle by seven inches that explore you a much higher ride.

Similar to the leveling kits, you can add larger tires in the process. Plus, the tackling rough terrain is delivered through the lifting kits. Be scientifical that the larger your front scale will be, the better gravity you will get so that any stability issues on the highway are rarely seen. Sometimes, the center of gravity would be risky to control a vehicle on the road.

Is installing a leveling kit at home possible?

The maximum of us wants to install the leveling kit ourselves. If it even possible? Before going to detail, acknowledge that lifting a truck doesn’t make installation easy. You should raise a car only when you need room for extra tires. To be honest, installing a leveling kit requires a professional’s mind. Do you know using tools and techniques properly?

You must have installed the previous kit as it is required to go next. We don’t recommend you for the installation if you’ve lack knowledge. In case hiring a professional would be a positive sign. Sometimes, it may look easy, but when you go deep, criticality appears. Be mindful of hiring an expert for $75 – $100.

Does the leveling kit affect the truck’s performance?

You’ll get several advantages through a truck leveling kit. Firstly, a truck leveling kit helps your vehicle to install larger wheels than stock wheels. In rear positions, a vehicle has enough space to fit larger wheels in the back mountains, primarily the Ford F-150. 

Secondly, it will give you extra support in need. Front wheels are pushed against the bumper through the leveling kit. It works like the fifth-wheel.   

Thirdly, a leveling kit helps reducing braking pressure. Generally, when an F-150 is higher in the back suspension, handling the more upper rear would be difficult. But, through a scaled vehicle, you can have an essential emergency brake. 

Fourthly, a truck leveling kit doesn’t affect the truck’s performance but improves the vehicle’s static weight balance. Because of a two-inch higher block, a leveling kit keeps its balancing process similar to the standard front rake. 

Finally, it is a matter of joy that fuel economy, handling, and running boards are not affected through the leveling kit. It mainly changes the appearance of a vehicle.


  • Why our picked leveling kit looks inexpensive?

As we have discussed on the topic that leveling kits are much inexpensive than a lift kit. In our guide, we select those products with the best quality & price. It may look affordable, but a lift kit is made of fewer parts than a suspension or lift kit. The manufacturing cost is low for the product, so you deserve to buy it inexpensively. 

Another reason for its affordable price is not using dropdown brackets and wheel travel components like a lift kit. You can just lift your Ford F-150 by 3 inches, that’s it.

  • Should you buy the cheapest leveling kit?

Not all the cheapest products have a good result. Not only the cheap leveling kit but be aware of the quality than the price. You must have bought your proposal ring, right? What did you consider it for? Price or Quality? You must’ve thought of its value to your girlfriend, isn’t it? However, the cheapest products are always life-threatening. When buying a leveling kit, look at the 4×4 structure. However, our products are from an off-road performance that will ensure excellent handling. Do they look cheapest, by the way?

  • Do you require lifting the rear suspension too?

The leveling kits are used to match up the vehicle’s front and rear suspensions. However, some advanced leveling kits are available for a premium price that includes the rear suspension components such as high-grade front and rear shocks. By the way, a leveling kit encourages front lift than a rear suspension. 

Final Talks

You’ve probably discovered the ins and outs of the best leveling kit for 2015 F150 with us. They’re Top-5 on the marketplace. Read us for the right information, such as the right products. All the basic guideline of a new kit is included here with expert’s suggestion. A compatible leveling kit may be your final choice. We look for a leveling kit with a hundred percent fitment, T6 billet structure, and smooth ride. However, enthusiasts love installing a leveling kit for a good appearance. Don’t you want your Ford F-150 to look sharp? Get a quick buy & explore your vehicle worthy! Thanks.

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