How To Dispose Of Old Gasoline (When Your Fuel Fails) 2023

Disposing gasoline is a huge problem. It’s highly flammable and toxic. You can’t put the gasoline in the drain or put it in the trash.

But this doesn’t mean it’s difficult to dispose of it. In fact, disposing of gasoline is simple and easy – only when you follow the set guidelines.

In this article, we will share with you a systematic procedure to follow and dispose of any old gasoline.

How To Dispose Of Old Gasoline?

Old gasoline should be disposed of safely and responsibly. Do not pour it down the drain, on the ground, or in the trash. Instead, take it to a hazardous waste facility or a recycling center that accepts gasoline. You can also ask a professional mechanic or a gas station to dispose it of for you.

Inspect The Gasoline

The process of disposing of old gasoline begins with an inspection of the available gasoline. Check whether the gasoline is clean, contaminated, or old.

If you find it’s not in the right condition, then the next thing will be disposing of it.

To inspect whether the gasoline is in the right condition, pour some in a glass container. Get another glass container and pour fresh gasoline.

If the comparison gasoline smells or is darker than the fresh gas, then it’s likely to be aged and loses its efficiency.

Old gasoline doesn’t harm your car engine in any way. However, as long as the gasoline is in the engine, it reduces the efficiency or worst of it all, it fails to fire completely.

And this is why you can’t use it in your engine. If it’s already in the engine, you need to drain it and dispose of it.

After removing your gasoline and notice discoloration or rust and dirt particles, don’t re-use this gasoline. It should be disposed of immediately.

How To Dispose Of Old Gasoline

Disposal Process of Old Gasoline

Once you have determined your gasoline is old or contaminated, the only reasonable thing to do is to dispose of it.

However, gasoline disposal is sensitive. You can’t just pour it anywhere or drain it in the drainage system. It’s against safety regulations.

You have to understand that gasoline is highly flammable. Precaution measures should be kept in place. And if you don’t do that, you will run into trouble with authorities or cause a major catastrophe in your area.

Draining gasoline in the drainage system or the garbage could lead to an explosion that would easily damage properties of great worth.

So, if you would wish to dispose of old gasoline, follow the following simple steps.

Step 1: Research About A Disposal Center Around You

Start by researching on where you will take the gasoline after you have emptied the gasoline. As mentioned, gasoline is highly flammable and dangerous. It can’t be disposed of anywhere.

Fortunately, there are government facilities across the US where you can take the gasoline for disposal.

First, determine where you will take your gasoline before you empty it.

The following are the coming facilities that you can look for within your area. Identify one that is near you or suits you most and take your gasoline to them.

  • Recycling Centers

Most municipalities have a recycling center within their areas. The centers usually are restricted to a certain time of the year or centers. In every state with a recycling center, you will find guidelines relating to recycling.

So, first, before you do anything, contact your local government for procedures on taking the old gasoline to their facilities.

  • Auto Garage

Your mechanic has hazardous fluids to dispose of. If it’s your mechanic, they will happily take your old gasoline and dispose of it for free. You are their customer, and they won’t charge you.

But before you take the gasoline, call to check if it’s okay with them. Don’t just assume that they will take your old gasoline.

  • Hazardous Waster Centers

The government has institutions to take hazardous material. The difference between these centers with recycling centers is that they don’t repurpose or recycle any gasoline.

So, if you have these facilities around your area, reach out to them. Some centers only pick gasoline at a particular period. Also, check if they charge any fee before you take your hazardous gasoline.

  • Community Disposal Collection Events

Some cities have recycling and disposal events to encourage people to take care of their environment. So, check your local area event calendar and see if there is any disposal collection event coming soon. See if the event is near a date you can store the gasoline.

  • Local Fire Department

Most fire departments will take and dispose of old gasoline. If they don’t, they will recommend the best way or place to dispose of the old gasoline within your region.

However, before you take the gasoline, first contact them. Find out if they will take it. If they won’t, ask them on the best way and technique to dispose of the gasoline within your community.

  • Paid Disposal Service

In some areas, you will find organizations that will pick your old gasoline from your home and take to disposal facilities. But you will have to pay for this service if you find it within your area.

So, if you don’t want to worry much about the gasoline, look for the paid disposal companies around you. When you find them, contact them to come to collect the gas from your home.

But this should be your last resort. If you can take the gasoline to another facility, why do you have to pay for it? Unless you have a lot of money to give out.

Step 2: Get A Government Certified Container And Transfer The Old Gasoline Into It

When it comes to gasoline, you can’t carry or store it in any container. Some containers are allowed and certified by the government.

The fire requirements also require that each container store less than five gallons of old gasoline. These containers can be bought on Amazon.

Eagle UI-50-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type I Gasoline Safety Can with Funnel is the best container you will find. Once you buy, you won’t worry about getting other containers any time soon. The government has authorized them and is available on Amazon.

Click here to check it’s the latest price and buy it now.

Step 3: Carefully Pour The Old Gasoline Into The Container

Using the funnel that comes with Eagle UI-50-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type I Gasoline Safety Can, pour the old gasoline slowly.

Avoid spillage, static, and splashing of the gasoline. Also, don’t fill more than 95% of the container. You should leave enough room for the fumes.

When pouring the old gasoline to the container, put your face far away from the spout. Gasoline is dangerous and shouldn’t be inhaled.

After you are done pouring the gasoline in the container, seal it tightly to prevent leaks and spills.

Most important, leave the container in an upright position. Place it on a second receptacle such as bin or rubber cooler in case there are any leaks.

And after emptying the gasoline, wash your hands thoroughly if it splashed on you.

Step 4: Store The Gasoline Properly If You Are Not Disposing Immediately

If you are not disposing of the gasoline immediately, you need to store it properly.

Place it far away from children’s and animals’ reach. It’s better if you place it in a cool and dim place. Ensure that the lid is well tightened.

And as you wait to dispose of the gasoline, there are three things you shouldn’t do.

Don’t Keep The Gasoline Container Outdoor: Gasoline will last for a long time. The metallic container can rust, exposing the gasoline. Leaving the container outside, you risk leaking. If it seeps into the environment, it will affect vegetations and destroy other habitats.

So, always place the container indoors and well-protected areas.

Don’t Pour Old Gasoline Down The Drain: When you check any possible disposal option and find none is convenient with you, temptations might come to pour the gasoline down the drain. After all, you will think no one will notice you.

However, doing that is dangerous. When it enters the water system, it becomes a public health hazard.

Gasoline in the drain will kill all animals and plants in the sewage drain. Worst of it all, one gallon of gasoline will pollute over 750,000 gallons of water. And when the authorities catch you, you will pay dearly for it.

Don’t Throw In The Trash: We previously mentioned that old gasoline is highly flammable. Throwing it in a trash can start a fire that no one will be able to contain. We are sure this is not what you would want.

So, as you wait for the proper disposal of the gasoline, store it properly. Penalties of illegal disposal are steep and include jail time.

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Step 5: Take It To A Disposal Center

By now, you should have picked the best disposal method. You have done your survey and determined how you will dispose of the gasoline.

In this step, you only need to remember the date or time that you are supposed to take your gasoline to the disposal center.

All you need to do is be careful when transporting. Before leaving home, inspect if the gasoline is leaking. Ensure it’s still in the right condition.

Parting Shot

Gasoline is highly flammable and toxic. If it’s wrongly handled, it can cause huge damages. So, to dispose of it, you need to follow the law to the later. And if you disobey, you will be risking your life, loved ones, and the community.

The authorities don’t take disposal violations lightly. You will pay heavy fines and find yourself in jail.

But if you want to be on the safe side, follow the procedure we have recommended in this article. You will be safe to dispose of any old gasoline in your home.

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