Why Your Dodge RAM 1500 Won’t Start Just Clicks? [Solved]

There could be nothing more dreadful than starting your car only to find out that it just clicks and won’t start. You are most likely to immediately conclude that the car battery has gone bad. However, that’s not always the case. There could be several reasons as to why your Dodge RAM 1500 won’t start just clicks. This article will cover all these reasons along with ways to fix the problem. 

If you hear your car clicking rapidly, then that points towards battery issues like connection problems, rusty terminals, bad battery, or alternator problems. On the other hand, if you get a single click only, then there is a starter motor problem.

Top 5 Reasons For Why Your Dodge RAM 1500 Won’t Start Just Clicks

The much-dreaded clicking sound coming from your car when you try to start it might be due to some battery issue. But, there are other possibilities to consider. And don’t worry because in most cases, the problem could be fixed by simple techniques like jump-starting the car or tightening the battery terminals. 

Pay attention to the clicking sound, is it a rapid clicking noise or a single click? Based on that, we can narrow down the possible causes. Given below are the possible reasons why your Dodge RAM 1500 won’t start and only make clicking noises. 

In Case Of Rapid Clicking:

If there is a rapid clicking sound, that means your car’s electrical system is not working quite right. What happens is that the starter, which is a motor powered by the car battery, requires more charge to run the engine. Hence, you just get rapid turning on and then off with the clicking sound. This could be because of battery or alternator issues. 

1. Drained Battery

Sometimes car owners forget to turn off the headlights or may even keep the interior light on. This could drain the battery while you are asleep. 

Replacing drained car battery

Solution: If this is the case, then get a set of jumper cables and another car that has a full battery. Charge your battery with the other car’s one, and your Dodge RAM 1500 should be up and running in no time.

2. Other Battery Issues: Loose Connections, Corrosion

Check the cable clamps connected to the battery. The connections may have come loose due to road jarking. Another reason could be corrosion built on the battery terminals.

Corroded Battery terminal

Solution: Inspect the battery cables and the terminals for loose connectivity and tighten them so that they make good electrical contact. Also, clean off the corrosion on the terminals to restore good connectivity. Regular maintenance of your car battery will avoid such problems in the future.

3. Bad Battery

It is possible that the battery has gone bad and cannot hold the charge anymore. Batteries last around 3 to 6 years based on your driving conditions. 

Solution: If the car battery is not working fine, then, perhaps it’s time to replace it. This YouTube tutorial will teach you how to change a car battery on your own:

4. Alternator Problems

If there is nothing wrong with the battery, the alternator that generates power to recharge your car battery may be faulty. When you run the starter motor, it drains a lot of stored power from the battery and the alternator is meant to replenish that. So, if the battery is capable of storing charge and is testing fine, then, you should test the alternator to check if it is capable of replenishing the battery between starts.

Car Alternator

Solution: First, try to jump-start your car. If it starts and quickly dies, then you possibly have an alternator problem. Fixing a faulty alternator is easy and requires easy tools. You need to disconnect the battery, take off the serpentine belt, take out the alternator, and detach the wiring. To re-install, do all these steps in reverse after the repair has been done. Here’s how to repair an alternator on your own:

In Case Of Single Clicking Sound:

If the Dodge RAM 1500 is making a single click only, then the issue is probably not electrical. It is most likely due to starter issues or problems with the starter relay. The starter relay is switch-like equipment and is responsible for transmitting power to the car’s starter. It will trigger a single loud clicking noise and not the rapid clicking sounds. 

You might be getting the single-click noise while turning on the ignition key or pushing the engine start button. 

5. Broken Starter Motor

In case the battery is charged and you see that the headlights and other accessories are working fine, then the problem lies elsewhere. The issue could be with the starter motor or the car solenoid. The solenoid is the starter relay, a switch that engages your car’s starter motor that in turn flywheels and starts the car engine. 

Starter motor

Starters last between 30,000 miles – 2,00,000 miles and depend on the car and also its driver. Issues like driving in extreme weather conditions and poor engine maintenance can further shorten the lifespan of a starter. 

Solution: Depending on the condition of the starter motor, you need to assess whether to go for a starter motor repair or a replacement of the starter. First, you need to remove the starter, strip it, and assess the damage. Based on that, you’ll need to repair either the armature and field windings. Then, purchase the parts that need replacement like the bushes and brushes. Then, simply lubricate and fix the new parts and assemble the starter.

Wrapping Up

That’s all from our side on why Dodge Ram 1500 won’t start and just click. We have discussed the top reasons why you might be facing this problem along with appropriate fixes. Hopefully, you’ll be able to successfully get rid of that clicking sound and start your car after reading this article.

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