Top 5 Best Shocks for F150 2wd: Reviews & Buying Guides

Are you excited about our new content that talks on the best shocks for f150 2wd today? In this guide, you get the answers related to the competitive shocks and how they improve a vehicle’s performance. Be noted that, a shock absorber is usually coil structured metal or spring that helps a vehicle improve in height, performance, and bouncing against the rough road surfaces. People look for replacing their vehicle’s struts to something amazing, so they choose a shock absorber. It helps a vehicle through reducing damage and wheels thread maintenance. 

Without tires, we can’t land a car in the ground. But, what if tires are not simulated in the absence of proper shock impacts? For being a solution, we discuss on the world’s top shocks for f150 2wd. Take a look below to the row.

Our Top Pick: Monroe 171362 Strut Complete Assembly

Best Shocks for f150 2wd

‘Monroe 171362’ is a complete assembly and brings a vehicle an optimized ride. We’ve kept this product as our top-pick, for the product has maximum positive reviews and includes a single strut replacement. Purchasing the product, you’ll get all the accessories included. So, no need to spend a single more penny for the installation process. Therefore, the installation is impressive and brings you a height ride strategy and improvement.  

Shock Absorbers; why it has value over the performance?

Shock absorbers are powerful techniques over the wheels, and they’re maintained to increase power impacts on rough roads. It is usually installed in contact between the motor and tires. A shock absorber coverts the suspension power into the thermal energy source. Through the process, a vehicle dissipates the heat to nature, so that a vehicle gets smoother in performance. Gradually, it becomes easier to be in the off-roads.  

A vehicle is controllable even without the best shock absorbers, but the vehicle’s suspension takes all the impact alone and leads the vehicle for a severe injury. In case shock absorbers work against the negative effects and save a car from destruction. Therefore, you get full control over the vehicle for a long time. 

In short, you get five significant benefits through a good shock absorber; and they are:

  • Absorbing impacts
  • Reducing vehicle’s damage 
  • Provides better control
  • Maintains the tire tread
  • Better safety on the road surface

Top 5 Best Shocks for F150 2wd

Best Shocks for F150 2wd

1. Rancho Lift Loaded Strut

Rancho Lift Loaded Strut

You’re probably familiar with Rancho products as they bring us quality automobile accessories at a very affordable price, and they do it always. Having an impressive result on their products, we decide to write on their Rancho Loaded quickLIFT. At first, we’ve got fast delivery and experienced it easy to install. Let’s talk about the pre-assembly; the product is structured with coil spring and added to the upper mount. For that, you needn’t pay an extra cost. This time, Rancho comes in a liquid metallic finish. Maximum times, this suspension is used to the shop. Besides, a professional choose the product to be installed in the whole suspension unit. You shouldn’t use an impact gun if not an expert because it hammers the product. You’ll be provided necessary struts. Another surprising option we get from Rancho is an additional lift; through this, your vehicle reaches the aggressive stance. The product is engineered in ‘nine-point tuning technology’ that allows you wireless compatibility from the cab. 


  • No over exertion is necessary
  • A custom look & quality performance
  • Lifetime warranty 

Click here to buy ‘Rancho RS999909’ on Amazon. You can align this product today. You can replace the front and suspension components at the same time. Installation is effortless if you follow the guide. Besides, the leveling kit impresses you.

2. Monroe 171362 Strut Complete Assembly

Monroe 171362 Strut Complete Assembly

A Quick-Strut Complete assembly from ‘Monroe’ is a safer strategy. Comparing the safer repair system, we have decided to write on this product, for the product is a fully assembled unit and allows you for a single strut replacement. You don’t need extra stuff for the installation process, even a spring compressor. You’ll get this strut as correct and featured for the ride improvement. Sometimes, it may need a MM socket, tie rod, impact wrench, and nut torque. Being designed with the OE application, the Monroe strut will bring your vehicle an upgraded height ride. The vehicle’s profile is optimized through the handing experience. Also, the strut mount system is designed for a seamless fitting and function. However, you get it right. 


  • The USA assembled
  • OE design
  • Ensure an optimized ride

Click here to buy the product on Amazon. We’ve implemented the ‘Monroe 171362 Strut’ on an F150 2WD (2008). This product is a perfect solution to those vehicles that recently had a collision and got damaged in the original strut. 

3. Bilstein 33-253237 B8 5100 Shock Absorber

Bilstein 33-253237 B8 5100 Shock Absorber

Undoubtedly, Bilstein is renowned for its premium products as their shock absorbers have an impressive performance that empowers from the right fit solution. You can get it compatible with any lifted trucks and SUVs. Now, see the construction, how the shock absorber is is made. The shock absorber is designed in monotube technology. Besides, a digressive piston is added in the package to help your vehicle be sensitive against harsh road conditions. Remember that Bilstein makes a shock absorber in verse of specific tunes to enjoy optimal performance through this. 


  • Compatible to trucks and SUV’s
  • Easy to install
  • Improvement in ride quality

No matter what, professionals suggest to buy ‘Bilstein B8 5100’ for a quality ride, comfort, and improved handling strategy. Click here and buy ‘Bilstein B8 5100’ on Amazon at an exclusive price.

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4. Gabriel 34057 Load Carrier Shocks

Gabriel 34057 Load Carrier Shocks

It’s a front spring shock in Gabriel’s technology that includes a proper ride height system in any kind of harsh conditions. Through the front spring assist, you can experience improved stability. Besides, achieving a maximum constant rate is possible through the maintained ride height. How does the way construct Gabriel’s shocks? These shocks have super-finished chrome and seal lubrication system. You’ll reach to the consistent with its wear surface. In a professional’s view, the load capacity of a vehicle is provided about 500 lbs per pair through the rear coil springs. Reviewers also claim this product to be steadfast in performance. Whoever can’t afford $4,000 right now can rely on these shocks for having much better than the originals. 


  • Quality shock and spring technology 
  • Longer lifespan
  • Maintains a proper ride height

If you consider an extended product life, ‘Gabriel 34057’ is a perfect choice. Click here to buy this product on Amazon. It is a solid front end for all driving conditions. Our experts consider the product to be a high-quality part.

5. Detroit Axle – Complete Rear Shocks 

Detroit Axle - Complete Rear Shocks 

If you’ve no idea about ‘Detroit Axle’ products, we let you know their product is made of the world’s best strategy. Keep the function to quality materials; their shock absorbers are made. Besides, you get the shocks compatible with the (2005-08) Ford F150 4WD and (2009-14) Ford F150 2WD what er like about their suspension is to be extensive coverage through ride control strategy. These shocks are mainly improved in heavy-duty vehicle specifications, which bring you a broad range of handling. 


  • Built-in OE specifications
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 10-Year Warranty

Click here to buy Detroit Axle shocks on Amazon. It helps to calibrate the vehicle’s weight and ride height quality. You can achieve eternal performance through the product. Therefore, it feels friendly and competitive. 

Type of shock absorbers in a glace

  • Conventional telescopic type

These shock absorbers are structured in essential pistons with a hydraulic fluid or nitrogen chamber. Through this shock, your vehicle reduces heat, impact, and probable damages of suspension. In a professional’s view, a conventional telescopic shock gets you an improved tire contact against the harsh road surface. 

  • Strut type

Our maximum shock absorbers are springs based, and these are called the ‘strut’ shocks. These shocks absorbers are combined with various spring controls. You would get this system in the entire suspension system is provided as a hybrid strategy. The main focus of the strut shock absorber is featured with suspension properties.  

  • Spring seat shock absorbers:

It’s also another spring type shock but a bit upgraded models with a hydraulic piston construction. Heavy trucks are applicable to use these kinds of blows as the spring seat shocks are made for heavy load-bearing. You must consider it for heavy use. 

Final talks

You must have decided on the design you’re going to buy, right? Make sure if you are picking the best shocks for f150 2wd from a reliable reviewing guide. Besides, it is a concern to compare the price range with the features and design. The trauma you choose must be identified. 

Purchasing from a reliable source like Amazon will provide f150 2wd shocks are in good condition. Besides, springs and the ball joints are engineered well in a quality shock. And the brands we talked about will increase your performance to an optimum level.

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