No Air Coming Out of Vents in Car – Reasons & Solution

The ventilation system of any vehicle is responsible to push air inside the car’s cabin. Regulation of the core console will allow the passengers and the driver to control the airflow. Besides, it will control the direction and pattern. If the vents stop functioning, the car begins to seem and feel stuffy. This occurs because of the shortage of circulation. 

Then, you need to depend on your windows for controlling the inner temperature of the car. In today’s post, we will discuss with you why ‘no air coming out of vents in car’.We will figure out the reason together with a solution. Let’s have a great time reading this post!

No Air Coming Out of Vents in Car – Reasons & Solution

Common Reasons For This:

  • Blown Fuse: Your car depends on many things. Like other electrical units, the ventilation system in your car depends on the fuse for protecting the overcurrent. If the fuse of the ventilation system blows, the circuit stops working. So, the vents will not get any power from this. A blown fuse is a reason why no air comes out of vents in the car.

no air coming out of vents in car

  • Bad Relay: A bad relay is responsible for this problem. It is a little current which is controlling a large amount of current. In this situation, the relay is taking a little electrical current. Also, uses this for controlling a large amount of current for the ventilation system. When it stops functioning, the vents will no longer receive any power to operate.
  • Nonfunctioning Blower Motor: Blower motor is a particular type of motor. It is sending the air into the vents of the car. It is slightly similar to other kinds of motors. These motors you can find on any home fan or leaf blower. Bower motors will damage or die, resulting in stopping or slowing the power of the ventilation system.
  • Malfunction Of Blower Resistor: Blower motor relies on the resistors for controlling the speed of the air flows into the vehicle’s vents. The resistor is limiting the output of your blower motor. For this reason, you are getting sufficient air. In the meantime, any kind of malfunctioning of the blower resistor will result in no air in the vents.
  • Clogged Intake Of The Air: No air coming out of the vents is possibly for clogging of the air intake. Usually, a car has one fresh air intake which is coming from outside of your vehicle. Another one is recirculated air which is from the inside of your car. If these intakes become partially, completely clogged, the venting system will not operate properly.
  • Broken Hose: This is also a vital part of the car. For functioning correctly, there are many hoses needed for the ventilation system. Any clogs, insecure attachments or leaks among the hoses will alter the capacity of the vents. Therefore, it can not function properly. In our outlined reasons, the broken hose is another cause.

Easy Way To FIX:

Here are the easy steps for fixing no air coming from the vents of your car:Easy Way To FIX

  • Step 1: In this initial phase, we will discuss the foremost things. Most of the vents of the air control are fitted with a control door. It is situated in the vent outlet. The door is regulated by a wheel. Activation of the thumbwheel opens as well as closes the airflow of the vent door. Work with the wheel from one portion to the other at the time of observing the airflow. The flow will stop then start again if this thumbwheel works properly.
  • Step 2: Most cars have a cabin HEPA filter or air filter. They play a vital role in the entire air ventilation system. These filters are built for cleaning the air before exiting the vent. Once the filter is clogged for poor maintenance, this will slow or stop the airflow exiting the air vents. To observe the filter location, you can check under the hood or dash of the car. Close to the windshield’s base on the passenger seat, you are required to remove the air filter and check.
  • Step 3: The blower motor can is regulated by either any computer or the switch in the compartment. If the fan motor starts to fail, this will make the motor of the fan run slowly. Ultimately, this lower speed results in less airflow. For testing the condition, an amp meter is required. Connect the meter with the wire of the motor of the fan. Any measuring below 8 amps indicates the motor of the fan has shorted and is not functioning correctly.
  • Step 4: In this phase, we will focus on talking about the blower motor. As we discussed earlier, there are dual intakes for this air ventilation system. One is the fresh air and another one is the air of a re-circulated system. By things like cloth, paper or anything, air intakes may be plugged. If this blockage occurs with the air intakes, it will stop or slow the airflow. Inspect both air intakes location, either external or internal, then correct it. Finally, you can get good airflow.

Fix By The Experts:

If you don’t want to follow our outlined solution, you may contact a top-rated automobile mechanic. They are the experts coming to inspect the ventilation system. Oftentimes they check out the fuse as well as relay initially. Afterwards, try to run your fan to observe what is not functioning. Before exploring the entire system deeply, they focus on the basic mechanism. After the observation, the mechanic provides a good report. It will describe the cause and source of the issue. Furthermore, the scope of the best repairs.


Finally, this is all about the discussion of why no air coming out of vents in cars. Along with the causes of the problem, we outlined the right solutions for you. We hope you will find the post very helpful for you. As a user, you have to remember the importance of fixing the problem. 

If you don’t solve it, further damage will occur to your car by driving as the vents are not functioning. The ventilation system is basically for the comfort of the passenger and driver. Whereas, it remains an essential system within your car. 

Happy driving with comfort!

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