Best Miata Coilovers

Top 5 Best Miata Coilovers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guides

Today, I bring you the best Miata coilovers in 2020. Through one of these coilovers, you’ll receive in a next-level set up in your vehicle. You can lower your vehicle quickly and ensure comfort in the stiff zone. Who doesn’t want it, say? I would love to install a Coilover for the following reasons:

  1. Smooth function over the suspension
  2. It gives a racing mode when driving in off-road
  3. You’ll get the vehicle maintained 
  4. Proper dampening rate & spring adjustment
  5. Vehicle’s height looks lower but attractive

It’s great to be driving off or go on a long journey. Plus, being constructed with the coilovers makes a vehicle qualified against the height adjustment. Not all coilovers are compatible with Mazda Miata. So, you need to make the right choice between construction type and quality ride. This guide helps you find the premium products in a row; please, be engaged.

Top-pick: Tein VSM40-C1SS1 Coilover Kit for Mazda Miata (Flex Z)

Best Miata Coilovers

‘Tein VSM40-C1SS1 is our top choice for Mazda Miata, for the Coilover kit is constructed with a 16-level topnotch linear damping system. It helps you with a constant force adjustment. Besides, you’ll love how this Coilover is provided with ride height shock absorber, which is easily adjustable also. The Coilover’s front and rear structure is gradually (392 lbs. /in) & (336 lbs. /in). It’s loveable at first sight as the shell case is attractive and surrounded by a rigid bracket. Therefore, it’s our expert’s recommendation.


Best Miata Coilovers

1. R9-HS2-030_1 for Mazda Miata 

R9-HS2-030_1 for Mazda Miata 

If you own a Mazda Miata between 1990-97 sessions, we suggest you this Hyper-Street II Coilover Kit from the Rev9 brand; a reliable brand worldwide. You’ll get it for a perfect price, besides your car reaches the premium shape and performance. The Coilover kit is constructed in ’32 ways’ damping level. It helps you properly lower a vehicle. What makes it possible? Engineers from ‘Rev9’ think of a particular design, and discover coil springs in the shock kit, through this; a vehicle comes in a secured structure through this. If I specify the structure, this Hyper-Street II Coilover is upgraded with a steel alloy body. Also, people like this product for being independent against the stiffness as the spring and height settings are much adjusted. You can adjust them separately. Though you get no installation included, professionals claim it to be easily installed. No worry, your vehicle won’t be sacrificed by pitch distance but will be improved with larger capacity for gas and oil. 


  • Get it adjusted with Mazda Miata MX-5 (1990-97)
  • Steel construction, ride height and coil springs designed
  • Professional’s choice

Click here to buy this Hyper-Street kit on Amazon. You may face little difficulty when setting the rears and the fronts, but watching from YouTube helps to get an easy installation. I recommend this Coilover kit as the Coilover has premium themes for the affordable price.

2. Yonaka high-grade Coilovers for Mazda Miata MX5 MX-5 (1989-1998)

Yonaka high-grade Coilovers for Mazda Miata MX5 MX-5 (1989-1998)

You may be skeptical at the first time, but it’s never your last choice. Research this product with us. Around many opportunities, we liked this Yonaka product for the assembly with wider height adjustment. You needn’t change the spring compression as the shock is threaded with a stable track feel. Purchase it if you want an easy installation below of the shock without shortening the suspension travel. Professionals love this product for the product is fully threaded and nominated for an excellent performance. Therefore, you’ll get a good ride. I prefer to install these Coilovers along with sway links and tie rods. You can even do the installation with new control arms. Twenty-eight levels of adjustable dampening system make the system more attractive. 


  • Advanced with a Monotube technology
  • 365 days warranty
  • Attractive height adjustment

Therefore, Yonaka is a great choice if you are concerned about higher-level shock absorption. I recommend it for daily street use. Click here to buy it on Amazon, and you’ll be redirected. 

3. Tein VSM40-C1SS1 Coilover Kit for Mazda Miata (Flex Z)

Tein VSM40-C1SS1 Coilover Kit for Mazda Miata (Flex Z)

We tried this system and loved the installation. We had to adjust a spring compressor to maintain the rear and deeper channels. This product is aligned with a 16-level of damping force adjustment, and you get the dampening system very adjustable. You may be amazed that this ‘Tein’ Coilover kit gives you a rough street feel at 3-clicks linear. The ‘Tein’ brand is called one of the renowned companies worldwide. This brand is always conscious of making their automotive parts with the “Made in Yokohama” quality. So, you get the ‘street flex’ feel comparably in an optimal price range. TEIN’s comprehensive technology encourages the shock absorbers with full-ride height adjustment. It’s probably the all-in-one conversion kit designed with 4-4 (shock absorbers and spring). Also, all brands are not equipped with the upper mounts set up. In case, Tein’s Coilover kit is a bit advanced. The structure of this product is inspired by Twin-Tube technology. It keeps the sufficient stock secured in a vehicle. 


  • 16-level linear adjustment
  • Premium Rigid Bracket (coated)
  • Twin-Tube Structure

Click here to buy this Coilover kit on Amazon, for the kit is our top choice. You get this product compatible with Mazda Miata. No worries, the ‘Tein VSM40-C1SS1′ is protected through shell case and low resiliency. 

4. Godspeed (MSS0150) Coilover for Mazda Miata 90-05

Godspeed (MSS0150) Coilover for Mazda Miata 90-05

Do you want those coilovers that blow away your mind? Don’t raise low expectations; instead, be excited to use them. Many car enthusiast remain unaware of the spring rate, in case Godspeed Coilover has an Independent Spring session and A1 height adjustment. You’re never risked to be underdamped. This Coilover gets to be installed with the basic to advanced setups, including shock, bump stop, and high-end coilovers. After implementing these coilovers to the Mazda Miata, we suggest you review after about 100 miles. It’s guaranteed that you’ll get the springs settled as the shocks more dampening. Besides, the Coilover is the reason behind a smooth ride. You can adjust the Coilover in a broad range. Therefore, we suggest this Godspeed’s Coilover if you need your car planted and more adventurous. It is surprising that after removing the rear sway bar, your Mazda Miata stays in neutral balance. 


  • Mono-Tube Stainless Steel structured
  • 16 Levels of damping adjustment
  • Professional’s installation is recommended

Maximum car enthusiasts are concerned with an affordable budget, but premium coilovers. Are you one of them? Our experts recommend you the Godspeed (MSS0150) for a full clearance performance than a ‘lower’ driving height of the ground. Click here to buy the product on Amazon. 

5. BC Racing (BR Series) Coilovers

BC Racing (BR Series) Coilovers

‘BC Racing’ is one of the supreme brands, and improved as a perfect choice for occasional driving view. The professionals suggest this product to those enthusiasts who need to go through a reliable, stiff ride. If you specifically ask me how far you get it available, my answer is, it goes low through the fenders rub. The product is engineered in easily accessible knobs so that you get a soft ride against autocross duty. ‘BR Series Model’ is the maximum customer’s choice. We choose this product in this reviewing guide for, and it’s positive reviews. It seems like people love it for the easiest installation and independent alignment. Previously, people had a critical operation to reach their maximum Coilover system and performance. In case BR series Coilover has a sharpened response to the vehicle’s steering, which is empowered by the pillow balls mount system. 


  • Easy and accessible adjustment knobs
  • Get it used for the occasional road
  • Independent ride height adjustment

At length, If you’re experienced riding your car on the high way, you must decide to be in a stiffer ride. By adjusting the best Miata coilovers, you can reach to your goal like feeling a smoother ride. Click here to purchase the product on Amazon. 

How to ensure if a Miata Coilover is constructed well?

Having a Mazda Miata is luxurious, so why not invest a few more bucks in the coilovers? As the coilovers provide you the accurate height in every corner, it helps your car with independent control over the highways. In this guide, we bring you the best Miata coilovers available worldwide. Our automotive experts focus on the well-engineered and easily installable coilovers. Read us to discover what today’s trending product within an affordable budget, but a premium category. 

Before that, you should know why to consider in a Miata Coilover?

Yes, it is. Mazda Miata welcomes all kinds of coilovers springs for ride quality adjustment. Who doesn’t want a ride with stiffness and quality? Any coilovers with 32 levels of dampening flexibility is recommended to you. Besides, Suspension thread is a big concern. Look for it. Good suspensions are constructed with spring perch design and maintainable in the twist of a wrench. You will be helpful through the process as the suspension keeps the vehicle up or lower based technology. 

Final thoughts

So, what have you discovered in this reviewing guide? Hopefully, the best Miata coilovers are found here. Let me repeat it that a Coilover helps a vehicle to achieve perfect fitment, adjustment to the riding range, and stiff-tracking setup. Therefore, you get the Coilover suspension setup to your Miata just in a blink now. 

If you look deep, I specified each product for its key feature. Through this, you can identify a product’s rating just clicking on them as it redirects you to the Amazon. Thanks for reading us, or if you’re not read us yet, don’t miss the mid-range to high-end coilovers, which are discussed in comparison. 

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