Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack: Which is Better? 

The hydraulic jack is widely used to lift heavy vehicle by applying force into the cylinder. They are essential accessories tools of your automobile.  

Picking the proper tool on your car is often very important. It can make your job more easier and safer. 

The most popular examples of hydraulic jacks are bottle jacks and floor jack. They both are excellent jacks to lifting your vehicle weight. But, when the question is which jack is a better one? 

Always remember that both of them are operate with hydraulic mechanisms. If there is an “Ali vs Frazier” in-car equipment, it may be the “Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack”. Before selecting any of them, you have to puzzle out which one is the most suitable for you. 

In this article, we will discuss about differences and similarities of both types. We’ve also illustrated the advantages and disadvantages that you should notice about. By the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll understand which one is the best suit for you. 

Another thing, if you have not enough time to read the hole article then know what’s the: 

Complete Comparison  

Application  Use for Weight Lifting  Use for Weight Lifting  
CapacityUp to 20 TonsUp to 10 Tons
PortabilityCompact & More PortableRectangular & Less Portable
StabilityLess StableMore Stable 










 What is Bottle Jack? 

 What is Bottle Jack

Bottle Jack are hydraulic jack with mounted vertically cylinder. It gives its title because it does partially resemble a bottle. This jacks comes with compact  

and straightforward design. As a results, they are easy to store and great portable also. You can easily carry out them anytime at anywhere.  

Why Bottle Jack is highly preferable for you? 

Because, this portable jack is notable powerful as well. Their design let them to effortlessly lift tons of weight. This weight lifting capacity ranges up to 20 tons. Twenty tons is an incredible amount of weight undoubtedly.  

Another important thing is, Bottle Jack are powerful but they are significantly cheaper. They are economical in contrast to many other jack in market.  

Furthermore, they are easily carry around in any place. So, they are specially useful in emergency situations.  

Overall, Bottle Jack is a hydraulic cylinder with a higher weight lifting capacity. This jack can easily lift any heavier vehicle. Excluding it’s easy to store and more economical. 

One thing you should consider that Bottle Jack has less stability in comparison with Floor Jack. So, Floor Jacks deliver the further solid solutions for tricky operations. 

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What is a Floor Jack?

What is a Floor Jack

Floor Jack are hydraulic jack with mounted horizontally cylinder. They are lower profile jack that touches the car.  

Firstly, Floor Jack comes with quick and easy to use design. They include casters that makes shifting them very easily. Their design let them to effortlessly lift up to 10 tons of weight. 

Besides, it’s two front wheel provide you to forward and backward action. As a result, you can lift your vehicle more efficiently and much faster. 

Additionally, it’s extended handle  lets quick and painless lifting. Also a wide lifting pad provide you to decent support in larger part. 

In comparison with Bottle Jack, this jacks are heavy and very larger too. So they are not enough  suitable for carrying as like as Bottle Jack. In addition to, Floor Jack has less weight lifting capacity compared to Bottle Jacks. They also require much space and cost more too. 

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Advantages of Using a Bottle Jack 


  • Hydraulic cylinder is mounted vertically. 
  • Higher weight lifting capacity. 
  • Lifts higher and heavier vehicles.  
  • Easy to Store and Operation.  
  • Smaller foot print for those working in small spaces. 
  • Price is lower results more economical and Cost effective.  

Advantages of Using a Floor Jack 


  • Hydraulic cylinder is mounted horizontally. 
  • Stable and distribute better weight due to larger foot print. 
  • Low profile suits almost any vehicles.  
  • Easy to move and positioning.  
  • Faster to operate (quicker to lift) due to having longer handles. 

Disadvantages of Using a Bottle Jack 


  • Higher minimum height 
  • Can tip easily 
  • More complex to use. 

Disadvantages of Using a Floor Jack 


  • Less Lifting Power. 
  • Neither Portable nor Compact. 
  • More Expensive. 

Bottle Jack & Floor Jack: How Are They Similar? 

Bottle Jacks and Floor Jacks both are hydraulic power weightlifters for vehicles. They have some similarities because they both do the same thing. But, they are considerably different rather than similar. 

Bottle Jack Vs Floor Jack: What’s the Difference 

1. Application  

What they’re used for? Bottle jack are use for easy weight lifting of any vehicles for service. Usually, they have several tons of weight lifting capacity depending on the brand. 

Like the previous one, Floor jack is also use for lifting weight of vehicle during  repair. In generally they have limited weight lifting capacity compared to bottle jack.  

2. Stability  

Bottle jack are smaller and stationary. In comparison with floor jack. As a results, they are less stable as opposed to Floor Jack. 

3. Portability & Storage  

Bottle jack are compact and great portable for users. As a results, they have require small space to store. 

On the other hand, storage of Floor Jack can be quite challenging. Why? Because you can’t gather the long rectangular body within a corner. 

4. Handle Length  

Bottle Jack have shorter handle in comparison with floor Jack. Take into consideration that, longer handle require less force to get higher lift. 

5. Price 

Price mustn’t be the determining factor while pick out any of them. Every time remember that, durable jack is always a long-term investment. So you shouldn’t pick up any ordinary  just to save a few dollars. 

Bottle Jack : Check Latest Price           Floor Jack : Check Latest Price  

Bottle Jacks vs Floor Jacks: Which is Better One? 

They both are excellent hydraulic jacks to lifting your vehicle weight. But, when the question is which jack is a better one? 

Honestly, the answer of this jack battle totally depends on the task you’re performing on your vehicle. The types of jack you selecting will totally depend on your need. Always remember that both of them operate with hydraulic mechanisms. Before selecting any of them, the factors totally depends on the vehicle and the purpose.  

In generally, the bottle jack are able to lift higher weight rather than floor jack. So, they are more preferable for working on heavy equipment such as big trucks. On the other hand, if you’re working mostly on cars, floor jacks will be more suitable choice.  

In short, bottle jacks are comparatively stronger and cheaper rather than floor jack. An additional privilege of bottle jacks is that they’re also smaller. There are easy to store even when the area is a problem. 

Overall, the bottle jack are able to lift up your automobile greater than the floor jack and is also reasonably cheaper. So, the visible considerably hypothesis would be that the Bottle Jack Is Better Option.  

Frequently Asked Questions : 

Can bottle jack is use to change a tire? 

Ans: Bottle Jack is not only use in general purpose but also use for emergency cases . This jack can lift your vehicle for different   purposes such as doing repairs or changing tires. It has also great compatibility, so you can use this tool for multiple vehicles. 

Does floor jacks work horizontally? 

Ans: Floor Jack  are hydraulic jack with mounted horizontally cylinder. They require lower pump than the piston. They are only the car jack that work in this way.  

How a floor jack long last?  

Ans: Any excellent floor jack will  serve you bunch of years. But, it’s totally depend either you provide your maintain or fail to proper maintain. Most satisfactory, you can simply  maintain your floor jack. It will take only few minutes at a time and yearly require  2 or 3 times. 

What is best a bottle jack or floor jack? 

Ans: The bottle jack are stronger  and cheaper in comparison with floor jack. So, bottle jack is better option compared to floor jack.   

Conclusion : 

There are several options of each jacks. The decent advice is, if you get an excellent bottle or floor jack, it will give you a reliable services.  

Confidently, we have done  our job of clarifying the differences between Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack. Now, you can easily determine which one will fulfill your requirements the best and get it! 

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