Top 4 Best Shocks for Chevy S10 – Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs

The Chevy S10 might have been replaced by Colorado, but it’s still one of the best compact pickup trucks in the market. To this day, not many trucks of that size can compete in terms of the smooth ride and horsepower that the S10 provides.

But keeping the S10 in shape requires a few easy measures. You need to look out for telltale signs that your shocks are giving up on you, and then upgrade the suspension system so that you can go right back to driving an S10 that feels as good as it did when it was brand new (or better!). 

Top 4 Best Shocks for Chevy S10 

Driving with worn-out shocks is super uncomfortable. Don’t make the common mistake of assuming you’re having a bumpy ride just because it’s an old truck — your shocks are probably just completely rusted. And not only is it uncomfortable to ride with worn-out shocks, but also pretty dangerous. No working shocks mean that your vehicle is wobbling all over the place, damaging any fragile items in the bed of your truck, and also making it much more difficult to control the vehicle when you have to shift gears. You can realistically be more prone to accidents, all because you didn’t swap out those rusted shocks. 

Since Chevrolet doesn’t make the S10 anymore, it can be a little difficult to figure out which shocks in the market are compatible with it. Luckily for you, we’ve scoured the internet and finalized upon the best 4 shocks in the market for the Chevy S10.

Remember to check out our Buying Guide and FAQs section at the end of the article for some extra information to help you make your decision.

#1- Shocks Struts, ECCPP Front Rear Shock Absorbers Strut Kits

Shocks Struts,ECCPP Front Pair Shock Absorbers Strut Kits Compatible with 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 for Ford for F-150,2006 2007 2008...

ECCPP is a great brand for OE standards of shocks that are high-quality, durable, and don’t burn a hole in your wallet. 

These shocks are our top pick because of their twin-tube gas chamber technology with balance detection and high damping capabilities. You don’t have to worry about wear and tear with these shocks, the steel piston rod is micro-polished with a double chrome finish. This means that your shocks will never, ever rust. They are highly corrosion resistant and will last you a lifetime. 

It also reduces vibration and makes acceleration and shifting gears much smoother. Finally, this shock is incredible at reducing the noise of the otherwise noisy Chevy S10. 


  • Manufacturer: ECCPP
  • Model: ECCPP Prime Choice shock absorber
  • Model number: ECCPP070824
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Dimensions: 36.55 x 7.66 x 2.95 inches
  • Exterior: Metallic
  • Voltage: 12 volts


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Twin-tubed
  • Balance detection technology


  • Better for daily driving than heavy-duty hauling

#2- 58523 Load Adjust Shock Absorber by Monroe

Monroe Load Adjusting 58523 Suspension Shock Absorber and Coil Spring Assembly Pack of 2 for Chevrolet S10

Our second pick goes to these Monroe shocks. Their unique technology makes these shocks suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. It is equipped with special modifiers that will drastically reduce friction, giving you a smoother ride and extending the lifespan of the piston rod. 

The valving on these Monroe shocks is also sensitive to the bumps on the road and any kind of off-road uneven terrain and will adjust accordingly to give you more stability or comfort according to your truck’s needs. 

There’s also reliable sealing done on these shocks that prevent leakages while the nitrocarburized rod reduces the amount of air aeration. 


  • Manufacturer: Tenneco (Rancho/Monroe)
  • Weight: 8.82 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 7.1 x 3.8 inches
  • Model: 58523


  • Clear and accurate readings
  • Dependable and durable
  • Professional grade


  • The plastic it’s made of is quite fragile

#3- 519-21 Specialty Rear Spring Assisted Shock Absorber by ACDelco

ACDelco Specialty 519-21 Rear Spring Assisted Shock Absorber

It’s difficult to put together a list of the best shocks without ACDelco bagging a spot in the roundup. ACDelco shocks are known to be priced reasonably for the kind of product they deliver: it lasts forever with competitive features. 

Equipped with front coil springs, these shock absorbers greatly improve the control and stability of your vehicle. Additionally, they promise to always maintain the height of your Chevy S10. This is a very valuable feature since many substandard shocks tend to sink down and make your truck lose out on height after a few years. These shocks will remain as strong as they are the day you buy them!

There’s also drawn-over shaft tubing for greater durability, along with a chromed finish to ensure that you don’t ever run into rust or corrosion. 


  • Manufacturer: ACDelco
  • Weight: 14.27 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27.7 x 7.5 x 3.7 inches
  • Model: 519-21


  • Spring and shock
  • Great for maintaining vehicle height
  • Dependable brand
  • No dip in performance over the years


  • Lower hardware not included

#4- 10102I Shock Absorber by Belltech

Belltech 10102I Street Performance Shock Absorber

Belltech’s Shock Absorber has incredible damping ability. This is a great shock if you do more towing and hauling rather than daily driving, and it’s also one of the most affordable shocks on our list. 

With a twin tube internal design and advanced rebound tuning integration, these shock absorbers give you a lot of stability and control. These shocks aren’t small either, at 55mm they are just as powerful as they appear to be. 

They have great damping control and use gas-charged applications while also being very easy to install. 


  • Manufacturer: Belltech
  • Model: 10102I
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Exterior: Chrome coated


  • Clear and accurate readings
  • Dependable and durable
  • Professional grade


  • The plastic it’s made of is quite fragile

Buying Guide: Which Chevy S10 Shock Should I Buy? 

We get it if you’re confused after reading through the top 4 Chevy S10 product reviews — they all seem great, but which one is the best for you and your vehicle? There are a couple of factors to keep in mind while looking for the most suitable pair of shocks, and we’re gonna detail them right here. 

While we argue that you could technically throw a dart blindfolded at any of the shocks on our list and be happy, you might want to finetune your selection according to your budget, durability, and a couple of other factors. 


There are a couple of different styles that Chevy S10 shocks come in. You would have come across the terms ‘twin tube’ and ‘monotube’ when reading our article. Here’s the difference: 

The monotube shocks have one tube which is composed of two chambers: one for the oil and the other for the gas. The monotube is fairly straightforward and will generally have features that reduce the chances of oil aeration. 

Twin-tube shocks, on the other hand, can be split into three different subtypes: Acceleration Sensitive, Position-Sensitive, and Gas Charged. Here’s how they all differ: 

  1. Acceleration Sensitive twin tube shocks are shocks that highlight the effect of the density controller while the vehicle is speeding up. This means that they are able to change the quality of the ride on a real-time basis, depending on how fast or slow you’re driving. 
  2. Position-Sensitive twin tube shocks operate through the valve and improve the relaxation quotient of your driving experience. 
  3. Finally, Gas Charged twin tube shocks have a gas-charging function where they are able to reduce the hydraulic aeration of the oil. 


You should definitely be focused on the durability factor when looking for replacement shocks. The whole reason you’re here is that the factory shocks installed in your Chevy S10 weren’t durable enough!

Your shocks should be robust enough to last anywhere between 75,000-100,000 miles and the way to find this out is by looking at the materials used when making the shocks. We encourage you to look for aluminum and metal shocks, provided they have an anti-corrosion finish. 


Of course, price is going to be an important factor when you’re choosing the right shocks. All of the shocks we’ve mentioned are a bit more pricey than factory shocks, but that’s justified by the huge upgrade in quality and other features. You should take stock of how long you want to be driving your vehicle when you’re setting a budget. 

If you’re hoping to upgrade to a bigger and better pickup truck, but don’t want to suffer from your last months with the Chevy S10, we’d recommend picking up an affordable and well-performing shock. However, if you have no plans to buy a new truck and you’re devoted to your Chevy S10 — don’t shy away from the premium shocks, because they will deliver and give you a minimum of five years of well-performing ride. Most of them also come with a lifetime warranty. 

Installation Process

It’s no secret that you can install shocks on your own — that’s precisely why most people want to buy shocks off Amazon so that they can get the job done by themselves. It can cost you about twice or thrice as much if you go to your local technician and ask them to source the shocks and install them for you. 

It’s much cheaper to do it yourself, and it’s really not that difficult. Having said that, some shocks will definitely be easier to install than others. We’ve included whether the shocks are easy or difficult to install in our reviews. 

Driving Requirements

Shocks mainly do two things: cushion your ride but also give stability to your vehicle. You’ll need more of one of them depending on how you’re using your vehicle the most. If you’re simply using the Chevy S10 for daily driving and lightweight in the bed, you’ll have a very different requirement than someone who mostly drives their S10 off roads and with heavy towing and hauling. 

Understanding your driving requirements will help you choose the right shocks that can provide cushioning to your ride but also stability to your vehicle. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Shocks for Chevy S10

Here are some of the common questions asked about shocks for the Chevy S10: 

What do shock absorbers do? 

Shock absorbers add to the safety of your ride and also play a key part in ensuring your vehicle is noise-free. 

When should I replace my shocks? 

As a rule of thumb, factory shocks will last about 50,000 to 75,000 miles. But they’re also famous for conking off way before that point, which is probably why you’re here trying to find new replacement shocks. The good news is that the replacement shocks you’ll be purchasing are way better quality and will definitely last more than 75,000 miles, and usually around 100,000 miles. 

However, you don’t have to go by the numbers, because more intensive driving and hauling can cause your shocks to wear out earlier than their life span. Looking out for signs of malfunctioning shocks is way better than trying to do the math. 

Should I replace all four of my shocks at the same time? 

This isn’t a straightforward answer, but we recommend that you do, and here’s why. 

You have to ensure that you’re using the same brand and model of shocks for the front and rear of your Chevy S10 will have a mismatch. So if you’re just looking to replace the front shocks, that forces you to buy the same factory shocks that the Chevy came with, so that it matches with the rear ones. And if they failed earlier, who’s to say they won’t again? 

Furthermore, the feel of new and old shocks is entirely different, and you’ll feel the imbalance of softer and stiffer shocks while driving which can actually add to the instability. 

We recommend that you simply perform a suspension system overhaul, even if it costs more to choose the shocks you like and then buy all four. You’ll truly experience the brand new feeling because you’ve replaced all four. And they will all have the same life span. 


We hope that you were able to find the right shocks for your Chevy S10 from our list of curated high-performing shocks. We’re sure that you’ll have them installed in no time and won’t believe the kind of ride you’re getting out of your old Chevy S10! 

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