Terms of Use

To make things easier to understand for our users, the team at TheGrumpyMechanic.com will be referred to in the statement as “we”, “our website”, and “this website”.

TheGrumpyMechanic.com contains reviews and guides on the latest car accessories and garage tools.

These terms of use are the basic guidelines that users should take notice of before using our website. Whenever you enter TheGrumpyMechanic.com, you agree to respect these rules when interacting with our content in any way and with other users via the comment section. If you fail to respect these terms, you may receive a temporary or permanent ban or your account might get deleted.

We have the right to perform any kind of changes and updates on these terms without notifying any of our users.


The main goal of these terms is to offer an optimal browsing experience for our users by maintaining their security, the security of our website, and of their data. As a user, you may not share your private information with third parties. If you do, you become responsible for the data. Also, when you agree to sign up for our website, you also agree to provide accurate data.

To find out more about how we keep your data safe, read our privacy policy.

Useful Information on Copyright and Intellectual Rights

Our website contains all kinds of content. While the most prominent one is text, we may also display videos, photos, or audio files. All of these are subjected to copyright laws, so users may not use any of it if they have not received our explicit consent beforehand. This does not include comments or other information provided by users.

All users have the right to download one copy of all our content and use it strictly for personal and non-commercial purposes. However, this does not allow users to perform changes on the content with the express purpose of public display. Also, they must not mirror, imitate, displace it, or remove the markers of copyright and pretend they are the authors.

You can still use our content on different websites in a rightly manner. This implies providing a source link to the material, namely the exact page on TheGrumpyMechanic.com you have taken the article from.

How to Use Content

All the materials and articles displayed on our webpages are meant for general informative purposes. We have the right to edit this content or remove it altogether from the website without informing the users beforehand.

As mentioned above, TheGrumpyMechanic.com presents reviews and guides on different products. These reviews contain details regarding their price rates, materials, manufacturing techniques, but also general customer opinions. This information is subject to change, so we are not to be held responsible for our articles becoming outdated.

The Rights and Responsibilities of the Users

Users have all the rights to make use of all the information displayed on TheGrumpyMechanic.com for personal purposes. However, when it comes to sharing information, they have to respect a set of rules and responsibilities.

  • Users must not post content that is false, unauthorized by the website, offensive, or discriminatory to other users.
  • Users must not attempt illegal or invasive actions on the content published on the website or on other users, such as attacks on their privacy.

Ads and Links

Our website displays links and ads that send to different third parties. The main purpose of these ads is to provide content that might be relevant to our users and improve their browsing experience. Users hold responsibility for their data once they go on these sites and start disclosing information. These third parties function according to terms of use independent from our own, so they are also responsible for the user information they collect.

Our Affiliate Program

Some of these third party links we share on our website send to online retailers including Amazon.com. These retailers have agreed that, whenever they make a purchase thanks to our website, they offer us a certain percentage of this earning. However, this has no influence whatsoever on the accuracy of our reviews or on the final price of the product.

The Limitation of Liability

For our reviews, we select only top-rated products that are popular among users. To select them, we use information from retailers, producers, but also from customers. No matter how hard we try to keep the information accurate, it might easily become outdated as we have already explained. Therefore, we are not to be held responsible for misinforming the users or for any damage that might arise from this situation. Our liability is limited to the extent of the law.

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