No Air Coming Out of Vents in Car [Usual Reasons & Solution]

The ventilation system of any vehicle is responsible to push air inside the car’s cabin. Regulation of the core console will allow the passengers and the driver to control the airflow. Besides, it will control the direction and pattern. If the vents stop functioning, the car begins to seem and feel stuffy. This occurs because of the shortage of circulation. 

Then, you need to depend on your windows for controlling the inner temperature of the car. In today’s post, we will discuss with you why ‘no air coming out of vents in car’.We will figure out the reason together with a solution. Let’s have a great time reading this post!

Why is There No Air Coming out of Vents in Car?

If there is no air coming out of the vents in a car, it could be due to a problem with the blower motor or the control panel that regulates the flow of air. It could also be caused by a blockage in the ventilation system or a problem with the air conditioning compressor.

No Air Coming Out of Vents in Car – Reasons & Solution

Common Reasons For This:

Blown Fuse

Your car depends on many things. Like other electrical units, the ventilation system in your car depends on the fuse for protecting the overcurrent. If the fuse of the ventilation system blows, the circuit stops working. So, the vents will not get any power from this. A blown fuse is a reason why no air comes out of vents in the car.

2008 Mazda 3 2.0L blown up fuse
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Bad Relay

A bad relay is responsible for this problem. It is a little current which is controlling a large amount of current. In this situation, the relay is taking a little electrical current. Also, uses this for controlling a large amount of current for the ventilation system. When it stops functioning, the vents will no longer receive any power to operate.

relay switch
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Nonfunctioning Blower Motor

Blower motor is a particular type of motor. It is sending the air into the vents of the car. It is slightly similar to other kinds of motors. These motors you can find on any home fan or leaf blower. Bower motors will damage or die, resulting in stopping or slowing the power of the ventilation system.

Malfunction Of Blower Resistor

Blower motor relies on the resistors for controlling the speed of the air flows into the vehicle’s vents. The resistor is limiting the output of your blower motor. For this reason, you are getting sufficient air. In the meantime, any kind of malfunctioning of the blower resistor will result in no air in the vents.

Clogged Intake Of The Air

No air coming out of the vents is possibly clogging the air intake. Usually, a car has one fresh air intake which is coming from outside of your vehicle. Another one is recirculated air which is from the inside of your car. If these intakes become partially, or completely clogged, the venting system will not operate properly.

Broken Hose

This is also a vital part of the car. For functioning correctly, there are many hoses needed for the ventilation system. Any clogs, insecure attachments, or leaks among the hoses will alter the capacity of the vents. Therefore, it can not function properly. In our outlined reasons, the broken hose is another cause.

A Refrigerant Leak

It is another common cause for your car AC not working properly. Well, leaks can come from a different places. For example, it could result from damaged hoses or rubber seals. It can allow the refrigerant to escape. However, the major problem is when it goes beyond not getting cool air in the car. And those damaged parts will become an entrance for moisture to get inside your car’s cooling system, and they will combine with the refrigerant. Remember that when Freon and moisture combine, they produce a harmful acidic reaction that can damage your AC system, and you may need to replace the entire system. If you think there is a leak, it will be better to quickly fix the issues to prevent them from causing more problems.

A Faulty Compressor

Like your home AC, your car AC also depends on the compressor unit for airflow. So, if the compressor is not working properly, then the air conditioning system will not be able to move the refrigerant properly. One of the major reasons behind a damaged compressor is not using the component for a long time. A long cool season for winter means the car owners will not run their AC for a few months. On the other hand, the car’s compressor will also develop issues if the car’s clutch gets stuck on the compressor. When you get stuck in the “On” position, this can keep the air conditioning unit running continuously. In such a situation, you should call an experienced mechanic to diagnose the issue with the compressor.

Any Electrical Issues

Many reasons can cause different electrical problems in your air condition system. It may include a blown fuse, failed switches, and more. Sometimes, your car’s fuses can get damaged, making your AC not function. Besides, a loose connection between different components can also give rise to the problem of no air coming out of vents. 

Even though most of the problems with the car’s AC system problems can be fixed, you should resolve them as soon as possible. If left unresolved, it can lead to acid buildup, and the development of acid in the AC can severely damage the car, and you may need to replace your car’s entire air conditioning system.

Bad Air Filter

All the car comes with an air filter installed under the hood for the engine. But do you know there is a second air filter as well that is located in the car’s cabin? Remember that if the cabin’s air filter is blocked with debris and dust, it can limit the airflow from the air conditioning system. It can go so bad that no air will move through the filter. So, if you are dealing with no air coming out of vents, you should check the air filters.

Bad Fuse

All the electrical systems in your car depend on the fuses to prevent current overloading and short-circuiting. If the ventilation system’s fuse has been blown, it can damage the circuit and will not work until you have installed a new one. The best thing is that these parts are quite cheap and can be replaced easily. So, this will not be a time-consuming or expensive repair for you. However, if your car has blown a fuse, always try to know the real cause. If there is an issue with the wiring, you will face the same issue again when you install a new one. So, first, resolve the cause and then install a new fuse to prevent the issue.

Easy Way To Fix No Air Coming From The Vents of Your Car:

Here are the easy steps for fixing :

Step 1: In this initial phase, we will discuss the foremost things. Most of the vents of the air control are fitted with a control door. It is situated in the vent outlet. The door is regulated by a wheel. Activation of the thumbwheel opens as well as closes the airflow of the vent door. Work with the wheel from one portion to the other at the time of observing the airflow. The flow will stop and then start again if this thumbwheel works properly.

Easy way to fix no air coming from vents

Step 2: Most cars have a cabin HEPA filter or air filter. They play a vital role in the entire air ventilation system. These filters are built for cleaning the air before exiting the vent. Once the filter is clogged to poor maintenance, this will slow or stop the airflow exiting the air vents. To observe the filter location, you can check under the hood or dash of the car. Close to the windshield’s base on the passenger seat, you are required to remove the air filter and check.

Step 3: The blower motor can is regulated by either any computer or the switch in the compartment. If the fan motor starts to fail, this will make the motor of the fan-run slowly. Ultimately, this lower speed results in less airflow. For testing the condition, an amp meter is required. Connect the meter with the wire of the motor of the fan. Any measuring below 8 amps indicates the motor of the fan has shorted and is not functioning correctly.

Step 4: In this phase, we will focus on talking about the blower motor. As we discussed earlier, there are dual intakes for this air ventilation system. One is the fresh air and another one is the air of a re-circulated system. By things like cloth, paper, or anything, air intakes may be plugged. If this blockage occurs with the air intake, it will stop or slow the airflow. Inspect both air intakes location, either external or internal, then correct them. Finally, you can get good airflow.

Fix By The Experts:

If you don’t want to follow our outlined solution, you may contact a top-rated automobile mechanic. They are the experts coming to inspect the ventilation system. Oftentimes they check out the fuse as well as relay initially. Afterward, try to run your fan to observe what is not functioning. Before exploring the entire system deeply, they focus on the basic mechanism. After the observation, the mechanic provides a good report. It will describe the cause and source of the issue. Furthermore, the scope of the best repairs.

How Much You May Need To Spend To Fix Your Car’s AC Vent System? 

To evaluate the total cost of repairing your AC system to prevent the ‘no air from vents’ issue, you need to understand the real reason behind this. For example, if there are any issues with the blower motor or if you have a damaged blower motor resistor, then to get it repaired or replaced, you may need to pay around USD 100 to USD 300. The price for a blower motor itself isn’t all that different.

Sometimes, you may need to replace the fuse based on the problem. It will not cost you much, and you can buy a new one for around USD 10 to USD 20. Then you need to go through your car’s manual or watch some videos to know the exact location of the fuse manual and replace that with the new one. 

If you think the problem is with the cabin air filter and needs to be cleaned out properly, then you can do it yourself. To get a new air filter, you will only have to spend USD 15 to USD 50 based on the model and make of your car. Besides, the price will also depend on the filter you may want to buy. If you want to get the job done by an expert, you may need to spend around USD 40 to UD 50 more. But if the problem is severe and you don’t want to take any risk, it is advisable to take your car to the nearest garage and get your air conditioning system checked by a professional. Using DIY methods when you don’t know much about the car can lead to more severe issues.

Tips To Keep The Air Ventilation System Clean

Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate in your car’s AC vents. If you do not clean them properly, that can lead to some serious issues. For example, you can deal with polluted air in your car, and after some time, the vents will stop blowing the air. 

How do you keep your car’s vents clean for a long time? Here are some methods for you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. All you need to do is get the right cleaning tools.

Get An Appropriate Cleaning Brush

It is advisable not to use any brush to clean your car’s vents. If the brush has rough bristles, then it can lead to cracking of the vents or create scratches on the slats. Besides, it can also damage the electrical components of your vents. As per the experts, one should use a brush with soft microfiber bristles. These brushes are specially designed for vent cleaning. Such brushes can easily get between the vents’ slats to remove the dust and dirt. 

Some experts also have suggested using foam paintbrushes. These are very affordable and also clean properly. To clean the corners, you can go for a Q-tip brush.

Using White Vinegar And Warm Water

To prepare a homemade cleaning solution for your vent, you can combine an equal amount of warm water and white vinegar. If the smell of the white vinegar is irritating you, you can go for the lemons scented vinegar. 

Using this, you can get rid of the mould smell if it is coming out through the vents of your car’s air conditioning system. Sometimes, the odour may come from the air filter or the AC system.

Even though using a scented cleaner can avoid the smell, you should find the real cause behind the odor. So, check the ventilation system properly and determine whether you have to replace the air filter completely or clean the AC unit.

Use A Steam Cleaner

If you have not cleaned the vent for a long time, then the contaminants may start sticking to the slats of the vents. To clean them, brushes or cleaning products may not work properly. This is where you can use a professional car steamer.

Using hot steam, you can easily remove the dirt and oil from the vents. Besides, you can also use it to disinfect the vent system. There is no need to use any chemical sprays. 

Bring the steamer’s nozzle near the vents and spray it. This cleaning method is fast and effective. Use a dry cloth to wipe the vents. Switch on the vent fan to dry the system. 

Like cleaning sensitive electrical products, you can use compressed air to remove the dirt from the vents. First, you need to spray the compressed air into the air tanks vents near the windshield. Then turn off the car’s engine and spray the compressed air into the cabin vents. For better results, you should use aerosol products.

Replace The Air Filter Periodically

Go through your vehicle’s manual to know when you should replace its air filter. The process of replacing the filter is simple in most modern cars. As per the experts, you should replace your car’s air filters at least yearly. But if you are living in a dusty place, you may need to change it more frequently.

Before Arriving At Your Destination, Turn Off The AC

To prevent mould growth inside the ventilation system, you can turn off the AC system around 45 to 10 minutes before you shut off the car’s engine. It will allow the fan to blow-dry the ventilation system, preventing mould growth.

Maintenance of your car ventilation system is a crucial procedure. The methods listed above are DIY tasks, and you can easily carry out them based on the convenience of your home. If needed, don’t hesitate to take an expert’s help. Ensure to get your AC and ventilation system serviced once a year to enjoy an uninterrupted performance from your car’s AC.

Car Air Conditioning System Explained

There is no doubt that your car’s air conditioning system is very complex. When any issues arise with your AC system, you should always take the help of a professional and experienced technician. 

If you want to know more about the mechanisms behind this system and how it works, then here are some basics you should know. 

In simple words, the air conditioning system in your car functions by converting the refrigerant to a liquid and then a gaseous state. The refrigerant will soak up the humidity and heat present in the car during the process to generate dry and cool air, and air will come out through the car’s vents. 

Different cars can break or get damaged with time. As a result, the airflow level will go low, and you will not witness any air coming out through vents. One of the most important parts of your air conditioning system is the compressor. It is the power hub of your AC. 

This component is responsible for separating the low-pressure gas compressing the air into high-pressure gas. This part is generally located on the engine’s front side, and it utilises a serpentine belt to function. 

Another major part is the condenser. The primary function of this part is to lower the refrigerant’s temperature without affecting the high-pressure state of the air. You can find this behind the grill at the front of your car. 

Now comes the dryer. It utilises a drying agent to remove water from the AC system’s refrigerant. It is installed near the condenser and the metering device.

When you turn on your car’s air conditioning system, all these parts work to blow cold air through the vent. A small problem in these parts can affect the performance of your car’s AC. If there is any damaged part, replace it, or you will face the problem of no air coming out of the vents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unclog my car vents?

To unclog car vents, use a vacuum with a crevice tool or a soft brush attachment to remove dust and debris. Compressed air can also help dislodge stubborn blockages. Consult a mechanic for more severe cases.

Why is my car AC fan blowing but no air coming out of vents?

If the AC fan is blowing but no air comes out of the vents, it could be due to a blocked vent, a malfunctioning blend door, or a damaged blower motor.

Why Is There No Air Coming From The Car’s Vents?

As discussed above, there can be several reasons behind this. For example, a torn hose blocked air intake, damaged resistor or motor, or a damaged fuse can lead to such a problem. Check all these common factors properly to determine the real reason for your car’s vent problems.
Even though driving a car with a damaged ventilation system is not harmful, you should be aware of the possible factors that could have caused this issue. This way, you will understand whether your car requires just a quick fix or you need to spend a lot of money on this.

Which Parts Control The Car’s Vents?

In general, the vents of all the modern cars are controlled by around 3 to 4 actuator motors. You can adjust the motors through the climate control module. It plays a great role in regulating and controlling the ventilation system in the car. On the other hand, you will get a manual control system on older cars. In such cars, the vacuum servos generally control the air vents. The car’s engine will produce a vacuum while driving.

How To Detect A Damaged Blow Motor?

Speaking about the blower motor relay, it supplies power to the car’s blower motors. If your car has a damaged blower motor, then a common sign is the relay is not functioning properly. Besides, you may notice a blown-out blower motor fuse.

Is It Possible To Open The Vents Of The Car?

In most vehicles, the ventilation system can be comfortably opened using a manual device called Thumbwheel. This device is utilized to open and close the ventilation system in your car to stop or allow the flow of air inside your car. To open the vents, you need to turn the Thumbwheel towards the right, and to close your car’s ventilation system, turn that towards the left.


Finally, this is all about the discussion of why no air coming out of vents in cars. Along with the causes of the problem, we outlined the right solutions for you. We hope you will find the post very helpful for you. As a user, you have to remember the importance of fixing the problem. 

You should also keep the ventilation system clean. But it is not easy to clean it. However, you can get it done by utilising some affordable or homemade tools. You can buy them online. For instance, you can clean the vents using a set of good-quality paintbrushes. The brushes can easily penetrate through the narrow space of your car’s vents.

This way, you can easily remove the debris or dust. Besides, you can also make a cleaning solution by combining vinegar and water. You can also utilise dry brushes to clean the vents smoothly. Sometimes, it is good to turn on the fan in the vents without turning on the AC system to dry the vents completely. This way, you can also prevent the development of debris inside the system.

If you don’t solve it, further damage will occur to your car by driving as the vents are not functioning. The ventilation system is basically for the comfort of the passenger and driver. Whereas, it remains an essential system within your car. 

Happy driving with comfort!

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