How Much Does A Truck Bed Weigh? (Answered)

Do you need to remove your truck’s bed to check a rust issue, have it sprayed, and so on? If yes, then, you must know how much the truck bed weighs. Many factors come into the picture to determine the exact weight of the truck bed. But, you need to have an idea so that you know if you’ll need some help to lift the truck bed or not.

So, how much does a truck bed weigh? This mainly depends on the size of the truck bed: short, standard, and long. The full-size or long pickup truck’s bed could weigh up to 400lbs. The standard-sized beds weigh around 300 to 400lbs. And that of the smaller pickup truck weighs in the range of 200-250lbs. 

How Much Does A Truck Bed Weigh?

The weight of the bed of your pickup truck depends on several factors like if it is a full-size truck or not, its manufacturer, its model year, and so on. Moreover, the material your truck is made of like steel or aluminum also matters. Aluminum truck beds generally weigh around 225 to 275lbs as per the length of the bed and the trim level. Again, this varies as per the model year of the truck. A steel bed with the same dimensions will weigh 100 pounds more than its aluminum counterpart. 

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So, to summarize roughly, full-size pickup truck beds will weigh around 300 to 400lbs. On the other hand, beds of the smaller pickup truck models like those of Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado will weigh approximately 200 to 250lbs. Lastly, the newer aluminum pickup truck beds weigh between 225 to 275lbs as per the size of the truck bed.

Factors Affecting The Weight Of A Truck Bed

A truck bed’s weight is not determined randomly. Several factors are taken into consideration before deciding the weight of a truck bed. Find these factors explained below:

1- Style And Design

The style and design of a truck bed also affect its weight. For instance, flatbeds usually weigh more than box-truck and step-side beds. The reason is due to the design of a flatbed and the materials used for its construction. Moreover, a flatbed is a bit tilted in design, adding more parts and, hence, more weight.

2- Material Used

The weight of the truck bed will obviously depend on the material it is made of. Steel is popularly used for constructing truck beds because it is strong and durable. But, aluminum could be a stronger and lighter choice. Again, this depends on the type of aluminum alloy used as material for the truck bed. 

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Truck beds are built to carry heavy loads. Therefore, no matter what material they are made of, they are very strong and durable. But, you will be able to notice the difference between a steel bed and an aluminum one while lifting the bed off.

Nowadays, many car manufacturing companies have been trying to lighten the overall weight of their trucks as a way to increase fuel economy. So, we can hope to see a lot more trucks built with aluminum frames and beds in the coming days.

3- Weight Class

Your truck’s weight class is also meant to determine the truck bed’s weight. For instance, a Ford F-350 will weigh more as compared to a Ford F-150 truck bed. This is because the larger truck is usually longer and wider, thus, taking up more material for construction. Besides, larger trucks are built to carry more loads that contribute to making them even heavier. So, full-size pickup truck beds will weigh more than smaller pickup truck beds.

4- Configuration of Pickup Truck

There are all types of pickup trucks available in the market as per your requirements. You’ll find light-duty trucks to heavy-duty ones and all other models that fall in between them. Different pickup trucks come with different suspension and frame builds that play a major role in determining the bed’s weight.  

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Moreover, newer pickup truck models generally weigh less than the same but older models. This is because newer models are built of aluminum frames, but the older ones are of steel. For example, the newer F-150 comes with aluminum frames that make it weigh 20-30% less than a truck bed of the same length made of steel. Also, the newer Ford pickup trucks come with lighter beds than those of Chevy, Toyota, GMC, and so on.

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How much does a 2000 Ford Ranger bed weigh?

A Ford Ranger bed weighs between 150 to 200lbs. This is the smallest pickup truck that Ford has brought out and so the bed is lighter than most other models. Also, it is partly made of fiberglass which weighs lesser than steel and further, lightens up the truck. Two people should easily be able to lift a 2000 Ford Ranger truck bed.

For the older model, 4 strong people should be enough to remove the truck bed. And for the newer model, 2 men should be able to lift off the bed. You might need to use sawhorsessawhorses while driving the truck out from under its bed.

How heavy is a C10 bed?

The 1972 Chevy C10 has a 6.5-foot truck bed and weighs around 3400 to 3500lbs. This means you need at least two men to carry the truck bed.

How much does an F250 long bed weigh?

The weight of the Ford F-250 pickup truck bed will depend on which year’s model you have. Ever since 2017, Ford has started building pickup trucks with aluminum. So, if your F-250 model is before that of 2017, then it should weigh around 475lbs. If the F-250 is a newer model of 2017 or after that, it will weigh between 300 to 350lbs. 


That was all from our side on how much a truck bed weighs. As mentioned in the above blog, it depends on a lot of factors like the build, size, material, and the model year of the truck. Hopefully, you now have an approximate idea about the weight of your truck’s bed and know if you’ll require any help or not to lift it off your truck.

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