How To Get Check Engine Light Codes Without Scanner Subaru

If you have a check engine light on for your car, then you want to check what code is it coming. If you don’t have an OBD scanner or you don’t want to spend a $25 to a mechanic, here’s the easy guide to solve this problem. 

Read the article until the end. And you will get to know, how to get check engine light codes without scanner Subaru. Plus, we will take a look at how you can reset and clean the Subaru check engine light.  

When your car’s check-engine light comes on, you can’t really ignore it anymore. The first thing you should think about at once is checking for below signs and symptoms:  

  • Offensive running  
  • Scarcity of power 
  • Engine misfires 
  • Poor throttle feedback  
  • Oil light gets on 
  • Overheating in Engine 
  • Engine is shaking 
  • Subaru is struggling to be started  
  • Emitting smoke from the exhaust  

Thus, when your Subaru has some problems like these, it means- something’s wrong there! 

So, in order to avoid the trouble, turn off your engine by parking your car in a safe place. 

And now, you can ask me,  

How can I get check engine light codes? 

You can get it in two ways. This well-known two ways are: 

Plan A: Get Check Engine Light Codes Using An OBD2 Scanner

Plan B: Get Check Engine Light Codes Without Using A Scanner

Those processes are possible as normal folk. But, if you want to get check engine light codes without a scanner, you have to be enough skilled in the art.  

Whatever, we are going to show you both of the methods to check your engine light code.  

Plan A: Using an OBD2 Scanner

You may check Amazon to find the best OBD2 Scanner  as per your requirements. 

If you are not that confident enough to go without a scanner, my suggestion is to use an OBD2 Scanner.  

In fact, an OBD2 trouble code is an element of the troubleshooting operation. And to retrieve the check engine light codes, you are to follow the given procedure: 

  1. 1. Attach the Subaru scanner with the 16 pin data link connector (Located underside of the steering). Often, you will find the DLC(Data Link Connector) with a detachable cover.
  1. 2. Turn the Ignition key on.
  1. 3. See the manufacturer’s recommendation on how to access the Data Link Connector. That is, you can see what is the instructions for diagnostic trouble codes. 

Keep it in mind that these codes are just manufacturer certain codes.    

Plan B: Get Check Engine Light Codes Without Using A Scanner

When you are going to get check your engine light codes without using a scanner, it might not be very simple to do the operation. But, still, you can make a try. And obviously, if you follow these steps properly, there’s nothing to worry about.  Get Check Engine Light Codes Without Using A Scanner

As a bonus, this process will help you to decrease your faults of recording or reading the Subaru codes manually. Let’s see what are the step by step procedure to follow: 

  1. First of all, make sure that your car has battery power as you can power it up anytime you need it. 

Plus, it must have to have that power so that it can turn on all the dashboard lights with the car key-switch in place.   

  1. Then, you have to be prepared with the recording device. To record a video clip of a half minute or something like this, you can use a digital video camera. Seewhich camera I use 

Or, provided that you have no camcorder or digital camera, you can record simply with your mobile camera. 

Note: It is important to note that, you need to record the engine light blips. It is because you can see the recorded video as long as you have got the engine light codes checked.  

  1. Set your camera to the engine error light on the dashboard. Next, turn the key continuously on and then off. Again on, again off. Do it four times as follows,





After that, you would need to wait and see whether the engine light begins to flash the error codes in Two-digit flashes. Therefore, number 31 will show as follows: 

Flash-Flash-Flash, Pause, Flash.  

You should record the whole incident as you can see how the several codes need to troubleshoot.  

How To Reset Subaru Check Engine Light

If your car engine has some trouble with the Subaru’s emissions control system, you need to reset the Subaru check engine light. In fact, Subaru’s computer (ECU) creates error codes which are connected with several sensors of your car. While any of the sensors ceases to function, there an error code will appear. Like this, the fault code will be cataloged in the ECU until there is a diagnostic check operated. And as soon as you have had solved the trouble, then you have to get the check engine reset. How To Reset Subaru Check Engine Light

In order to reset the Subaru check engine light, you are to go through these given steps. 

Key Takeaway 1 

In the beginning, unlock the cover of the Subaru. Plus, unbutton the nut holding the cable hook to the negative end of the battery. 

Key Takeaway 2 

Glide the cable off the negative end of the battery. 

Key Takeaway 3 

Stay five minutes more. After that, recombine the cable and screw up the nut again. 

Switch on the engine and let see whether the Subaru’s computer is making operation to reset the check engine light or not. 

Hope you did it well! 

Essential equipment for Subaru Check Engine Light Reset: 

Let’s Wrap Up! 

Thanks for reaching this far of the article. I’ve tried to make it easier for you to troubleshoot your car within a few steps. To get check your engine light codes, we mentioned two processes. Although you are looking for checking without an OBD scanner, you may try it as well if you don’t feel that courageous to operate without a scanner. 

Still, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us below.

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