Why Are Both of My Turn Signals Blinking

Why Are Both of My Turn Signals Blinking – Easy Fix

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Well, it is high time to tell why both of my turn signals blinking are! For a long time, we have been asked for an Expert’s reply on this issue. Take a look what’s the expert’s opinion!

Expert’s answer (1)

Brian Adam! It sounds like that popular singer famous for ‘Everything I do, I do it for you.’ Well, he’s not that piece. Brian is one of our high-rated mechanics to diagnose a vehicle by its whole. He says that the blinking of signal lights occurs for two reasons. Firstly, the wiring short and secondly, if two circuits connection is in each other’s touch. You have to check the wiring harness, which is established in the back of your tow vehicle. You are requested to use a ‘Circuit Tester’ to do this operation. Click here to check the video to test a trailer connector (4-way) using a circuit tester.One of the turn signals doesn't work

Once start checking the vehicle’s side trailer connector, be sure to list the problem on your vehicle if you have any issues. Here we should tell a few things. Why checking the wiring on your vehicle? The first reason to do this is to ensure the vehicle’s wiring is pinched or damaged. Also, you can check if your vehicle is constructed with a converter box. You must be sure about the converter box before! Does your wiring use the converter box? If yes, then the converter box is malfunctioned and caused by the signal to cross over. Take the circuit tester to check both signals on wires that are connected to the converter box. It ensures the movements that are going through the converter box. Do they work correctly in the box? If yes, then something wrong with the converter; through this, you are facing your turn signals disturbed. Consult a mechanic if the wiring harness needs to be replaced!  

After an extended test, the tow vehicle looks much familiar! Are all of the functions of the trailer working fine? Take a look if the wiring harness is damaged or corrupted. You can find the problem or solution through these steps!!! Go for further troubleshooting in case.

Expert’s answer (2)

I received an e-mail last week. His name is Justin Harden, and he came with a question. Read him attentively!

Hello, there! I wanted to turn my signal light (Right side), and I did the job thinking the indicator inside the car will be illuminated. Unfortunately, the left turn light started to blink compared to both turn signals. It flashed outside the car and looked clear by the front and backside. What’s the reason behind it?

The answer is given concisely. You must be having a ground issue! Power is about to illuminate, but it is not finding aground through the indicator. For being that case, the light looks dim on the outside. You should know where the primary ground is located. Besides, be conscious of the splice in the wiring. The problem can happen in two specific ways; 1) Bad Ground & 2) Bad Splice.

Hire an expert or check it yourselves if one of these reasons is causing power, not flow! Let us know about the fix later. Thanks.   

A Complete Diagnosis to Turn Signal Problems

Turn signal problems should be fixed after getting the right diagnosis. Don’t think of it as confusing. The problem happens if the wires and connections are attached to the parking, warning, and light systems.

The turn signal is linked to the bulbs, wires, fuses, flasher units, and switches. You can troubleshoot any of these faults using a digital multimeter and test light. Be mindful of having the repair manual with you f working with the electrical circuit fault. It will help you finding wires, connections, and related access to troubleshoot as necessary. What if one of the turn signals doesn’t work? Read us below.   

One of the turn signals doesn’t work!

It is one of the most common faults in a vehicle. How to troubleshoot the problem?

  • Check the bulb and gain access to the bulb. Get a go through the engine compartment (Front Light) and the trunk (Rear Light). As a common task, remove the lens from the compartment and the trunk. However, access to the bulb depends on the vehicle’s model. A repair manual will show you the destination.
  • As per my knowledge, maximum turn signal bulbs are engineered with two-filament type. Are the filaments are in good condition? Is the bulb glass is darkened? Well, the filaments and the bulb glass should look fresh. If they are not in good condition, replace the bulb with the same type and wattage. Inspecting the bulb socket is essential as the socket should be free of corrosion or damage. Besides, the socket ground and the power connections should be maintained if necessary.

Checking a light bulb socket is a good idea!

You have to check a light bulb for the sake of ‘Ground and Power.’ How to access it?

  • Unplug the connector and examine the harness, socket, and housing of the connector. Are there any signs of overheating and damage? Even if you see corrosion there, it may lead your bulb to flicker continuously. It happens due to a broken electrical connection. It is mandatory to pay attention to ground connections. 
  • Once the bulb is removed, use a test light to the socket’s ground. Test each of the socket contacts. You should hold the test light with the tip.
  • Tell one of your companions to operate the turn signal. If there is any signal, the test light will be flashed, or you’ll see no power connections with the ground.

More things to know! What if the turn signal doesn’t work

More things to know! What if the turn signal doesn’t work?

You must be facing the problem on the left or right side of the signal lights. Am I right? It feels more like a breakup if you see the dash indicator illuminated and get the turn lights not working. What if the dash indicators illuminating brightly, whereas the turn lights are not working?

  • The first condition to get a good deal is being equipped with bad bulbs and a flasher relay. Check the bulbs if they are shaped in good condition. The bulbing area and damaged filaments should not darken them. Moreover, the sockets should be free of corrosion, wear, and damage.  
  • We have discussed the ground and power connections upper. Check them and see if the links are working correctly. The flasher relay is referred to in section X! Test the flasher to see more.
  • What’s the outgoing voltage of the turn signal switch? Use a test light or digital multimeter to make it count! 

It would be helpful to check continuity from the wires, flasher relays, and turn signal switch. It would be great to repair a specific vehicle with its make and model throughout the wires and components. Gain access to them!

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Wrapping up!

We have written on this trending topic, why both of my turn signals are blinking! It was our entire expert’s suggestion. Hopefully, you love this article. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to say what’s the issue is without knowing the wiring work. Sometimes, the brake light circuit goes wrong, or sometimes the turn signal light loses its appeal to be connected with the brake wires. The turn signals start blinking and behave like a hazard light though both lights’ power source is the same. You can check the voltage with a voltmeter and trace the wiring work between the jumping circuits. While inspecting the circuits, get the wiring diagram to diagnose the specific connections properly. However, let us know how do you do it! Take expert help if necessary. Have A Good day!

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