How to Put Jack Back in Silverado – Proper Guide

Almost every Chevy Silverado version is engineered with a jack kit in them. We remove the jack kit out of the vehicle when changing the wheels. Have you put them back in space? Probably, you have not put the jack back on a Chevy Silverado yet! It must be too tricky to do. However, in this article, we show you how to put the jack back in Silverado.

It’s exciting to write on people’s demand. Mostly, we love our readers. We receive lots of E-mail from them. Following the trend, we discuss the ‘Jack Back Reinstallation ‘today. The jack kit is installed in Silverdo mostly to lower the spare tire. Sometimes, people remove it purposely to avoid rattling noise! The jack creates an essential posture in the jack assembly. You can go through a jerk-free ride. You can install an external jack kit to ensure a quality ride for the passengers.

If you have taken out the jack kit yourself, you know it better that it’s not easy to put it back! The jack is an essential part of the jack assembly. Putting it back to space would be hard! Can you do it better? We recommend gaining some skills for that. The jack is mostly connected to the tire iron. Before reinstalling the jack back on the vehicle, it must be ensured about the exact order properly. Who loves getting rattle and the noise in their Silverdo anyway? If you want the noise not to annoy you, let’s dig into this article and learn to put the jack back in Silverado.

How to Put Jack Back in Silverado in 3 steps?

You have to go through the whole process gradually. Firstly, it is required to learn locating the ‘Jack Kit.’ Secondly, removing the ‘Jack Kit’ would be necessary. Finally, reinstalling the ‘Jack Kit’ will be significant. Start doing it!

  • Start locating the ‘Jack Kit’Start locating the 'Jack Kit

Today’s vehicles are manufacture red with different specifications, and the location of the jack will depend on the vehicle’s model. Even in Silverado vehicles, you will find different versions of jacks’ plates at various locations. Usually, we have tried installing the jack kit on most vehicles, and it is most noticeable that the jack is established under the passenger seat or the driver’s side. Even if you feel tricky to find the vehicle’s jack kit, try reading the car manual and locate it. 

However, a mechanic knows it better where the jack kit is located at is! Once you identify the If the jack is engineered in the rear passenger seat, all you need to do is folding the rear seats and lift them! You’ll see the jack. The jack kit has its base part, which is found in a plate holder on the floor. Besides, the pad end is located at the end of the bracket. The jack is mostly black-colored with a yellow handle in it. You can detect the handle as the handle has a bright yellow color. Through the handle, you can remove the jack from its position.

  • Take the jack kit off

Now, you have to remove the jack kit out of the space! How to do it? Okay, follow us. You have identified the jack’s handle, right? It’s yellow-colored. You can call it to knob or handle. It doesn’t matter. Start rotating the handle clockwise and release the screw surrounded by the jack. It will slowly release the jack kit from the other end. You should not forget the exact position of the jack kit; otherwise, you’ll be in trouble later.

Once removed from the jack kit, you’ll see different parts of the jack kit inside. The jack is released along with the cupped portion, and this portion is attached to wheel chalk. Note down if you feel like forgetting the relation to the hook. Otherwise, the jack kit is not going to sit! 

Are you packed up with a new jack kit? Well, take out the jack from the cupped angle. Unscrew the nut from the cupped portion and release the cylinder from the angle. Take your new jack in hand and go for the next task!  

  • Reinstall the ‘Jack Kit’ 

Well, you must have changed the jack cylinder successfully. No more wait! Start putting the jack back in your Silverado! Be mindful that a jack kit is connected to a tire iron. Don’t be in a hassle and get the tires to any friction. Besides, the position of the tire is an important thing! The tire iron is mostly engineered underneath the passenger seat (rear). Lift both of your vehicle’s seats up, and you’ll see the tire iron along with the jack kit. You’re all set!

Now, set the new jack with the cupped angle. Attach them tightly. Could you not make them jiggle? Set them on their specific position. If you set them correctly, they will be all set with the wheel chalk. Now, rotate the yellow handle again clockwise until the tire iron is tightly fixed. Don’t let the jack kit to rattle. 

Sometimes, you may feel frequent jerks in the car. It will be within some other issues like a damaged tire iron or rotten wheel chalks! You can fix it well. If not, visit a service center to familiarize the suspension with no jack! You should not let your vehicle affect your riding experience.

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Final Thoughts:

We have tried writing on the issue ‘how to put the jack back in Silverado?’ The process is the same as changing a flat tire or off-road suspension. Let us know how do you feel about our article? Our experts have been discussed all about a jack kit. Besides, you know, putting a jack back in your Silverado through us! Thanks for being with us. Greetings!

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