How Much To Fix Hail Damage On Car? [Solution]

Anyone wondering “how much to fix hail damage on a car?” has come to the right place. This post talks about hail damage on car, so you get a better idea of the charges and other factors. 

The hail damage is the most aggressive and extreme form out of all the seasonal damage. And sadly, this form of car damage is more common than people think. That means the chances of your car getting damaged in a hail storm are pretty much high, and the repair charges will surely surprise you. 

When it’s hail damage, you can surely not predict the price. That’s because the damage that looks like it could take a few hundred dollars for repair might be thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

Honestly, each hail damage repair case is different. So, it’s not possible to quote an exact price. But through this article, we will help you get an idea of what you can expect. 

Here’s why fixing hail-damaged vehicles right away is necessary. 

Prevent Further Damage from Hail 

Initial hail damages can leave your vehicle with dimple-like dents that can be fixed immediately. These dents could be fixed through paintless dent repair unless the hailstones were larger than the size of a golf ball. 

Car damaged from hail

It’s possible that without disturbing the original factory paint finish, the hail damage has merely dented exterior panels. Experts can use paintless dent repair methods to fix the dent without smoothly repainting the vehicle’s parts. 

Keep Hail Damage Costs Minimum

Getting prompt hail damage repair service will save you from future dent repair costs that would have cost more. Compared to first hail damage, second hail damage worsens the vehicle’s condition. 

You would have to get expensive auto body repairs or replacement panels to fix such damage. Luckily, most hail dents can be repaired using paintless dent repair techniques. Hail damage repair using this technique is fast and cost-effective. 

Receive an Accurate Repair Claim Payment 

After the hail damage, if you immediately take clear pictures and submit them to your insurance company, they can start processing your claim. They will estimate the extent of damage and repair costs. 

Insurance companies try to pay a smaller payout for paintless dent repairs rather than large amounts for lengthy and expensive repairs. 

Restore the Value of Your Car 

Delaying getting hail damage repair can reduce the value of your vehicle. For this reason, it’s advised to get paintless dent repairs. It will preserve your car’s actual paint, which will restore your vehicle’s value. 

You must not risk the investment you have made in your vehicle by driving a hail-damaged car. Professionals can fix structural and cosmetic damages quickly. 

How is Hail Damage Assessed on a Car 

When you plan to get a hail damage repair service, it’s important to get a fair estimate. Even if the hail damage cost is covered by an insurance company, knowing the right way to assess a car can help you. 

Before discussing how hail damage is assessed on a car, let’s see four common hail damage categories: 

  • Cosmetic damage with intact paint: It’s a minor dent with no major cause of concern.
  • Cosmetic damage with scratch paint: If the dent on your car has scratched the paint, the repair process will get a bit expensive. That’s because replacing entire exterior panels will be required. 
  • Severe damage with intact paint: Sometimes, hail damage does not scratch the paint but damages the vehicle’s mechanical systems. 
  • Severe damage with scratched paint: It’s the worst-case scenario where both the mechanics and the vehicle’s paint gets damaged. 

As you know about the four common hail damage, let’s discuss what’s included in the hail damage assessment. 

If you are wondering how long you will have to stay without your car, the answer is- it depends on the extent of the hail damage. If your vehicle is badly damaged, repairing the vehicle will take longer than usual. But if the damages aren’t too extensive, you would get your vehicle back in a day. 

Paintless Dent Repair Cost 

A pricing matrix determines the paintless dent repair cost of a vehicle. The matrix calculates the price by determining the number of dents on the panel and dent sizes, both width and depth. 

Car Dents

The repair price increases if the panel’s dent size or dent count increases. In addition, the paintless dent repair cost is also charged per panel. 

Remove and Install Cost 

This cost assessment factor covers the labor required for taking the car apart, manufacturing access, and getting behind the matrix to fix the damage. 

Here’s a quick example. Suppose the fender of your car has hail damage. In that case, the technician will incur the R&I time to remove the headlight to fix the damage. Depending on the time of the year, the R&I varies. 

Part Replacement Costs 

The cost of the parts professionals replaces the retail price of what those parts cost. A hail storm can damage a variety of vehicle parts. Chrome moldings and belt moldings are common parts that need to be replaced after hail damage. 

Other commonly damaged vehicle parts include taillights and headlights damaged by large hailstones. Bigger hailstones can even damage windshields. In such cases, roof moldings also get damaged. 

Additional Cost for Paint Damage Repair 

Another layer of additional charges adds to the overall cost of the vehicle and also requires bodywork and paint. A conventional repair on top of paintless dent repair is needed. 

Professionals use paintless dent repair to get the dents as close to perfection. After that, refinish, body-time, and paint and materials costs are added to the estimate with the insurance company. 

Sometimes, conventional repair is necessary to bring the vehicle back to a better shape. Thus, certain insurance companies pay for these charges. 

The dents might not get fully flat when the metal gets too stressed. The metal will pop out and pop back. In short, it will never flatten completely and remain weak. 

Body time is the term that indicates the time required by professionals to skim that panel with a plastic filler. Technicals then sand it down to flush perfectly with the original body panel. The refinish time is what painters are allotted for painting the panel. 

File an Insurance Claim

It’s advised to start the insurance claim process quickly after identifying the hail damage. You must immediately call the insurance company to tell them what you have discovered. 

The insurance company might suggest somebody’s shop company perform an assessment. But you have the right to take your vehicle to a shop of your choice. 

How Hail Damaged Cars are Repaired 

Why you must get professional hail damage service:  

How Hail Damaged Cars are Repaired 

You might have to pay more if you decide to get professional hail damage service, but professional service is worth it. Here’s why you should consider taking your hail-damaged vehicle to a reputed auto body shop. 

Quick Repair Service 

When hail damages your car, you need a company by your side that guarantees quick and better hail damage repair. For professional hail damage service providers, timeliness and efficiency are important. 

Since no two dents are the same, some repairs might take longer than usual. But when you are getting professional hail damage repair service, the assurance of efficient work is the priority. 

Technicians have all the necessary information. They know what they are doing and how different hail damage can be fixed. 

Diverse Technical Expertise 

Professionals are known to have diverse technical knowledge. Their knowledge helps them to offer better hail damage repair. 

Along with skills and efficiency, their knowledge of the details and length at which a car is damaged also comes in handy. Therefore, experts can address and fix the hail damage in a better way. 

They Have the Right Tools 

Correct hail damage repair service is mostly dependent on the right tools. Since professionals have the right tools, they can fix your damaged vehicle and bring it back to its original shape. 

Professionals can handle a hail-damaged car without further damaging the vehicle. In addition, the right technology and tools help them to address any hail damage. 

After analyzing the extent of damage, the technicians can also provide you with different repair options, like crack repair, paintless dent repair, glazing, or body panel replacements. 

How to Prevent Hail Damage 

You can reduce the risk of hail damage to your car and keep it safe in the future by following some tips:

  • You must never park your vehicle out. So, clear out the garage and keep your car inside, especially during storms. 
  • Try to park your vehicle under awning protection to stay safe from direct damage. 
  • If you do not have a garage, you should use vehicle covers or blankets. It will protect your vehicle from minor scrapes.

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Should I Make An Insurance Claim for My Hail Damaged Car?

Everyone should make an insurance claim for hail-damaged cars as it is covered like any other standard cover. Hail damage to the car can range from minor to major. 

When you submit a hail damage claim with your insurance provider, you need to consider your deductible, valuation of the vehicle, and cost to fix the hail damage. 

When you purchase insurance for your vehicle, the insurance provider decides the deductible. Some insurance companies require a deductible with a comprehensive policy, but some offer zero deductible. 

You must pay your deductible if you have hail damage and deductible on comprehensive coverage. Irrespective of your deductible amount, it’s guaranteed that the hail damage amount will exceed it. Deductibles are important because they keep the overall insurance cost reasonable. 

Hail Damage Repair Cost Without Insurance 

Hail damage cost depends on the severity of the vehicle damage and the number of dents. Here’s a brief of the cost estimate run: 

  • Between $30 to $45 per small dent 
  • Between $45 to $55 for medium dent 
  • Over $75 for a bigger dent 

As hail damage results in multiple dents, the repair costs add up quickly. Therefore, the average cost of hail damage repair is $3000. If your vehicle has structural and cosmetic damages, you would have to pay more. 

How to Fix Hail Damage on Your Car 

Depending on the level of hail damage, available tools, and experience, you can try to fix the damage. Here are the most common ways: 

Heat Gun Hail Repair 

Metal surfaces stretch to some degree when a vehicle gets dented. You can use a heating and cooling method for fixing the stretch and removing the dent.

For this method, you will need a heat gun. You must carefully treat each dented area with a heat gun over a medium/low setting. Then immediately treat the heated area with something cold, like ice. 

Heating makes the metal surface more pliable, and cooling makes it contract. Thus, the dent is pushed out of the vehicle. But overheating can make the matter much worse. Thus, this method is not foolproof. 

Suction-Cup Pulling Tools 

You can also use suction cup pulling tools for repairing hail damage. Tools like these can be suctioned directly on the dent and pulled up. It helps in smoothing the dented car surface. 

While suction-cup pulling tools can help properly smooth the dented surface, it is time-consuming. So, if a car has multiple dents, it can become physically demanding.

Hail Damage Repair Kit

Here are three hail damage repair kits that you can use to fix your vehicle. 

#1 WEMINC Dent Puller Kit Paintless Dent Removal Tool

This high quality hail damage repair kit comes with a puller set to fix small dents. It can be used to repair dent size from 0.33 inch to 3 inch. This dent repair kit is not ideal to repair dents that have existing paint damage. 

#2 Super PDR Paintless dent Repair kit

This repair kit is suitable for repairing different dent types. It is easy to use and comes with an installation book that will help you repair dents easily. The kit has a glue gun that ranges from 40 watts to 100 watts. But this dent repair kit is not suitable for corners or creases.  

#3 Anyyion Paintless Dent Repair Kit

It’s a professional perfect dent repair kit that offers high-end results. It’s a completely paintless dent repair kit and comes with simple-to-use tools. The kit is environmentally friendly and repairs the dent quickly. 


Is hail damage worth fixing?

When your vehicle suffers hail damage, it’s your responsibility to fix the damage without delay. You must never wait for the hail season to be over, as it will worsen your vehicle’s condition. 

After hail damage, many people decide to wait till the hail season is over. It’s because they think the damage is noticeable. Therefore, it won’t reduce the vehicle’s cost. Or they delay the repair process because they don’t have the time to get the repair service.  

Does insurance cover hail damage on a car?

If you have comprehensive coverage, then your car insurance policy will cover the hail damage cost. 

How much does hail damage devalue a car?

It’s estimated that the average devaluing of a car due to hail storms is $250 per dent. Therefore, moderate damage is likely to lower the cost of your vehicle by $3000.  

Wrapping Up 

Hail damage is the most aggressive and extreme form of seasonal damage. If your vehicle has suffered this damage, you need immediate help from professionals. 

There are a few ways to fix the car hail damage at home, but it’s advised to get professional help as they have the right tools. They are also experienced.

The cost of hail damage repair depends on various factors, including the number of dents, the extent of repair, body shop company, and more.

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