How To Make A Center Console Out Of Wood (7 Easy Steps)

how to make a center console out of wood

A center console serves important purposes in your car. From small storages, holding switches, cupholders, and shifter control, it gives you the convenience you need.

In the market, you can find a center console that will fit your car. But you don’t have to spend much money buying it. You can easily and cheaply make your center console out of wood.

In this article, we will share with you simple techniques to build your center console out of wood.

Let’s get started.

How To Make A Center Console Out Of Wood

Here is a general guide on how to make a center console out of wood:

Step 1: Gather All The Material You Need
Step 2: Identify the Mounting Points
Step 3: Develop And Cut Your Design
Step 4: Make A Wooden Frame
Step 5: Assemble Your Design
Step 6: Cover Your Box With Foam And Fabric Material
Step 7: Mount Your Center Console

Step 1: Gather All The Material You Need

The first step to building a center console out of wood is to gather all the materials that you need. You first have to understand the material needed and where they are needed.

Once you have all the materials with you, it will be easy for you to complete the other steps.

Therefore, before you begin making the console out of wood, ensure you have all of the following materials with you.

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When choosing a fabric, we recommend that you choose a canvas type of fabric recommended here. But most importantly, choose a color that will suit your taste or match the interior of your car.

Step 2: Identify the Mounting Points

In this step, you need to have a look at your car and find a place where you will securely fix your console. Ensure you install the consoles securely in a place that will give you all the comfort that you need.

Under this step, measure the height and width of your convenience. Ensure it doesn’t compromise on the safety of your driving.

Once you identify it, you will be good to get started.

Step 3: Develop And Cut Your Design

This is the step where you need to be creative. If you have a creative mind, you will really like this step over any other step. You will get to use your artistic abilities to customize the console to a design that best suits you.

Start by drawing the design of the console on your cardboard. Measure the size of the area that you need to place your box and draw the exact measures.

After drawing, carefully cut the design out.

Don’t overstress yourself in this step. Be free to try and fail until you get a design that interests you. It will take some trial and error, and you will have some fun in doing all this.

Measure the top and bottom of your console. Using a marker, draw the sizes directly to the cardboard. Then use a cardboard cutter to cut the outlined areas as you have marked it.

Step 4: Make A Wooden Frame

Use a wood cutting tool to cut wood edges. On the wood, also design and make holes for the center console.

After cutting the wood, temporarily assemble them without joining them and see if they will fit as you would wish.

Identify any modification that is needed and make it even before you join the woods and cardboards. Finalize it for final assembling.

Step 5: Assemble Your Design

After cutting your cardboard and wood into the right design and sizes, assemble it. Use screws and wood glue to hold them together in place.

And at this stage, don’t focus on getting perfect edges. Even if the box looks ugly, don’t worry. We will cover it with a foam and fabric material to give it an ideal look.

Also, any gap that is left on the box shouldn’t be something to worry about since you will still cover them in your final building.

And when you are doing the assembling, ensure you install all accessories and switches on the wood.

Step 6: Cover Your Box With Foam And Fabric Material

This is the final and most important part of building your center console. It’s the finishing that needs perfection. If you do it properly, you will love to have it in your car. However, if you are not careful to do it well, you won’t even want to have it placed over your car.

Start first by installing the foam over the console box. Trace the foam over the wood and cut it slightly larger than the edges to leave it hanging over the edges.

Apply glue on the wood. Place the foam and press it down to securely hold it over the material. Do this until you cover the entire wood pieces.

After that, cut the loosely hanging foams from the edges. Use sandpaper to scrape the edges for a smooth feel.

Wait for the glue to dry and the foam to hold properly.

Once the foam holds tightly to the glue, get your canvas material. Put it over the console box and staple the edges to hold it tightly.

Step 7: Mount Your Center Console

After making your center console out wood, the last thing will be to mount it over your car. If you have followed all the above steps keenly, it should fit properly to its place without any problem.

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Finally, Buy A Center Console Cover

Once you have completed the simple step of building your center console, give it a classy look. Buy a console cover that will give your car a great aesthetic.

It will improve the interior of your car and hide minor mistakes that you could have done when making your own center console.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the middle console called?

The middle console, also known as the center console, is the compartment and control area between the driver and passenger seats in a vehicle.

Can you add a center console?

Yes, you can add a center console to your vehicle. Aftermarket consoles are available for purchase.

What do you put in the middle console?

Items commonly stored in the middle console include sunglasses, phone chargers, tissues, hand sanitizer, and other small personal items.

Can you add a center console for a truck?

Yes, you can add a center console to a truck. Aftermarket consoles specifically designed for trucks are available.

Final Verdict

Now you have a center console that is cheap and serves you the purpose you intended it to. If you love DIY projects, this is an easy task for you. You will also enjoy the simple steps.

And if you are not a DIY enthusiast, get someone who loves doing these things and guide them through as they build your center console. There is no need to incur costs to buy something that you can make on your own at an affordable price.

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