Mevotech Vs. Moog: (Difference & Which is Better) (2023)

Do you hear a screeching noise when you rotate your car’s steering? Then your car’s wheel bearing needs a replacement. The question then becomes how to choose the best suspension parts from either Mevotech or Moog.

The vehicle’s suspension system works in conjunction with its steering system to keep the car under control. Though spare parts are available everywhere, there is a need to choose the recommended parts from trusted manufacturers.

We will take time to explain the Mevotech Vs. Moog: What’s the Difference & Which is Better? You will see the various pros and cons of both brands’ ballpoint, wheel, and control arm comparison. We hope you have an enjoyable read.

Mevotech Vs. Moog

Mevotech Vs. Moog

Mevotech and Moog are both well-known brands in the automotive industry that manufacture high-quality replacement parts, including suspension and steering components. Mevotech is known for its focus on innovation and value, while Moog is known for its expertise in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) design and engineering. Both brands offer a wide range of products and are known for their durability and reliability.

Differences Between Mevotech and Moog

Aside from the general differences between these two manufacturers, it is essential to look at the specific differences between a Mevotech and a Moog spare part in greater detail to know which one suits your needs.


You only buy what is within your budget most times, except when the quality you desire is offered at a higher price. In general, Moog’s parts are cheaper when compared to Mevotech. However, their suspension products have similar prices.

Degree of Specialization

Both Mevotech and Moog have varying degrees of specialization. Over time, Mevotech has come up with various brands like Original Grade, Tough Terrain Extreme, and Supreme, while Moog does not have such unique brands under its name.

Moog concentrates more on educating car owners about their steering and suspension systems while helping them make the best choice. On the other hand, Mevotech customizes its products for different car brands and models to suit their operational needs.


In general, you cannot conclude that either Mevotech or Moog has a higher quality than the other. To do this, you will need to compare the same product for both brands after usage directly.

For the control arms of both brands, Mevotech’s product has both bushings and ball joints, while Moog only has ball joints. This makes mevotech’ s control arm more effective and resistant to corrosion than Moog’s.

For the tie rod ends, they match each other in functionality. Many car owners believe Mevotech has lower quality than Moog because it is cheaper. However, this is not true, so reviews tend to be confusing. Read on to discover the truth about the quality of each brand’s product.


Moog’s suspension replacement parts in service life last longer than Mevotech if the comparison is based on the same product. Although, this is not always true because some of their products survive as much as its counterpart in Moog.

Where They Are Made

Moog operates with a decentralized structure where parts are produced from any location in the world. In contrast, Mevotech operates a centralized network with its main factory in Canada, from where products are shipped to other parts of the world.


Mevotech comes behind in warranty compared to Moog, which has a three-year warranty on all its products. Mevotech only offers a limited warranty when you purchase their product. This does not mean it is not durable, as some reviewers claim.

Wheel Bearing Comparison

Mevotech Wheel Bearing

Mevotech Wheel Bearing

Mevotech wheel bearing follows the OEM specification closely in its design. It has better protection against dust because they are sealed at production. Also, all hub and wheel bearing assembly components are lubricated to minimize wear and tear.

Mevotech’s wheel bearings come with many integrated flanges that maintain the inner bearing integrity and minimize vibrations across the vehicle. In addition, their oversized ball allows for more load and better service life.


  • Minimal friction and wear due to pre-lubrication with high temperature and high-pressure grease
  • Bearings do not need maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth running with low vehicle noise
  • Signal connection and enhancement due to OE-style ABS sensor
  • More oversized ball bearings improve load capacity and lifestyle
  • Protected internal bearing from integrated flanges
  • Better stiffness and low vibration due to strong integral raceway


  • Sensor lifespan is low usually, stops working after some days.

Moog Wheel Bearing

Moog Wheel Bearing

Compared to the Mevotech wheel bearing, Moog wheel bearing reduces rumbling noise in your vehicle drastically. Moreover, it undergoes heat treatment to attain such hardness and depth that supports heavier loads.

Generally, they enhance vehicle endurance and give maximum protection against dirt and contaminants. It offers excellent functionality while driving because it fits your vehicle. They are designed to provide reliable and smooth performance.

You get to enjoy quiet vehicle operation with the Moog wheel bearing because they are better in quality. In addition, problems like rolling resistance disconnected ABS signal are solved using the Moog wheel bearing.


  • Easy installation and durability
  • Optimal and consistent preload due to roll form design
  • Better protection through quad lip design
  • High-quality polymer and copper wiring allow for better ABS signal conductivity.
  • Wheel stud with a protective coating to prevent corrosion and ensure accurate torquing and easy removal of stud
  • Quiet and smooth operation due to precision-matched components
  • Excellent defense against contaminants from socket connection and sealed ABS covering


  • Loose wheel bearing when delivered to some customers

Ball Joint Comparison

The ball joint is pivotal in ensuring smooth operation between the steering knuckle and the control arm. First, let us look at how Mevotech vs. Moog compares.

Mevotech Ball Joint

Mevotech Ball Joint

Mevotech provides a robust quality with its ball joints, which are very strong and long-lasting. If you have a heavy-duty suspension system, the Mevotech brand should be your choice. No leakage of any kind with this brand after installation.

Its unique design makes it resistant to corrosion, so rust development will not be a concern. In addition, the pure metal design lasts longer under pressure, and the rubber boots work efficiently.

Though cheaper than its Moog counterpart, its quality will serve you for the desired period. Mevotech’s design is similar to OEM parts, yet it does not perform better than the Moog or its OEM counterpart.


  • Easy installation and durability
  • Suitable for heavy-duty vehicles
  • High quality for a low price
  • Unique design that enhances durability


  • Replacement is imminent like the common ball joints out there

Moog Ball Joint

the Moog ball joint

Compared with the Mevotech ball joint, the Moog ball joint is much more expensive and better quality than them. It is designed with a metal gusher (bearings) and so can make 360-degree movement easily.

They come with easy grease movement (within the pure metal design) for minimizing friction. In addition, there are preload washers (Belleville) to absorb shocks. Most car owners prefer the Moog ball joint because they are very tough and withstand high loads and pressure. If you are a DIY car owner, then the Moog ball joint is for you because it is so easy to install by following the instruction manual.


  • Easy to install, even for a novice mechanic
  • Imported and domestic vehicles can use it
  • It is very durable and remains in good condition after a long time
  • Absorbs impact and shocks while on motion


  • It is more expensive than its Moog’s counterpart

Control Arm Comparison

Let us take a look at the last comparison

Mevotech Control Arm

Mevotech MS601043 X-Factor

Mevotech control arm is compatible with different kinds of vehicles (cars and trucks). Moreover, Mevotech MS601043 X-Factor is suitable for driving on both smooth and rugged terrains because its components have natural rubber and bushings.

It is resistant to corrosion and durable, though not adjustable; it is straightforward to install because of its threading. After installation, it makes your suspension system more robust and more dependable.


  • One year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • Easy greasing that improves the ball joint function
  • Compatible with various car brands
  • Dependable and durable
  • It makes your vehicle suspension stronger
  • Corrosion-resistant properties from the superior finish with black oxide coating


  • Failure of the ball joint is not covered in the warranty

Moog Control Arm

Moog control arm (CK620054)

Moog control arm (CK620054) boasts of being the best control arm in the market. Its design allows for steady grease flow, therefore, increasing durability. In addition, the additional dust boots prevent moisture and contaminants from causing wear and tear and corrosion.

Car brands like SUVs, trucks, performance vehicles, and sports cars can use the Moog control arm. In addition, this Moog product is straightforward to install, even as a novice.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Steering response is improved due to M2 technology
  • It comes with pre-installed bushings and ball joints
  • Suitable for difficult terrains
  • A combination of aluminum stamped and forged steel that increases its durability
  • It absorbs shocks and impact with its Belleville washers
  • Gusher bearings allow for smooth grease flow to the stud
  • 10 degrees additional swing for stud in the upper ball joint


  • No wire harness clips

Which Is Better, Mevotech Or Moog?

From previous customer experience, both brands are excellent in their steering and suspension replacement products. They have quality, durable, affordable, and functional products in the same product comparison.

However, Mevotech seems to be more affordable, and users believe it to be of lesser quality than the expensive Moog. On the other hand, Moog’s quality is impeccable, even though it operates a decentralized system and excels at ensuring customers have a better experience.

The competition between both brands will continue for a longer time because they are innovative and constantly reviewing and improving their processes and products. However, most people will choose Mevotech over Moog, mainly because of its affordability.


Is Moog better than Mevotech?

Both Moog and Mevotech have strengths and weaknesses; either Mevotech is better in one product or worse in another, depending on the product you compare for both brands.

Are Mevotech control arms any good?

Yes, it meets automobile standards and trends because of its cutting-edge technology. Its control arm is solid and stable because it has no flex.

Is Moog suspension parts good?

Yes, the Moog suspension part is good, though it’s a bit pricey. Yet! It is the best for its durable and functional suspension system.

Wrapping Up

As you can see from Mevotech vs. Moog comparison, it shows that both brands have unique properties that make them stand out. In addition, various tests and reviews have revealed strengths and weaknesses unique to each.

Choosing the best brand depends on the specific features and preferences you desire. Read through our comparison session again to pick the product that fits your vehicle brand and model before deciding.

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