How To Program Toyota Key Without Master?

The master key is the key that is programmed to be used with the ignition of the vehicle. And you may find problems getting the car started without a master key. Besides, programming a new key without the master key can also be quite difficult but not impossible. 

If you have lost or damaged your Toyota master key, then you’ve landed on the right page. Here’s a quick answer to how to program your Toyota key without a master key.

You have two options here: Either you can go to your vehicle dealership and ask for a new master key that would wipe off the entire old locking system. Else, you can program a master key yourself.

A Step By Step Guide For How To Program Toyota Key Without Master

You must have understood how important a Toyota master key is and it’s better to avoid this situation by not losing or damaging the master key. Else you could also have two master keys made beforehand to prevent such a scenario. 

However, don’t worry if you haven’t done that. The procedure given below will work well with almost any Toyota model. Let’s understand how to program a Toyota key without a master key:

Step 1. Remove The EEPROM


First of all, disconnect the negative terminal from the Toyota’s battery. Open the glove compartment of the vehicle to find the ECU that is held by two 10mm nuts. Grab a socket wrench and unscrew these nuts. Now, you should be able to open the ECU and find the IC900. It will be marked and is an 8 pin surface mounted on the 93C56 EEPROM. 

Step 2. Connect EEPROM To A PC

You can connect the EEPROM chip with a reader using soldering wires to every leg or via a chip clip. After connecting the chip to the reader, you need to connect the reader to the PC.

Step 3. Programming The Toyota Key

For this step, you’ll need to install software on your computer called the PonyPrag software. Launch the software and go to Options to select Setup. Then, choose “SI Prog I/O, COM1” and hit the “Probe” option. This will check all communications between the EEPROM chip and this software.

Car Key

Now, select the option that says “93C56 MicroWire EEPROM.” Then, click on “Read Device” to receive all contents of the EEPROM in the form of hex codes. If you take a look at the right side of the content dumped, you’ll find 3 HEX clusters. 

Do not mess with the Valet lockout that is named “FB DF 5A 69.” You need to change the virgin keys valued at “10” in the original cluster to “00.” This puts the software in auto-programming mode. Overwrite every code with 0 and then press the second icon from the left to write onto the EEPROM device key. Once you have received a successful write popup, disconnect everything. 

Step 4. Return The ECU Into The Vehicle.

Place the ECU back where it was located in the vehicle, i.e. return the EEPROM module to the location you removed it from. 

Step 5. Programming The New Toyota Key

Reconnect the battery terminal of your vehicle and quickly insert the key into the ignition cylinder and immediately remove it. This will light up the security key. Now, you need to insert the first transponder key into the ignition lock and wait for about 3 to 5 seconds. Don’t turn right now, you need to wait until the security light starts blinking.

Toyota Key

Once it starts blinking, remove the key from the ignition. Repeat the procedure a second time. The security light will stay on which means that you are still in programming mode. Now, repeat the entire thing for the third time.

You’ll notice that this time, the security light goes off for a while and starts blinking frequently. Please wait for around 30 seconds to end the programming mode cycle. 

Another Way To Program The Key

If the key is already there in the ignition switch, open the driver’s door and close the passenger doors. Then, remove the key out of the ignition cylinder. Next, reinsert the key and pull it out twice within 5 seconds at max. 

Once done, close and open the driver’s door twice and insert the key into the ignition switch and pull it out within the next 40 seconds or so. For the next 40 seconds: Again, close and open the driver’s door twice and insert the key into the ignition switch. Do not pull it out this time and sit on the driver’s seat. Close the door and turn the key ON but don’t start the car or engine. Then, turn the key to the OFF position and remove the key from the ignition switch.

After this, the power door locks should automatically lock and unlock within 3 seconds. This indicates that you have successfully accessed the programming mode. If this does not happen, then you need to repeat the entire procedure. 

Now, within the next 40 seconds, you have to press the lock and unlock buttons at the same time on the remote of the key for 1.5 seconds. Then, release the buttons and again press the lock button for 2 seconds. 

Within the next 3 seconds, the door locks will lock and unlock automatically which indicates that you have successfully programmed the new Toyota key.

Final Words

We would recommend you not to carry out this procedure on your own if you don’t have a rudimentary knowledge of electronics and software editing. This procedure doesn’t require you to spend any money but you never know when it can backfire and end up being more expensive than ever. 

Keep in mind that if your Toyota model has a separate Transponder ECU and Engine Control Unit, then you’ll need to short these two. If you have made up your mind that you’ll program a Toyota key without its master key on your own, follow the above steps closely. And if at any point you feel like you are unsure about it, do visit your dealer for help.

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