How Much Does It Cost to Fix Chipped Paint on a Car?

A paint chip is the process of removing paint from a tiny region of a painted surface. Car paint chips can develop from various causes like temperature fluctuations, stones, boulders on the road, dirt in the road, humidity in the air, abrasive cleaners, wet cleaning cloths, strands, soil, sludge, and salt. Before it becomes major, a smaller chip must be installed, which is time-consuming and expensive. 

Repairing Paint Chips is an expensive form of car repair—average automobile paint chip repair costs between $400 to $800. The price of automotive paint chip repair would depend on the chip’s size and its location on the vehicle.

However, if you have a Tesla, the approach to paint chip repair might differ. Tesla cars are known for their innovative design and advanced features, including their durable paint finishes. Despite this, paint chips can still occur due to various environmental factors such as debris on the road or inclement weather conditions. When faced with such issues, Tesla owners may find themselves concerned about the integrity of their vehicle’s exterior appearance.

Nevertheless, Tesla’s commitment to quality extends to their repair services as well. With meticulous attention to detail, Tesla’s repair technicians strive to address paint chips efficiently and effectively, ensuring that every Tesla maintains its sleek and pristine appearance.

So, whether it’s a minor touch-up or a more extensive repair, Tesla owners can trust in the expertise of the company’s technicians to restore their vehicle’s aesthetic appeal seamlessly. And when you’re back behind the wheel, gripping the tesla steering wheel, you can do so with confidence, knowing that your car’s exterior reflects the same level of excellence as its cutting-edge technology. And as you navigate the roads with confidence, the seamless restoration of your Tesla’s aesthetic ensures that its exterior mirrors the excellence of its cutting-edge technology.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Chipped Paint on a Car

Little Paint Chip, Scratch, as well as Scrape Repair: For small paint chip, scrape, as well as scrape restore, you’ll spend about $150 and $250 for all the damage they could repair on your car. Touch-up paint is ideal for minor chips and scratches that are shallow. 

Causes of Chipped Paint on your Car

When we talk of “vehicle paint,” we’re referring to three separate layers: the base coat, the color coat, and the protective coat. From the bare metal outwards, the primer, the actual paint, and finally, a colorless clear coat- if any of these layers delaminate, your paint is in serious trouble. Once the flaking process begins, it will only worsen unless addressed immediately.


A fender-bender may have occurred lately in your area. Accidents involving two or more cars are the most common cause of paint damage to an automobile. Then there’s the case of the negligent motorist who opens their car door into it or the instances in which you become sidetracked and collide with a concrete pillar or metal pole. When a sharp object hits your automobile’s paint, it can cause serious damage to the base layer that is not immediately visible on the surface.

Accident causing Chipped Paint

Weather Conditions During the Winter

Road salt, sleet, and snow that arrive with Winter may cause significant automotive paint damage to the vehicle and even permanently damage it. Water spots can also occur if you live in a wet section of the United Kingdom or close to the sea since the salt from the sea or the minerals in the rain can cause them. These water spots can be tough to eradicate. To keep your automobile paint from being damaged by the winter weather, you may take several precautionary measures. 

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Typical Wear and Tear

It worsens and becomes thinner when you expose the paint to dirt and cleaning agents. Maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle but avoid buffing or clay baring it unless the paint is in desperate need of it. Waxing your automobile will give a protective coating to the paint, allowing it to last longer.

Snow and ice removal instruments may dig into painted surfaces, causing the paint to chip. Avoid using anything other than instruments designed specifically for car snow removal, such as snow brushes and scrapers made of plastic.

Using the incorrect soap might cause chemicals to be stripped from paint, making it less flexible. Professional detailers may use dish soap, but only when attempting to remove wax from the paint surface before sealing the paint. Car wash solutions are far less severe, yet they can remove salt and road filth.

Pressure Washing

Since a pressure washer is far more forceful than just a hose, it is a popular alternative for thoroughly cleaning your vehicle. On the other hand, pressure cleaning may damage your paint if chipping or scratching has compromised the protective coat.

Pressure Washing

Placing the spray nozzle squarely over a scratch can let high-pressure water penetrate through the coats of paint and inflict significant damage very rapidly.

Bird Droppings

The acidity of hardened bird droppings can permanently damage car paint due to their high acidity. There are a variety of treatments available to help you remove bird droppings from your automobile. Still, you must proceed with caution to avoid damaging your vehicle’s paint by scraping the droppings off it.

Poor Paint Application

In earlier automobiles with lacquer paint, this was a typical problem; however, it only happens in current paint whenever mistakes have been made even during the painting process, whether it is during the cleaning of the panel, the application of the paint, or the curing of the finished paintwork.

Temperature Fluctuations

The paint on your automobile expands and contracts in reaction to variations in air temperature, and fast oscillations between heat and cold have the greatest effect. 

For example, if you drive your automobile from sub-zero winter conditions through a hot car wash and afterward back out into the brutal cold, the painted shell of your car will quickly shrink and expand in reaction. In addition, intense heat can cause paint to bubble.

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How Much Does It Cost to Fix Chipped Paint on a Car – Professional Repairs for Cheap!

You may take the chip to any vehicle shop and repair it with the help of a qualified technician. It will assist you in repairing the chip and achieving a smooth finish. Given the time to repair the chip, they could charge $150 to $500. You must find out how often a body shop or dealership would charge to repair the paint chip. 

A body shop can repair the chip and provide your vehicle with a professional-looking finish. Dealerships can charge between $50 to $300 for just 2 ounces of VIN-matched paint and a large crack or chip.

They will not charge less than $150 to $200 for a simple print job of this nature. In most cases, a body shop could perform the work at a lower cost than a car dealership.

Can You Fix Chipped Paint on a Car Without Professional Help?

Pen For Replacing Paint Chips

Using a touch-up paint pen is recommended if your automobile paint is non-metallic. There are only a few tiny chips than pencil erasers in diameter (approximately a quarter-inch). We have discovered that paint pens are perhaps the most convenient tool to employ on modest automotive paint chip repair projects.

Paint chip pens

Spray Can 

To perform a do-it-yourself automobile paint chip repair on metallic paint or chips larger than just a cent, you’ll need to utilize automotive spray paint. Using a touch-up pen or brush to apply metallic automobile paint may cause the metallic flake within the paint to not lay down properly, resulting in a cracked finish. 

Even if the paint is a perfect fit, the paint chip restoration will seem darker than the original paint. When painting huge areas, save yourself the hassle of using car spray paint instead!

Clear Coat 

After about a week of peeling the chips off, or even longer if the weather is cool, clear coat the damaged area with a protective coating, if everything has been going smoothly, you may be able to just build up the clear coat to the same level as the original paint without having to overlap any of the layers.

You’ll have to mix the fix in with the factory paint if you don’t do so. To accomplish this, paint a clear coat around the damaged area, leaving a quarter-inch border around it. Allow for overnight drying.

Step By Step Method to Fix Chipped Paint on Your Car

After cleaning it thoroughly with soap and water, apply alcohol or white spirit to disinfect it. This step is critical in removing grease and providing a nice surface for the paint to adhere to. Enable the area to dry completely.

You should sand down any raised edges from around the chip. You can take a cutting compound for all of this or extremely fine grain, both wet and dry sandpaper, for a more polished look. Do not scratch or damage the clearcoat around the edges; do not rub too hard.

Apply the primer or base coat. If your package includes a fine brush or paint pen, use that to apply the paint. Allow time for drying.

Spread the paint in small coats to avoid streaking. Since you had put the automobile paint in numerous layers, you must replicate this process. Allow for drying time between coats of paint. Make certain that the paint remains contained inside the damaged area and therefore does not spread to nearby regions.

As soon as the paint has dried, sand it carefully to bring it up to the same standard as the surrounding paint. You’ll need very fine grit, damp sandpaper, and a steady hand to complete this project. Sand the small chip areas with the sandpaper wrapped around in the blunt end of a pencil to avoid scratching the surrounding paint.

Chipped Paint

Allow the stone chip repair to dry completely before applying a topcoat or lacquer to seal it.

How to Stop Before They Start

Car Paint Sealant

Purchase a high-quality automotive paint sealant to protect your paintwork. Sealants are similar to vehicle wax in that they leave a much longer-lasting protective coating, some of which are durable enough to defend against mild scratches and stone chip marks, while others are not. 

Car Paint Sealant

The majority of them are simple to use and do not necessitate the use of a specialist. On the other hand, professional paint sealants have a longer shelf life and a tougher finish.

No More Automatic Car Wash

You must avoid automatic car washing at all costs, regardless of how enticing it may seem. Such nylon brushes indeed revolve at potentially alarmingly high rates of speed and swipe your automobile with abrasive force. 

Consequently, removing huge areas of the clear coat leaves the vehicle body paint unprotected from a wide range of environmental factors and contaminants. This rapid cleaning approach can also leave obvious dents and scrapes on the surface of your automobile.

Right Car Cleaning Products 

There are many chemical cleaning options available, but not all of them are optimal. Chemicals harsh on your car’s paint might cause it to wear away. You should even dilute the most potent concentrated formulas to maintain a consistent efficacy. 

Many vehicle shampoos have a stabilized composition that keeps the pH level neutral, preventing acidic substances from wearing away at the paint’s surface.

Ceramic Coatings

The ceramic coating shields a car’s paint against flaws and damage while remaining pristine for extended periods. Following application, it also makes subsequent car washes easier and protects the automobile from dangerous UV rays. 

Car Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating is just a liquid polymer that you can spray towards the exterior of a car to protect it from corrosion. The coating forms a chemical link with the vehicle’s factory paint, producing a good protective layer for most purposes.

Driving And Parking a Car

It is possible to avoid paint chips on a car by driving gently and staying hyper-alert in crowded and congested locations. Prevent objects from getting stuck in confined spaces that might cause unexpected damage. 

Parking further away from a business may entail more steps; however, the exercise may be worth it compared to the expensive damage that may occur in crowded parking lots. Preventative actions are the first step in lowering the likelihood of noticeable dents and dings on your vehicle.

Wrapping Up

If you want a faultless appearance and showroom-like finish, hire an expert or go to a body shop. You might also choose a significantly more expensive dealership than the competition. Besides, if the chip isn’t too large, you can try to repair it with a small amount of paint. It may not provide a flawless appearance, but it will save you significant money.

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