Car Overheated Cranks But Won’t Start: What To Do

If you’re owning a car, you have likely experienced the frustrating problem of car cranks and it doesn’t start even after you turn the key repeatedly in the ignition. 

When you are noticing your engine stall or shiver, then something is going wrong there. At times, it happens that your car overheated cranks but won’t start. What should you do then?

That is exactly why we are here. Just keep reading this guide. It’ll help you to figure out the logical way why your vehicle cranks but won’t start normally, and how to fix the problem. 

Why A Car Cranks But Doesn’t Turn Over?

To start the engines normally require sufficient fuel pressure, normal compression, and time spark. When it doesn’t start the problem is with one of the systems. Cranking the car means engaging the starter to energize the engine. The starter causes the flywheel to turn which rotates the crankshaft when everything is working correctly. It will be interrupted if there’s any hitch or your car engine doesn’t run after turning over.

car overheated cranks but wont start

Inappropriate time spark might occur due to the damaged ignition module lack of spark, flooded engine, faulty crank position sensor, ignition problems such as wiring, security system, and malfunctioning ignition switch. A timing light is a useful tool to check all the cylinders and determine the problems along with the spark plug wires. A spark tester can be used to check the proper arc from each spark plug. IF you suspect any engine flooded after a repeated attempt to start the cars, remove the spark plugs and let them dry or replace them and try again.

Fuel the pressure is essential for the car engine to start. Car cranks can be caused because of the overflow of fuel.  This might be caused due to a damaged fuse for the bad fuel pump. If you hear no buzz after turning the ignition on, then the pump might be dead and the fuel is not reaching the engine. In case if you can see some buzz of the fuel pump then you can try putting a flathead screwdriver on the top of the injector.

Also, the cranks can be caused due to a lack of cylindrical compression incorrect engine function.  In that case, you need to examine the engine function. If you don’t feel comfortable checking the engine function yourself you can consult with a professional mechanic who can perform the test and examine the cylinders.

Another possible problem besides these is a weak starter motor. We might notice the starter making unusual noise when the engine crank. Weak battery cables can also cause a problem.  In such cases, we can check blown fuses and visually remove the wiring of each fuse when the car is shut off.

How to Solve the Problem When your Car Overheated Cranks but Won’t Start

Modern cars have a variety of electrical components. So, checking sensors and actuators’ problems is critical. This can cause failure in the engine starting process.

The engine cranks will resolve if we turn off the cars, remove the air inlet tube attached to the throttle body and then spray a small quantity of starting fluid into it. If the engine dies this means there is no fuel but the spark. Also, compression is okay. The crank of the car engine can wear out the starter or drain the battery.

Several quarts of oils

Hence, the car computer for codes with a scan tool is the best resolution to solve these issues. These tools can be found at most auto supply stores. 

What Is The List Of Items You Need To Have In Hand?

What To Check First To Diagnose?

Due to the neutral safety switch our car won’t start with automatic transmission in ‘Park’ but starts in ‘Neutral’. If the cars won’t start then you should check your battery. This is a common problem which we face. Along with the batteries and automatic transmission, there are other few things we should be aware of and the following points represent what you need to check for safety.

  • Fuel in the tank is essential to start the car. It’s a normal situation when the fuel gauge isn’t working and the car runs out of fuel with the fuel gauge still showing some fuel left.
  • Battery cables should be tightened up but not corroded.
  • Security or key-shaped light in the instrument panel should stay on or in a blinking mood.
  • The anti-theft system doesn’t allow the car to be started so this is what we also have to be cautious about.

 What Are The Signs Of Overheating?

Car Overheated

Every vehicle and situation can be unique, so there are few signs you need to be cautious when your car’s engine is beginning to overheat:

  • Steam coming from the front of the vehicle under the hood.
  • Strange smells and odors emanating from the front of the car
  • The engine temperature in the dashboard moving into the red area of the gauge.

Your safety comes first. So, after you find out the cranks in your cars take a moment to assess your situation or you can limp your car off the roads and park in a safe area.

Final Verdict 

After all, it’s not very tough to solve the problem if you maintain all the procedures properly. Hopefully, you will have no issues like your car overheated cranks but won’t start.

If you have anything to know, please feel free to contact us in the comment section. Will be right back to you soon. 

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