How to Bypass Power Window Switch – Ways You Should Know

At times, your power window switch may get stuck, move slowly, or just get down but not come up again. 

In this case, it’s a big hassle to deal with actually. But, if you know the methods of solving this problem by bypassing your power window switch. 

Don’t worry man, you can do it yourself by maintaining a few procedures. 

Today, we are here to give a sharp idea of how to bypass the power window switch and some other basic knowledge about the power window switch. 

Ways of Bypass Power Window Switch

1. What is a Power Window?

Power Windows or electric windows are the vehicle windows that can be raised and brought down by squeezing a switch. Earlier in 1941, Power windows were first brought to market by Ford Motors.

2. How Do Power Windows Work?

In the earlier ages, car windows were most likely the hand crank manual parts. It appears a bit funny in this modern age, but a power window mechanism entirel

How to Bypass Power Window Switch

y functions nearly the same method as the manual procedure. Yet, there is a motor as a substitute for the hand crank handle. An electric motor works to move the electrical parts.

A power window comes with a power switch. Two circuits work to link up the switch to an electric motor in car doors. Therefore, by pressing the power switch up the circuit, it will send a signal to drive the motor up. Then, if the switch is pressed down, the circuit will send a signal to turn the power window down. The power switch is connected to the power battery and it’s linked up with a fuse, relay, and a circuit breaker. 

3. Common Problems With Power Windows

A power window switch helps to unlock and lock your car windows. The switches are placed near all car windows, or it can be near the motorist’s side. After some time, there you may face some difficulties with your car’s power window switch.  The major 4 reasons that signify that a power window is faulty:

  • Faulty Window Regulator
  • Failed Window Switch
  • A Blown Fuse Or A Burned Out Motor
  • The Power Window Gets Stuck On The Track

How to Bypass Power Window Switch


There are different ways that you can undergo to bypass a power window switch: 

1. Get Power Window Manually:

There are a couple of steps that you can follow when you need to get your window up manually. It only needs a few steps, just maintain those periodically.

Step1: You’ll have to begin by opening the door and making sure about it some way or another. You don’t need the door swinging on its pivots for this to occur. Keep the hooking part of the door against your chest. 

Step2: Grip the glass of your window between the two palms. this won’t work if your window is stuck totally in the door, however, in this case, you have even an inch or two free, you can get wedged between perused your palms both inside and outside the window. 

Step3: Slowly move your hands upward while holding the glass as firmly as possible. This could be a tedious cycle and the glass will probably slip from your grasp more than once. 

Step4: Maintain the movement until the window has risen as far as possible up. Then you can make sure it is completely open. Secure the window as well as can be expected in the top seal of the door, and the pinion wheels should keep it set up by then. 

You may need the following tools to do this task:

Flat head screws



Just click on those materials and buy your needed one from Amazon. 

And, use hand gloves before you do anything. Buy on Amazon.  

2. Bypass Window Switch To Driver Side:

If you unplug the switch and it gets together, would you be able to figure out which two wires go to the window engine? 

If not, you’ll need to eliminate the door board and go right to the connector on the engine. When those two wires are recognized, turn on the start switch, at that point test the terminals with a tester in the window change connector to locate the one that has 12 volts. 

Here, you will need a plain ground. In case you’re utilizing a voltmeter with two tests, leave the positive test where you discovered 12 volts, at that point move the negative test to discover which terminal again gives 12 volts. Presently you’ve recognized the feed and ground wires. In case you’re utilizing a test light with a major ground cut, you’ll need to make a test out of a loosened up paper cut. 

If you don’t discover the feed and ground wires to give 12 volts, there’s a wrecked wire between the door pivots. 

When you find that different windows work from the driver’s door switch, those wires are alright. Use a bit of wire to hop the 12-volt feed terminal to one of the window engine terminals. Utilize another wire to bounce the ground terminal to the next window terminal. 

On the off chance that the engine attempts to run the incorrect way, switch the two wires between the two window terminals. That will invert the extremity to the engine and make it run the alternate way. 

3. Power Window Relay Bypass:

Check the wire first. Allude to your manual for the area of the wiring board (generally situated under the scramble on the driver side, as an afterthought kickboard, or on a sideboard in the middle reass. 

Find the numbered intertwine that compares to the Power Window circuit, at that point pull out the breaker to check whether the wire inside has consumed or is broken. 

On the off chance that the breaker has blown, there is either a short or an over-burden in the Power Window circuit. 

Take a stab at supplanting the blown breaker with another one (ensure it has the SAME amp rating as the first, not lower, not higher). At that point turn the start key on and attempt to bring down one of the Power Windows. 

In this case, the new wire blows quickly, there is a short in the wiring that should be found and fixed. 

Try not to attempt to introduce a higher amp wire or sidestep the breaker for the Power Window circuit, as this is your lone security against a perilous over-burden that could light an electrical fire! 

If the windows work, it might have been a briefly over-burden that made the breaker blow. Attempting to bring down a window that is frozen closed in the wintertime can do this or potentially break the window component inside the door. 

If the breaker is alright, there might be a break in the wiring that courses capacity to the Power Window engines and switches. You likely need to look into a wiring bridle graph for your vehicle to distinguish and follow the wires in the circuit. 

4. Pontiac power window bypass: 

If your window is stuck mostly down, there might be some problems with the control module. A substitution control module can be set by costing something around $70. 

Final Verdict

Overall, by knowing how to bypass the power window switch, you can make your power window switch and your car at its best. 

Hopefully,  this guide was fruitful enough for you to solve this problem. We also suggest a few materials for you from Amazon. You may check those from Amazon. 

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