Car Stutters When Starting

Car Stutters When Starting – What Should You Do

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Well, we shall talk about the problem that leads your car to stutters when starting. I remember one of our regular readers named Anthony mailed us about the problem. He said that whenever he started the engine, the engine starts stuttering! He experienced the problem with his 2002 Honda Civic. Let’s read a short description of what our expert answer to this question below: 

Sometimes, the problem happens during the car’s start! It has stutter starts but runs fine on the highways. The problem is happening due to the fuel system. Check the valve! I have researched the fuel system. The valve constructed in the system goes through some fuel pressure in the system. A right vehicle starts faster if you switch the key to “Start.” The science is a bit critical. The engine can run only once the fuel pump is adequate built-in pressure. The malfunctioning check valve creates the fuel pump to make this adequate pressure. If all programs are not set correctly, you face stuttering when starting a vehicle. You better go to a nearby shop and get a fuel system inspection by a professional mechanic. A professional will help to diagnose the car and will do an accurate assessment of the damage. The cost depends on the repairs and your location anyway.   

We find some issues to lead Car stutters when starting!

The situation is much related to your engine cranks. The difference is that engine cranks lead the engine not starting or running, whereas the Car stutters have trouble only when the ‘KEY’ is applied! A clogged fuel filter or a bad ignition coil is mostly responsible for this situation. You should consult a doctor as soon as possible and do not go with the stutter problem repeatedly. This may cause your engine to a massive fire up! Besides, driving your car with the stutters problem will drain your battery of power shortly. You may damage the starter motor in case! 

We have six significant possibilities to work!We have six significant possibilities to work

You can make a ‘Quick Check.’ What are these possibilities anyway? 

  1. Sometimes, a shortage of fuel in the tank will give you engine cranks or stutters! Make sure you have loaded sufficient fuel in the tank. The fuel is used to provide power to the vehicles. If you think of driving with an almost empty tank, you will face problems like this, won’t you?
  1. The computer in modern cars plays an essential role in controlling your vehicle by the sensors and actuators. Before taking any legal steps, it would be better to scan your computer memory and fix the trouble codes. You may need an update to solve your pending code by diagnosing the engine. Check it out! False input to the CKP (Crankshaft Position Sensor) and CPS (Camshaft Position Sensor) restricts your engine’s performance. Besides, it prevents your engine from getting started! One of our experts says that a bad TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) can cut off the vehicle’s start and sounds like stutters if keyed.
  1. Here we talk about the battery! Are you dealing with a discharged battery? Check your battery if the battery terminals corrode it. Sometimes, the starting system wires are loose and not explicitly connected. It may lead your engine to crank slowly along with the stutters!
  1. Are you facing problems with the starter motor or circuit? It may be harming the starting system and preventing your engine from starting. Whatever, no one likes having car stutters during the morning! Would you love it if taking your girlfriend for a ride? You are requested to check the circuit voltage drop along with the starter motor. Take your car to an expert, tell him about the unusual noise and cranking issues, and then get all fixed if required.
  1. We have been dealing with many modern vehicles. The vehicles are engineered with an engine immobilizer. The immobilizer is known as an anti-theft security system. You may get the security system with an error in the fuel ignition system so that your built-in security system is failing to perform as expected. Troubleshoot the security system and fix it soon. Do you know? A blown a fuse prevents a circuit from working properly. Check the computer system if any repair is necessary. 


  • What is wrong if your car hesitates to start?

Your vehicle may suffer from the ‘Low Fuel Pressure.’ It is the most common reason that leads your car hesitated to start! Even if a car is not driven, it may go through low fuel pressure. Sometimes, we don’t value the engine’s fuel injectors with sufficient fuel so that combustion does not begin in the engine. Thus, we feel our engine is not running on its own. 

  • Why does my engine sputter when I turn it on?

The fuel injector has its lifespan and becomes clogged over time if not appropriately maintained. It leads to a sputtering engine. You find a slow acceleration of the car and not enough power to get your car driven through the problem. Be aware of igniting the fuel cleanly and get your car rid of a misfire or sputter. The spark plugs need to be cleaned. Get them replaced if required.

  • Why does my car crank a lot before starting?

Maximum enthusiasts the problem because of either spark or fuel! Sometimes, the sparks are missing, or sometimes the fuel is weak for its reasons. Besides, the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) and fuel filter are responsible for the cause. They become bad and plugged by days and cause long cranking times. Expert recommended!


We have written about the problem you look for ‘Car Stutters When Starting.’ The stutters happen with the starter. During the problem, you may experience a little longer duration to start your vehicle. It’s like when you puzzle the ‘KEY’ in the start position, and it sounds like it is ABOUT TO DIE.’ Take out the KEY if bored! However, the car starts up again after several attempts. We find cleaning the fuel injection as the best process. Maximum old cars have this problem, and after cleaning the fuel injection, the car runs like a champ! Let us know about your experience. Thanks for being with us. 

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