How to fix a blown speaker – Here’s What You Need To Know

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A blown speaker is the term used to indicate a speaker that wasn’t working properly. If your speakers sound quality is worst or you can’t hear properly, then you’re dealing with blown speaker case. 

Before you spent money on new speakers, you should know that there are ways to fix blown speakers and you can do it by yourself. 

The blown speaker means speaker that doesn’t work properly or work at all. It’s serious problems that can cause a speaker to unpleasant sound. A blown speaker either produce no sound or bad sound.  

The most common vital indication of a blown speaker is an unpleasant scratching or buzzing sound. 

Blown Speaker Symptoms How to fix a blown speaker

Blown speaker symptoms are totally depends on how much damage your unit is. Here’s are some most common signs of the blown speaker.  

  • Incomplete Frequency Response: Inaccurate or incomplete frequency response is one of the vital signs of a blown speaker. It means you’re hearing high frequencies or less bass. 
  • Distortion at Normal Volumes : When you hear fuzz, static, and hiss at moderate volumes, then you have a major problem with it. Either you have damage or loose voice coils or a torn cone you have. The problem will get worse while turning up the volume. 
  • Lack of Cone Vibration : The cone of a speaker vibrates quickly so that it pushes air around to make a sound. If it’s not moving then it doesn’t receive the power. This means your manufacturing element assembly or wire comes loose.
  • Infinite Impedance at the Coils: You can use a multi-meter at the voice coil to test the impedance. When it’s closely infinite then undoubtedly you have an electrical problem. It’s mostly in the range of 4 to 10 ohms in usual cases. 
  • Popping, Rattling & Noises: Pay attention while you hear popping out from blown tweeters or rattling from flopping cone fabric. You especially know that it isn’t a material source problem. 

Causes of Blowing Speaker  

When a speaker takes more power than it handles, it is overheated.  

This overheating could damage the speaker’s component.  

Additionally, overheating could burn melt wires or voice coils. The voice coil damage will cause bad or even no sound at all. 

When speaker cone is displaced the mechanic failure occurs. This displacement usually occurs if your speaker wasn’t set up perfectly. Your speaker will not work perfectly whenever the cone is displaced.  

Along with this, your speaker will be blown overtime by aging and using.  

Blown Speaker Test 

When you aren’t hearing any sound then your wire is shorted or disconnected or a fried voice coil. If you notice that your speaker is busted, here’s what you should do. 

  • Visual Inspection Of The Cone 

At first, remove anything so you can visually inspect the cone.  

If you observe that the cone is ripped or removed from outer diameter, then you haven’t required to test anything. In this case, you have to replace them at anyhow. Car Speakers Cone  

  • Listen Closely For Distortion  

This is done by pushing a hot signal into the speaker.  If you’re not playing music from the original source, then run this test twice. So that you will be sure that you’re not altered by someone. Carefully listen to individuals to determine which one is toast. If you find anyone, then read below for our guidance on what to do next. 

  • Playbacks & Record  

You’ll have also listened carefully to identify if there’s any other problem. If you’re in a professional listening or recording environment then this will be possible and you will understand what to do without additional explanation. Any substitution in the actual sound being played in which your speakers aren’t truly reproducing it. 

Can you fix a Blown Speaker? 

While the question is can you fix a blown speaker? The answer is  Can you fix a Blown Speaker

Yes, you can. But it’s hardly suggested to do-it-yourself. 

While your cone has separated or ripped from the fabric, you can use silicon rubber gel to fix it. It’s important to use silicone because it’s quite flexible. 

Do you have any silicon tubes? If you do not,  you can take this Silicon Tube  from Amazon.   

If you’re not hearing any sound from a single speaker, then traces the wiring back to the amplifier and notify which one was wiggled detached. If none of them, then you possibly have a problem with the coils. 

If you’re undertaking other  expensive sound systems, then a professional repairman will require to fix out them. While talking about car speakers, they’re less expensive to replace it altogether. 

What to Do About a Blown Out Speaker 

You have two choices with the blown speaker, either repair or replace it. Our suggestion that tries to repair them either yourself or contract with an expert to do it. 

The speakers require enough cost to fix a repair, and that brings re-coning. Re-coning is not only replacing the cone but also the whole assembly within the voice coil. 

If you’re undertaking your car speakers, then buy a new setup. You’ll enjoy this new setup and it will save your time and money. 

In most cases, our suggestion is to hear the distortion at normal levels and look at the cone your self. If there any signs of the blown speaker, just put up the cash to replace or repair it. 

How to fix a blown speaker 

  • Step 1: Checking The Speaker  

The initial step is to check out your speaker in order to ensure their problem. Keep in mind that, identify a blown speaker isn’t much easier. You have to take a sharp look to check it out. 

  • Step 2: Removing Parts 

The second step is removing the parts of the speaker. So, you can check out which part is damaged. You should read your car’s manual before start this. 

  • Step 3: Cleaning  

Another important task is cleaning dust and dirt from your speaker. You can simply use a cloth in order to clean every part. 

  • Step 4: Identity & Fixing the Problem  

After removing every part, you will now check out which parts were damaged. At first, you should check the cone. If it is cut or torn, you can simply fix the ruptured part by using Super glue  or Tape 

But, if the cone is largely damaged, you have to replace it. 

Here are some Speaker Cone for replacement.  

Voice coil is another significant part of the speaker. If the voice coil was melted, you just have to replace the New One instead of old one. 

  • Step 5: Testing  

The best way to ensure everything was the test of your speaker. You have to quietly play the music and then slowly increase the volume to see what is change. If everything will not properly,  you have to get help from experts.  

Here is some Best Seller Car Speaker Component You can take a sharp look and select anyone for your car. 

Wrapping Up! 

The only solution for blown speakers is to repair or replace it. You will get many ingredients of speakers that are sold individually. Choose the best product for your car’s speaker then.  

And, if you have anything more to know,  or if you want to ask any questions, comment below. We will be right back to you very soon.

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