Stuck Piston Rings Marvel Mystery Oil

stuck piston rings marvel mystery oil

Stuck Piston rings are a problem you are likely to face at some point when driving your car. When this happens, most drivers panic and they have no idea what to do.

Sometimes if you are not an engine expert, you would be tempted to think your entire engine has a problem and it needs replacement. But this is not always the problem.

Stuck piston rings happen and are easy to fix.

In this article, we will discuss with you what stuck piston rings are and a simple way to deal with them.

Let’s dive deeper.

Understanding Stuck Piston Rings

The Piston rings fit in the piston into horizontal grooves. The purpose of the ring is to seal the combustion chamber when it expands against the cylinder wall. As a result, the car engine maintains a consistent level of compression.

The piston rings stuck, although they are uncommon. And when they stuck they get into either of the two positions. The piston ring can be stuck against the cylinder wall or inside the piston grooves.

Symptoms of Stuck Piston Rings

To deal with the problem of stuck piston rings, you first have to be sure they are stuck. The following are common symptoms that will show that your piston rings are stuck.

Seized Engine

It’s the first symptom you will notice when it comes to stuck piston rings. When the rings stuck against the cylinder wall, you will notice that the crankshaft doesn’t rotate.

This happens if your engine has been idle for a long time. Mainly the rings rust and get bond to the cylinder wall. And this is what leads to the engine getting seized.

To deal with this problem you need to pour Marvel Mystery Oil and let it penetrate through the cylinders. And within less than 24 hours, the oil will free the stuck rings from the cylinder.

Low Compression

This is another symptom that you will notice when your piston ring is stuck. If the ring is stuck inside the ring grooves, your combustion chamber won’t be sealed. And this is what leads to low compression.

To determine this, you will need to use a compression tester to check if each cylinder has equal compression to each other.

The rings are stuck in the ring groove when there is carbon build up on the piston. And when you drive for many miles, they break and remain inside the ring groove.

Gasoline in Oil

When the ring stuck in the ring groove, it allows gases that are unburned from the combustion chamber find their way to the lower engine.

As a result, the engine oil gets saturated with gases. It gets an odour of gasoline.

However, when you drive your car for a short distance, you might have the same symptoms. This shouldn’t be confused with a stuck ring. It happens because of operating your engine at a low internal temperature.

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Increased Crankcase Pressure

The crankcase allows internal pressure to get out. A PCV valve does the venting. And when the rings stuck more pressure enters the crankcase, and the PCV valve gets overwhelmed. As a result, internal pressure builds in it.

With time, you start noticing oil blown out of PCV valve. And when the pressure is too much, you will see a dipstick being pushed away from the dipstick tube.

Using Marvel Mystery Oil To Deal With Stuck Piston Rings

Once you have noticed the above symptom, you need to fix them. With Marvel Mystery Oil it will be easy for you to deal with the problem.

The following are simple ways in which you will solve the problem and prevent the piston rings from getting stuck.

1.   Apply Marvel Mystery Oil To Prevent Corrosion

If you can prevent the problem before it happens, the better. You will have lesser problems to deal with.

Previously we have mentioned that your piston rings will get stuck when the piston corrodes and it cannot hold the rings in its place anymore.

And since your engine parts are moving, they will corrode with time.

With Marvel Mystery Oil you will fight these problems. It keeps your piston lubricated at all time. Especially during the winter when water condenses on the engine cylinder around the crankcase. It corrodes away different parts of your engine.

But with Marvel Mystery Oil prevents this. It keeps the oil layer strong during cold temperatures.

And if the shafts and other parts of your engine to not corrode, the piston rings remain intact in their position.

2. Remove Rust

When you leave your car for a longer time, without using it, it starts rusting. And as a result, the rings get stuck over the cylinder walls.

To deal with this problem, you need to oil the cylinder and the around the piston rings. You should let the oil penetrate through the cylinder oil.

The rust will dissolve in the oil within a period of between 24 hours, and the problem will be sorted.

Marvel oil keeps your car engine parts lubricated at all time. When you stop driving it for a long time, you won’t have to worry about any part that will dry out, tear down or rust causing the piston rings to stick over the cylinder.

What Exactly Is Marvel Mystery Oil?

Marvel Mystery Oil is a lubricating oil safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. It’s mainly used to lubricate and clean carburettors, fuel injectors, reduce and prevent varnish and gum build-up, improve gasoline mileage and extend the spark plug life.

Key Features

  • Keeps your engine clean from sludge
  • Lubricates upper cylinder for smoother idling
  • Improves MPG, Power, and compression

So, if you are dealing with a stuck piston ring, this is the real deal. The marvel mystery oil will help you prevent the problem before it happens. And if your piston rings are already stuck, it will also help you free them and give your car a perfect performance.

And the good news is that Marvel Mystery oil is available on Amazon. All you need to do is order, and it will be delivered to you for your use.

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Parting Shot

You don’t have to wait until your piston rings stuck. You can use Marvel Mystery oil to prevent the situation. And if it has already happened, you can use the same oil to solve the problem.

Most importantly, be vigilant at all time. It will help you identify the symptoms of stuck piston rings before they cause a significant problem.

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