How to Program Transponder Key Ford Without Original

In fact, a transponder key is a car key including a transponder chip inside it. This key code transmits a particular alpha-numeric code to the ignition. 

And as you know, your ignition is run with the alpha-numeric code. Accordingly, your car comes to be started with it. That is to say, the transponder key aims to ensure the security of your car. In this way,  your car will be able to faultlessly recognize a user by proof. 

The transponder chip delivers an indication to obtain contact with the transceiver in a vehicle. In the meantime, the transceiver searches for the accurate signal. Plus, provided that it doesn’t get any signal, your vehicle won’t start. 

Besides, if your car has a transponder key, you can’t even on the car without the key. 

Note: Even, a key that doesn’t have the perfect programming may unlock your car doors and trunk, but still you have to bring the proper transponder key programming to start your car engine.  

As you are wanting to know how to program transponder key ford without original, I’ve managed detailed information for you to make this guide. Let’s get deeper until the end of the article. 

Yet, one may reprogram a Car Key but still, he needs the car key to perform it. Excluding you have a master key or professional Locksmith, you won’t be able to program a transponder key without the original. However, while you are going to be able to make it happen, it’s sure that your car is in danger. 

Let’s look at the following steps to program a car with keys. 

 How To Program A Transponder Key Without Original by using a transponder key bypass kit  

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Key Takeaways for Reprogramming The Car Keys 

To reprogram a transponder key, actually, it depends on the model of your car. If you have a family car that comes with a VIN number (begins with 1 or 4), you can program the transponder key by grabbing the key and keeping the car in program mode. 

Essential Elements required for reprogramming the car keys: 

  • Car key  

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1st Step: Get inside the car. Place the Transponder key into the ignition and go round the “ON” spot. Next, keep the key at that point for 10 minutes 30 seconds.  

2nd Step: Now, look at the watch. As it is about 10 minutes 45 seconds, put the transponder key in the “OFF” position. After that, pull it off to the “ON” spot. As the aforesaid Step 1, stay for 10 minutes and 30 seconds again. 

3rd Step: In a similar way as Step 2, rerun the procedure and put the transponder key in the “OFF” position again in 45 seconds. As this is done, get back to the “ON” position. Again, get to the “OFF” spot and put it back to the “ON.” spot as well. 

4rth Step: Once you have done the aforementioned steps, you have really programmed the transponder key. Thus, you can turn the ignition on and let your car run on! 

Everything You Need To Do To Reprogram A Car Key  

It’s like a piece of cake to reprogram a car key. By maintaining a few processes, you can bring a fresh key from the driving seat. All you need to use is just two programmed keys and an extra key which is not programmed.  

1st Step: Get in your car with the two programmed keys. On the other hand, the extra key is not programmed yet. So, it has to be programmed. 

2nd Step: Keep the first key in the ignition. Then, bring it to the “On” slot, and get back again to the “Off” slot. Everything You Need To Do To Reprogram A Car Key

3rd Step: After that, remove the first programmed key and keep it in the second one in five seconds. 

4rth Step: Again, roll the second programmed key in the “On” state. Turn back to the Off state. As this, wipe out the second key. 

Final Step: Last of all, set the fresh key within 10 seconds. Next, bring it On position for a moment (1 second). And again pull it to the “Off” state. 

Note: Wait until the security light comes on. Wait for three seconds more. And, before removing the fresh key, trial the key by moving your vehicle.  

Thus, you will be able to finish the reprogramming of your car within a few minutes. 

Alternative Way: 

Is Immobilizer Bypass Possible? 

Obviously, you can! Use the transponder key in the car door to do it easily. 

1st Step: Keep your key in the lock on your car’s siding door. 

2nd Step: Then, roll the key on. Plus, open the car door without releasing the key. Put the transponder key in the spot for 20-30 seconds. Accordingly, the system will be able to realize that the right key is being used there. Plus, it will enable to BYPASS the alarm system. One thing you should keep in mind that some cars can understand the key clearly by rolling these key back and forward in the car’s door lock key cylinder. 

Note: One may attempt swiveling the key in both paths to eradicate the anti-theft system. 

3rd Step: As soon as you have done the procedures, begin your engine then. Initially, discard the key and proceed to turn on the engine. Keep it in mind that you have to keep the key cylinder in the unlocked position. 

Let’s Wrap Up the Programming of A Transponder Key Without Original! 

In the article, we have tried to let you know How to program transponder key ford without originalPlus, as you can know everything about the programming of a transponder key, we had some other relevant talks as well. And, to ease your searching pressure, there are some tools also linked out with Amazon. Thus, you can buy your necessary product following the article.   

This is all about! 

If you have still any questions, feel free to comment below. We’ll be right back to you soon.

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