How To Remove Stuck Oil Filter – The Ways You Should Know

Such that, the oil filter of your car is stuck. Then, you have tried with some tools to unscrew it but that doesn’t work at all. What should you do now?

Assuming that you proceed with your tools, then there is a risk of falling the can. And thus, it may bring oil spoilage.

If your oil filter gets stuck, it gets stuck on the compact gasket in between the oil filter and the block. Fortunately, we have got some strategies as you can solve the trouble and unscrew the oil filter at ease.

Today, in this article, I’ll show you how to remove stuck oil filter simply. Just keep reading until the end. Hopefully, you will come to know all the processes and tools that are needed to do this job. 

Why Don’t Oil Filters Get Removed?

If you want to unwrap the old oil filter of your car, you will have to set your car in a hole or raise aloft it with a jackscrew. When you find that the old oil filter is not being removed, it may occur for some reason. I’m showing the reasons below: 

Not Oiling The Filter Before Screwing

It is an open secret that the engine will get very warm while working.  The oil filter gets connected by a rubber gasket with the engines. Provided that the filter is not oiled before getting attached to the engine, it heats up a little and wands to the engine. That is to say, the Gasket works as a sort of gluing ingredient. In this way, it might become tougher to remove the oil filter. 

The filter was tightly twisted

In fact, the gasket on filters avoids the leak of oil. Many mechanics believe the oil filters should be tightly screwed to the engine. On the other hand, expert manufacturers tell, the filter has particular tightening torque that is commonly near about 20 Nm. When gasket stroked excessively, particularly while obtaining a specific key, oil filter comes to be nearly unimaginable to unscrew. 

What should you do then? In order to avoid this situation, tighten oil filters entirely by your hand. Next, you have to give the oil filters a one-quarter turn. This process is applicable when there is no torque wrench. In this way, the filter gets fit perfectly by not being extremely tight.

How To Replace Oil Filter: Some Handy Methods You Can Apply

How To Replace Oil Filter

Don’t worry, it is quite easy to replace the oil filter. You can do this by several methods. For example, to replace the oil filters you can use the Screwdriver method or Wrenches method. There are several wrenches methods to do. That is, Engine-Specific Wrenches, Adjustable Oil Wrench Pliers, Chain Wrenches, Band Wrenches, 

Jaw Wrenches. And if you don’t want to spend money, we have some DIY projects to show you as well. Whatever, here are some great oil filter wrenches you can choose from Amazon.

Let’s start the processes one by one.

1. Screwdriver Method

Take a thin screwdriver to use it between the gasket and the block. Then, you have to slide it around the gasket. In this way, it will be loosened. Check my recommended Screwdriver from Amazon.

Alternative Way: When the process doesn’t come handy, then you might put the driver through the filter. Now, wrench the screwdriver away. However, you should not apply this process first. Because it may damage the filter and it can create a sloppy oil spillage. Even, it is not sure that it can discard the metal plate of the oil filter. 

2. Engine-Specific Wrenches

There may be some engine-specific manufacturer’s design. You may need a particular oil filter wrench then. So, take a look at the owner’s manual. Provided that, you get any recommended ways, then pick it.

Your manufacturer’s design may recommend you to follow any of these below processes:

3. Adjustable Oil Wrench Pliers

As the name implies, it is nicely adjustable. Therefore, you can use it for many different sizes of oil filters. But unluckily, it’s grip may not perform great ever. Plus, it may get tough to plot in rigid areas in an engine enclosure.

4. Chain Wrenches

Chain Wrenches are also adjustable. However, they offer a decent grip than the aforesaid Adjustable Oil Wrench Pliers. 

But, chain wrenches may even tend to destroy the filter. Therefore, you should be careful enough. Keep in mind that if there is oil on their surface, the wrenches might get slippery.

5. Band Wrenches

Band Wrenches work great to the rim of the filter and come with a fairly low profile than the other wrenches. As a bonus, you will be able to wrench on the wrenches a bit more without destroying your oil filter. 

Note: If you want to get a better grip, wire the inner side of the band with sandpaper. 

6. Jaw Wrenches

If you love to use such a kind of grip with utmost torque and use it harder, then the Jaw Wrenches will be handy for you. These wrenches normally adapt to pertain to a perfect ratchet.

At last, if you need a new oil filter, then you can simply take one from Amazon.

How To Remove Stuck Oil Filter Without Spending Extra Money

If you don’t want to spend extra money, then we have some DIY projects to show you as well. You can simply do it with some handy DIY tools. (Which you have already in your toolbox)

Way 1: First of all, you are to get some sandpaper in your hand.  Then, coat them around the oil filter and begin to unscrew it again. In this way, you should be able to get extra grip. 

Way 2:  Make extra control with the old timing belt and key. 

Way 3: This is the easiest way of removing the oil filter by using a screwdriver and hammer. Though, there the surface may be dirty in oil. To do this, you have to chop the filter body with a screwdriver. Next, swivel the oil filter anti-clockwise with your hand.

Wrapping Up! 

Hopefully, you have the problem solved. If you have anything more to know, then let us know in the comment section. Or, if you have any more questions on how to unscrew the stuck oil filter, then feel free to ask us below.

Best regards!

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