How To Jump 3 Wire AC Pressure Switch Easily? Tested Ways

If it weren’t for Air Conditioners (AC) in cars, it would be impossible to drive when temperatures are above the limit. 

Unfortunately, your AC will get damaged at some point. And if you don’t repair it, driving your car becomes a nightmare. 

The good news is that you don’t even need an expert to repair the AC switch. You can confidently do it yourself and restore it’s functioning. 

In this article, we will share with you simple ways on how to jump 3 wire AC pressure Switch. 

Easy and Tested Way To Jump 3 Wire AC Pressure Switch 

The following are simple and tested techniques that will help you jump 3 Wire AC pressure. We have tested these simple techniques, and without a doubt, we recommend them to you. 

The following are simple steps to jump your wire AC without. 

Step 1: Reset Power-train Control Module (PCM) Fuse

The first simple technique is getting rid of the PCM fuse. This will allow you to start repairing procedure. PCM combines Engine Control Unit together with the Transmission Control Unit. 

Therefore, before you start resetting it, you need first to pull out the fuse. Once the fuse is out, we will be ready to get started. 

Step 2: Jump AC Relay

Check the numbers printed on your AC and connect wires according to it. You need to bypass 3 wire AC pressure switch through the B1 to B4. This is done to power the compressor clutch. 

When you do this, the connection will send 0-5 volts of pressure through the PCM fuse. 

However, in this step, you need to pay close attention to the numbers printed on the AC in mind. This will help you jump all the three wires to keep your compressor working in good condition at all times. 

Step 3: Connect The Charging Connectors

This is the main reason we began by removing the PCM switch in step one. If you haven’t removed the switch, you will end up damaging your compressor in this third step. Connecting the connectors to the charging with switch wires ON will damage the compressor. 

So, at this step, ensure your switch has been reset, and it’s wire isn’t on. Also, ensure before you connect to the charging connectors your fill-up the refrigerant. 

The last thing you have to do in this step is to wait to charge to complete and coolant to fill. 

Step 4: Open Gas Valves

After the charging completes, open the gas valves on your car. Wait until the compressor starts running properly. 

Don’t pressure the compressor to run faster. If you do this, you will end up damaging it. 

Also, remember to check AC temperatures and make sure they are running normally. And once you ascertain that everything is fine, close the valves and enjoy a cool breeze from your car cabin. 

What Happens If I Damage My Compressor? How To Jump 3 Wire AC Pressure Switch

If, in the process of jumping your 3 wire AC pressure switch, you damage your compressor, don’t panic. All you will need to do is buy another compressor and replace the damaged one. 

The good news is that these compressors are available on Amazon. You just order and buy the compressor that most suits your car and replace the damaged compressor. 

A new OEM Class AC Compressor is an effective compressor that will fit in most cars. You can buy it and replace your damaged compressors. It will give you great performance. 

Click here to check the latest price and buy it from Amazon today. 

How Do I Know When My 3 Wire AC Pressure Switch Needs Jumping? 

First, before you think of jumping your 3 wire AC pressure switch, you first need to know that it needs jumping. Sometimes you might think your AC needs repair, but that might not be the case. Something else might be a problem. 

Therefore, if you notice any of the following signs, know your AC needs attention. 

  • Unable to Cool the Car

When you see the knob of your AC to maximum, but still you can’t feel the coldness, this is a clear sign that your AC pressure switch is defective. 

When the AC is not cooling your car cabin, it simply shows that the system doesn’t preserve enough AC to keep it running. And as a result, the AC system doesn’t emit sufficient cold air for keeping conducive temperatures. 

Other times, you will notice that your AC will take a longer time than expected to cool the cabin. If this is happening, you need to check at the switch. 

And worst of it all will happen when your AC can’t cool your car cabin at all. 

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  • Unstable AC System

An AC operates by repeatedly making on and off-cycle. In this case, when the sensors detect the right temperatures, the AC turns itself automatically. 

However, when you see instabilities in turning on and off, then you need to check it. 

For instance, this will happen when your car hood becomes colder and colder, and the AC continue supplying cold air. This will mean that the AC is not accepting triggers from the sensor to stop a certain level. 

Some other times, you might see the AC turning itself off even before it cools the hood. In this case, you also need to get it checked. It’s a sign of some problem. 

In short, you will know there is a problem when turning on and off is unstable for your car AC. 

  • Compressor Is Off

When you notice that your compressor is not turning on when required, then there is a problem. The AC pressure switch is responsible for turning on and off the compressor. And if the compressor fails to turn on, then the switch is the problem. 

If the AC switch fails, the compressor also fails. 

The main role of the compressor is to supply refrigerant to the AC system. It’s responsible for delivering cool air in your car cabin. And if it can’t do so, then you need to check the AC pressure switch and make sure it’s working as required. 

Final Verdict 

Whenever you notice any of the symptoms of a defective 3 wire AC pressure switch, it’s time to get it repaired. However, before you do anything, it’s essential to check the symptoms of a defective AC switch. This will help you ensure you are dealing with the real problem that causing trouble to your cabin cooling. 

Once you are sure, the AC switch is the problem. Apply the simple steps we have shared with you in this article.

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