How To Remove A Stuck Oil Filter: Try these Testes Ways

The oil filter is easy to remove. You can remove it easily with hands. However, when it gets stuck, it becomes difficult to remove it.

In extreme cases, you will find the filter is stuck, and you might need to use a lot of energy. Here you need to use equipment that will give you torque.

If you have the same problem, don’t worry. Here are tested and straightforward ways to remove a stuck oil filter.

Tested And Straightforward Ways To Remove A Stuck Oil Filter

You can use a different wrench to remove a stuck oil filter from its place. Different wrenches can be used to remove the oil filter.

A wrench will give you a grip and enough room to twist and remove the oil filter from where it’s stuck. The following are the common wrenches that will help you remove the stuck oil filter.

1. Band Wrench

Band wrenches are effective when it comes to removing stuck oil filters. To get it removed, you simply tighten the metal band on the filter’s canister and force it away.

This will help in wedging sandpaper between the filter and wrench to increase friction. If you can get adhesive sandpaper, it would serve you better.

When you are using a band wrench, secure it over the base to minimize the risk of crushing it over the canister.

If you don’t have a band wrench, we recommend you buy the whole set of Wrenches from Amazon. 24pc IN/MM TIGHTSPOT Ratchet Wrench MASTER SET is the best set you will find in the market.

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If the band wrench doesn’t work, try other wrenches.

2. Adjustable Oil Wrench Pliers

If a band wrench doesn’t help in removing a stuck oil filter, try using adjustable oil pliers. This helps remove different sizes of oil filters. This is because the pliers are adjustable.

However, if the oil filter is tightly stuck, this method might not help. It doesn’t give a firm grip over the filter.

Oil Wrench pliers are available on Amazon. You can buy it to remove your stuck filter and also use it for other purposes.

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3. Chain Wrenches

Here is another adjustable wrench that gives greater pliers. However, when using them, you need to be a bit careful – they can easily damage your oil filter.

When using chain wrenches, we recommend that you don’t oil it. It can be very slippery, and it won’t be able to do the work that you would with it to perform.

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4. Jaw Wrenches

These are wrenches that you will need to grip onto the bottom of the oil filter to give you a maximum torque to clamp the filter down. This gives you multiple points of contact for removing the stuck oil filter.

And without damaging the filter, you can wrench it out a little harder.

Air Capital Ford Wrench is a set of three-jaw wrenches that will give you great performance. After removing your oil filter with them, they will also help do some other tasks that would require the help of a jaw wrench.

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5. Cavemaning

This should be your last option when it comes to removing a stuck oil filter. It increases the chances of knuckle and component damage. However, if all the above method that we have shared with you fails, you will have no other option left.

In this method, you drive a screwdriver in the filter’s body and spin it away. This will rip off the filter to expose the ring holes. And after that, you can use a hammer and chisel to force the filter out.

Parting Shot

No matter the method you use to remove a stuck oil filter, always replace the filter. Use coal of oil on the gasket to make it easy to open the next time you wish to.

Most important, don’t overtighten the filter when you are returning it. 

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