Dashboard Light Flashing And Clicking: What To Do

Flashing and clicking of dashboard light don’t mean the problem of the dashboard itself. Rather, it may be because of a dying car battery or the damaged alternator. The alternator is the device that charges the battery of the car while the vehicle is running.

A vehicle dashboard is essential to get necessary information about the function of the vehicle. It helps you to know about the speed of the car, remaining gas volume, and engine performance. It also alerts you if there arise any problem. Your dashboard monitor is the medium for you to get vital information about your car performance. For most of the vehicle, the dashboard light flashing is the only way to deliver information about any problems with the car. 

So, to get all this information the dashboard light needs to stay properly illuminated. And you also need to know about each light on your dashboard and what are the indication of the dashboard lights flashing and clicking.   

What is the indication of dashboard light flashing?

dashboard lights flashing and clicking

Each of the dashboard light is tied to a specific system of the vehicles. So we can understand that the problem with the system of the vehicle with which the warning light is connected. There is no specific reason behind the light flashing. It may be because of the engine problem or because of a severe drop in oil pressure or something else. The flashing lights are not the same all the time and will not stays on all time. Here are some case of flashing light and its indication given below: 

A few flashes during engine startup and then turn off: It is not a serious problem. After starting the car, each system does a self-check. If there is no problem, the warning light turns off by itself. 

Flashing and remains on: If the lights remain on after flashing once it means there is a problem with the system the light tied to. So you need to take steps to solve the problem of that particular system.

Unstopping flashing:  It is a serious case. In this case, it is better to avoid driving. Because it is obviously a problem with the engine. If the OBD system can detect more than one major problem in your car engine, then it warns you by this type of flashing.

Oil light: It is the indication of the severe drop in oil pressure.

Temperature light: If your engine is about to overheat, the temperature light will flash and warn you.

What to do if the dashboard lights flashing and clicking?  

dashboard lights

There are different types of light on the dashboard. Here I will tell you what to do after the flashing of different types of light severally.

Check engine light

The check engine light can flash in two ways. If It remains on after flashing the car should take to a mechanic as soon as possible. If the light blinks instead of flashing continuously, do not drive the car at high speed. It may be dangerous. As the engine problem is not a simple matter, it is better to repair it by a mechanic instead of solving it own.

Battery Light

In the case of battery light, first, check the wiring problem. If it is fine then check if the alternator is working or not. If both are fine, then you have to replace your battery. Most of the time, the battery light flashes because of the battery being damaged. 

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Temperature Warning Light

Temperature Warning Light

Driving a vehicle with an overheating engine is a very dangerous thing. If the temperature light warns you while driving, stop the engine and allow it to become cool. The overheating problem maybe because of the problem with the coolnut, radiator, or water pump. So, detect the actual reason and replace it with a new one and get rid of it.

Oil pressure warning

It is an emergency situation. So stop the car immediately when it warns you. Then check the motor oil level and its pressure. If the light does not turn off after that, you need to take your vehicle for servicing. 

ABS indicator

This light flashing is a strong indication of a malfunction in the antilock brake system of your car. In this case, you have no other option without serviced your vehicle professionally.

Airbag warning 

If you see that, your airbag light continues to flash, then you can understand that, it’s a problem with the airbag. They are malfunctioning. These problems need to be solved by an expert. 

Safety Belt Reminder 

In this case, string your seat belt. Sometimes the warning light may appear even after fasten the seat belt. It is because of having a lot of weight on one of your seats. You can remove the weight from the seat or buckle the belt on the corresponding seat to solve this problem.

Brake System Indicator 

Check the parking brake. If it is on, turn it off. If it is not on then check the brake fluid. If it is short, add some brake fluid. If there is no problem with the parking brake or brake fluid, then immediately inspect the brake system. If you see that, both the ABS and Brake light warning comes on, then do not drive the car. It is an indication of the highly damaged brake system. Take your car to an expert and service it as soon as possible. 

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TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)  

If the TPMS light warning arises, you need to check the tire pressure of your vehicle. Then make sure the actual PSI levels of all the tires. 

Check Gas Cap  

At first, Pull over the gas cap and tighten it. If it was the reason behind the flashlight warning, the check engine light will normally come on. If the gas cap doesn’t work even after tightening, your cap may be cracked or damaged. Then replace the parts by buying a new one. It is not a costly part. 

Wrapping Up!

For enjoying a safe journey, all the functions of your vehicle should be perfect. So, you have to solve every problem of your vehicles after the warning on your dashboard. 

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