How Much Does It Cost To Tint Windows – The Definitive Answer

Most people film well on the glass and first of all, it looks good, then after a year, it tends to slip off the glass. Just because of choosing the wrong tint may cost you time, money and patience.

Tinting the car windows can be made at a range of costs, depending on who makes it and the glass quality. You probably saw tinted glass peeling or simply weird. The best headlight tint costs a bit advanced but makes a huge compatibility between types of tints.

A good starting point is a simple, economical investment such as window dyeing. New car owners also wonder how much it costs to pick window tints, before going on to the next question.

Costs of window dyes can differ amongst window dyes on the market in 2022. 

The prices depend on the number of windows you want to tint, the type of paint you choose, and the height of the windows. 

Let’s now begin with the prices and tints of the windows of your car.

Before we get down to Tinting prices first let’s know about Tinting types !!

Types of Tints : 

Types of Tints

1. Crystalline Car Tinting

When you are a car owner who doesn’t want a brighter car’s paint so the tint is good for you. The best solution would use a crystalline glass tint. While not dim, it still blocks UV and solar power. 

Perhaps there are specific laws to shade the windows of your vehicle. Those that do not follow the laws or do not learn it should only relax and loosen up.

Pricing Varies from car to car and most importantly it depends on the number of windows.

  •  3 windows: $500
  •  5 windows: $560
  •  7 windows: $640

2. Ceramic Window Tint (A++)

It is costly so a superior choice can only be accomplished by a few chosen dealerships. It’s actually the only ceramic alternative. 

If you want your car to invest money to give it a gratuity look, the best option is ceramic tinting. It would save you money in the long term by using the AC to conserve gas and electricity. 

By impacting vision, the window film can lock up to 50% solar heat and is more resistant to degradation and blindness. It makes it an alternative that is more versatile and powerful than other colors.

Pricing Varies from car to car and most importantly it depends on the number of windows.

  • 3 Windows – $399
  • 5 Windows – $449
  • 7 Windows – $499

3. Carbon Based Window Tint

That is a substantially better choice since the content of polyester is transformed into carbon and provides a much stronger UV- and IR-blocking. 

Carbon Windows tinting has far other benefits in contrast with other forms of window tinting. 

It helps remove around 40% of the IR that heats up the interior of a car by the carbon material. This kind of tinting often adds to energy conservation by rising cooling needs in the summer and heating in the winter.

Pricing Varies from car to car and most importantly it depends on number of windows.

  • 3 Windows – $99 – $129
  • 5 Windows – $149 – $199
  • 7 Windows – $199 – $249

4. Hybrid Tinting

The tinting of the hybrid car window is done by combining dye and metallic particles. This one has more positive effects on your car and pocket, every tinting mentioned above. 

The most popular mixture is titanium and gray paint to make it either too dark or too bright. It is not too glossy or too sluggish and provides decent privacy and high UV and heat blocking.

Pricing Varies from car to car and most importantly it depends on the number of windows.

  • 3 Windows – $199 – $249
  • 5 Windows – $249 – $299
  • 7 Windows – $299 – $349

5. Metalized Film

It improves openings for certain extra benefits. For starters, when mounted, a car window can dramatically improve its shatter resistance. 

Metallic colors tend to sift heat by filtering it with tiny metallic particles, comparable to tinted films. They are virtually invisible and embedded in it. 

Above, you can quickly recognize it by its light and it is long-lasting enough to survive.

Pricing Varies from car to car and most importantly it depends on the number of windows.

  • 3 windows: – $80 to $100 
  • 5 windows – $120 to $160
  • 7 windows: – $200+

Prices for different vehicle windows tinting

It will never over if we keep talking about types of Tinting. So let’s learn about the prices for different vehicle windows tinting.


If you are a proud owner of an SUV then your vehicle is larger than most other vehicles. So tinting it will cost you a bit more. Of course, depending on which type of tinting you want the cost will vary. 

Of window tinting, the SUV may intend to pay $250 to $750, on average


Now, this is a vehicle you will use for very very professional tasks. The tinting cost will vary not only for its type but also for the size of your truck. On average you can expect to pay around $350.


Tinting Coupe windows is challenging for whoever is doing it. The windows are more curved than any other car in the market. So it will cost you more on labor rather than on tinting.

You can estimate the cost of a two-door car between $120 – 450.  


Here comes the classy one.

However, these classy cars don’t cost you much or cost you less than the others. You can estimate your cost starting from $50 to $450. As usual, this also depends on which type of tinting you intend to use.

Common Mistake: 

You will find a lot of youtube videos that will try to teach you how you can tint your car yourself. Yes, of course, you can without any doubt.
But, there is a small word, with a big meaning, “Experience.” You may have a lot of experience, in watching youtube videos about tinting your car yourself. But believe me, in real life whoever does it, acquires a lot of experience. Otherwise, $100 or $1000 it will be all a loss.

So leave this work to the pros who are doing it for many days past. It will both save your money, time as well as patience.

Bottom Line: 

It is never guilt or mistake to try out yourself to do a task you have never done before. But if you want to save your time money and tinting quality, then we strongly recommend you to go to a car tint dealership to select and do the tinting for you.

 Believe us, choosing the right dealership or mechanic to do it will never disappoint you.

Wrapping up

Take care of your car as your child. You and your loved one’s life depends on its wellbeing. Don’t let ignorance become the cause for you and your family’s grief.

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