Car Door Wont Shut – Causes & Fix the Problem

A car door won’t shut puts your safety at risk and gives easy gain to entry for thieves. Winter seasons commonly cause car doors to shut as cold freeze the door mechanism. Faulty door latch is another suspect of the improper close of the car door. This can be because of both mechanics and electronics. 

In this article, we will discuss all common causes of car door wont shut. Let’s look at the reason and what we can do to solve this problem.

Causes of Car Door Won’t Shut

car door wont shut

As we mentioned before, this is a common problem during the winter seasons. Because the extreme cold makes the door mechanism frozen. If your car is warmed but still the door won’t shut, don’t be surprised. Then you have to look into the latch of the car door. This is one of the most common causes but fixing it is very simple. There are additional causes that your door prevents from closing. Below we’ll discuss all of the reasons to inspect why your car door won’t close.

1. Faulty Latches

The latches are the most common the suspect of the car door won’t close. This part will not work when the latch clasp falls. It’s due to the striker that is supposed to be inside of the latch clasp. A striker exists on the opposite side of the latch in which the latch hangs to keep a specific item closed.

Hopefully, you can solve this problem with some tools within minutes. We’ll broadly discuss this in the solve section.

2. Broken Lock Actuator

You may not even hear the name actuator in your life, but it’s an important part for controlling car doors. It’s an electric powered motor that sends signals to open and close your lock of the door. When your car door won’t shut electrically, your actuator wasn’t working due to an electrical block or broken wire.

3. Broken Door Handles

When your car door won’t shut manually, your handle can’t be working properly. Functioning handles are necessary for taking to open your doors. You have a problem on your handle once these are fragile or aren’t moving smoothly. Don’t ignore both interior and exterior parts as well.

4. Loose Striker Plate

Door striker plate is a hardened metal mechanism that maintains the closed door in place. When it loses for any reason, you have to hardly do manual shutting of the door. Never drive before repairing the flying door and rapidly run to the garage for replacement.

5. Lack of Lubrication

Your doors feel tight and not open or close properly when there is any lack of lubrication. Mostly, they just need a quick lubrication to get back to life. If you hear squeaking sounds with a jammed door while moving with its hinge, it’s a sign of some lubrication needed on the hinge. Some machine oil can do the job nicely.

You never want to cancel your driving due to the doors won’t shut. Always inspect your car door and get solutions when you face any problem. 

Car Door won’t Shut – How to Fix the Problem

Car Door won't Shut - How to Fix the Problem

A car door that doesn’t stay shut is highly risky and possibly open at high-speed driving. It’s suggested to avoid driving a car that has the door close not properly. Here’s some solutions to solve this problem when your car door isn’t closed.

The latches are one of the most common causes of car doors won’t closing. But, fixing the latches is very easy and rapid so that you can do it within some tools. The stuck and accidentally closed latch, these two are simply fixable. For the stuck latch, spread some oil, silicone spray or WD-40 into the latch mechanism on the door. Let soak in, then rub it all over the visible parts with clean cloth. Once you notice any rust on the latch parts, use steel wool to remove the rust. Open the latch with the door handle and observe how it works now. If it doesn’t work properly, follow the second step.

Look at the improper working door and notice how it’s oriented for accidentally closed latch. Now look at the other door and observe how their latch is oriented. Get a screwdriver hold the door handle and use a screwdriver to rotate the latch on the open position. Get somebody to help you to hold the open handle when you move the latch. Now try to open and close the door multiple times. If it’s working properly, you can solve the problem.

Occasionally, the latch gets stuck due to the dirt or rust. You can use a low viscosity oil to lubricate the parts. This will help you to open the latch of doors. Hence it is still not open, you have to replace the assembly of the latch.

If these two steps don’t work, you have to work on the striker to solve the problem. Accordingly, loosen the striker simply with a wrench to move, not to detach it. Press the striker and move around it till the latch works properly when the door is closed. 

Did you follow all of these steps and still the same story? What well to do about it? Simple. The affected part simply needs some lubrication to get them back to life. In that case, properly giving them lubrication will solve the problem. You can rapidly notice the remedy once you take care of it. Hopefully, you can work out yourself most of the issues. Some mechanical problems may require the mechanic. 


Car door wont shut put yourself in danger while driving at high speed. Winter seasons, faulty door latch,  lack of lubrication, broken actuators these all are the most common causes. These can be reasons for both mechanics and electronics. Wish fully, you can fix most of the problems yourself. Some mechanical issues may need the mechanic.

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