How To Lower Spare Tire On Silverado Without Tool? – Guide You Should Know 

How Can You Lower The Spare Tire On A Silverado? 

Chevrolet Trucks come with a durable structure and they have been very famous to people who like pulling things. As Silverado offers a handy shape, we also offer a smart guide to help you in lowering spare tire on Silverado without factory tool. Yet, you have to use equipment which is very common in our car mechanical experience. 

How to Remove the Spare Tire on a Chevy Truck

In order to do this, you will require some equipment and you will have to follow some methods for the spare tire down. Experts recommend using an ignition key as well as a jack kit (without the jack). If you are confused about a  kit to use, then this is my recommended tool what I’ve been using. And obviously, there are spare tire tool kit  that you can use. The Jack tool includes a crowbar and several rods.  

If you are ready with all the necessary elements, we will like to go forward and show the step by step instructions on how to lower spare tire on Silverado without tool. (In fact, without factory tools) 

Let’s dive deeper into the article. 

How to Remove the Spare Tire on a Chevy Truck  

An Experienced Car Mechanic’s Tale: “The last Chevy Truck that I user was a 2000 Silverado 1500 LS Model. Luckily, I did everything with its help, say, I used it for grocery runs to towing an 8×20 trailer.

The main concern that most people do when performing anything with a Chevy truck is to handle the spare tire of it. I have had experienced this lot of times, I can claim that I’ve got the trick. That is to say, using the very simple two tools and maintaining the processes. And this is all about!”

Simple Utensils You Will Need To Remove A Chevy Silverado Spare Tire  

Do you have this kit? If you do not, take one as your requirements from Amazon.  

Simple Utensils You Will Need To Remove A Chevy Silverado Spare Tire

If you ask me to suggest, I would recommend using this Jack kit from Amazon. Check it in a while.  

As soon as, you get the following tools on hand, start to lower spare tire on Silverado.  

Everything you need to do to remove a spare tire: Step by Step Guide.  

The removal instructions for a Chevy Truck spare tire are not that tricky. All you need to do is just start by getting into the back of the vehicle. And then follow the below step by step procedures:  

Step 1: Get on to the rear of the vehicle. Keep in mind that the spare tire lives. In case of doing it, just fall to one knee, and see up and under the back of the vehicle. Look what’s there under the bumper. You should get the rear just under the bumper and behind the tow hitch bar. Plus, by pressing your nose against the monitor, you can notice the trenches of the tire. 

Step 2: Just acknowledging that there is a spare tire, get back to both feet, and fix in the rectangular plastic cover. The plastic cover is under the passenger side of the license plate. Discard this plastic cover, and this you will be able to disclose an entrance for a key. 

Step 3: Put the ignition key. Then, take it to the right while dragging a bit towards you. The key will be detached from the hole. After that, you will be able to fix the assembly at the back of the vehicle.  

Step 4: Proceed to unwrap the Jack kit to obtain the rods and the crowbar. One of the rods will be with a wider end. This end is generally called as the female end. You are to insert it in the hole disclosed by the key lock. 

Step 5: Put another rod to the female end rod. It will provide enough space to take off the bumper as well as add to the male end of the pully. By keeping your eyes on the hole, you can notice where the female end gets fit to the male end. 

Step 6: Put the rod through the hole and connect to the male and female ends. 

Step 7: Add the crowbar to the existing end which is staying out of the bumper. Turn round the crowbar anti-clockwise. Thus, you will be able to swivel the pulley. As well as, the spare tire will come down to the ground. Resume rotating as far as the tire is absolutely on the ground. Also, proceed with rotating to provide some slack to the wire. 

Step 8: Now, it’s time to distinguish the pulley carrier from the rim. In this way, you will be able to remove the tire from under the vehicle. As you should know that there’s not much wire so that you can tug the tire from under the vehicle. Keep your hand in the middle gap of the rim as well as pull one end of the peak.  

Step 9: last of all, provided that, you don’t want to stock a tire underside, crank the cable back up. Still, don’t wind the tire totally.  

That was all about lowering spare tire on Silverado without tool.  

Let’s wrap up the problem of lowering spare tire on Silverado!   

These are all about changing the flat tire. Now, can do it at ease? How confident you are?  

Let us know in the comment section below. And if you have any more questions on how to lower spare tire on Silverado without tool, feel free to ask us below. 

Being back within a short time. 

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