How Do Torque Sticks Work? + How Tight Should Be (Lug Nuts)

Yet, some old-school mechanics still rely on the policy of hand tightening, but as a recruit of the 21st Century, we should not rely on the old assumption only.  

So, you should not go through the procedure of imperfectly tightening the nut, breaking and damaging the threads while you have Torque Sticks near at hand. Having the right tool in hand, why should you waste more time than it’s needed?

This is exactly the reason why you should use the torque sticks. Normally, the sticks include a set of different extents and ranges. They will let you fulfill the torque

How Do Torque Sticks Work

 requirements for the specific nut and bolt.

Even though this is an extremely helpful tool, most mechanics or car owners don’t know how do torque sticks work.

That’s why today we are here to let you know everything about the accurate torque procedures. Just keep in touch. And you will come to know: 

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How Do Torque Sticks Work [Quick Explained]

Torque sticks are flexible, elongated tools used to apply a specific level of torque to bolts and nuts during assembly. They bend or break when the desired torque level is reached, indicating that the fastener has been tightened correctly.

torque limiting extension bar set
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How To Use A Torque Stick?

In general, most car mechanics use impact wrenches to obtain the tightening faster. Therefore, a mechanic would like to use a tool that will consume the extra pressure when the essential torque is met. That is where a  Torque stick comes in handy. It does the trick. This is the reason why people named it as an impact torque stick as well. 

In fact, a Torque stick can scan torque resistance. Although the Torque stick is an extension, it is not tight or inflexible. Instead, the sticks are formulated by strung steel. So, you can bend it at some point as well.

If your Torque stick reaches the needed ft. / pound, it will begin to deflect. In this way, the impact gun’s produced force is consumed. And so, the force will not be delivered to the bolt.

With this in mind, you have to move the nut or bolt only by using this instrument. That is to say, the Torque stick is considered as an extension of an impact wrench or torque wrench. Simply, this is a torsion bar. And it can bend instead of compressing the bolt past the necessary torque.

However, your torque stick may not be able to fulfill the perfect specification. Normally, it can take up to 5-15% off the exact torque. Indeed, the ultimate torque value may differ. The value depends on the RPM of your impact gun. Still, you will get your torque stick at the ‘tight side’ of a torque value in lieu of the loose side.

Now, we will discuss the most asked question of all car owners…

How Do Torque Sticks Work?

Torque Sticks

Basically, a Torque stick is an extension of the impact wrench. The Torque stick is also called a torque limiting extension bar that mainly works as a shock absorber.

The torque sticks act on a torsion theory. 

According to Vernon John, know what’s the theory of torsion. 

Your torque stick comes with a simple and effective mechanism. I can claim that this little device can bring a revolutionary influence on busy mechanics.

Yet, we were only talking about one benefit of torque sticks like resist over-tightening lug nuts. Now, let’s explore more and know many more vital advantages. For example:

  • Speed – Speed is considered as the most advantageous thing of a torque stick. Accordingly, you can use them very quickly. Thus, you will be able to considerably speed up your project without giving up quality or security. In fact, most of the torque sticks come with a  simple color-coded graph. The graph will explain to you which torque stick you need. 
  • Accuracy – A good torque stick set comes with an outstanding level of quality and accuracy. So, a mechanic should double-check the torque settings with an impact torque wrench before driving his vehicle. Keep it in mind that safety is first!
  • Convenience – Few things are more frustrating than having to stop multiple times during your project to change tools or make adjustments. It can really hurt your concentration and interrupt the flow of your work. A good set of torque sticks lets you choose the option you need and run smoothly through the entire lug nut tightening process.

Who Needs A Torque Stick?

While using a lug nut impact wrench regularly,you should take a torque stick set. However, they aren’t just designed for impact guns. Rather, you may get the torque sticks with many other hand tools. 

lug nuts
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If you are a mechanic or have a vehicle, either means you have to do wheel work regularly. That is to say, the more qualitiful torque sticks you have, the quicker you will be able to perform your wheelwork. You won’t have to sacrifice the quality or your safety if you do the job correctly.

Using these sticks are really simple. But like any other tool, they aren’t resistant to improper use. Make sure  that the lug nuts are oiled properly. Again, check if they are tightened evenly or not..

Can You Use The Torque Sticks With Electric Impact?

Yes, you can. Of course, there is no reason for not being unable to use your torque sticks set with an electric Impact. It is my personal experience that using a torque stick with an electric impact comes in handy. I didn’t feel any problems using this. Yet, you have to ensure that the electric impacts are appropriately charged up. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take a Torque wrench to use it with an electric impact.

Does a torque stick wear out?

Yes, the torque sticks may wear out. While you use it backward, it will be junk. In addition, extra droppage will also affect them. 

Can I use a torque stick in reverse?

Obviously, you can get them in both directions. Although, the torque sticks might not be able to work with a gun (CP 7763) 1200 ft-lbs reverse. At most, you can use it with a torque of 1000 ft-lbs.

How Tight Should I Torque The Lug Nuts?

Yes, you can use the Lug Nuts in many places and for various works. Now, let it be used for your car only. Your car should run around 80-100 ft-lbs of torque value. Like this, it is wise to take an intense locking lug nut with the highest level of torque value. If you want to remove the tire, get a torque of 75 ft-lbs. However, when the case is that you have  fixed and got using the torque sticks, then I’d recommend you to set up to 100 ft-lbs.

You can use the lug nuts for different purposes. Now such that you are having it for a car. In general, it runs around 80-100 ft-lbs of torque. In this circumstance, you should choose a deep locking lug nut with the highest torque value. Take it around 75 ft-lbs while you want to unlock your tire. On the other hand, while you are just fixing it newly or just beginning to use it, you should trick out the torque to 100 ft-lbs.

What’s The Appropriate Torque Value For Lug Nuts?

In fact, it can vary depending on your project. Provided that, you need to change the wheels, then you can do your job with under 25 ft-lbs. On the other hand, while you are only setting up a new tire, then you may need a torque value of 75 to 110 ft-lbs for 90 degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do torque sticks really work?

Yes, torque sticks work by limiting the amount of torque applied to lug nuts during tightening with an impact wrench. They flex at a specific torque level, preventing over-tightening and ensuring proper lug nut torque.

Can a torque stick be used to tighten lug nuts?

Yes, torque sticks can be used to tighten lug nuts with an impact wrench. They ensure the correct torque is applied, preventing over-tightening and potential wheel damage.

How do torque limiters work?

Torque limiters work by slipping or disengaging when a specified torque is reached, preventing over-tightening and providing consistent torque application across multiple fasteners.

Do extensions change torque?

Extensions generally don’t change torque, but they can cause a slight loss of torque due to torsional wind-up or flex. The effect is minimal, and torque wrenches can still provide accurate torque readings when used with extensions.

Bottom Lines

As you have come across reading the article throughout, there should not be anything more to tell. 

If you have any questions, feel free to put a comment below.

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