Brake Light and Turn Signal Not Working on One Side

Brake Light and Turn Signal Not Working on One Side

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One of our readers writes that his brake light and the turn signal is not working on one side! What’s the solution to this problem? Well, I have had this problem in a 2011 F-150 Platinum. The brake and signals light was not working on the driver’s side. I thought the fuses were misfired, and the bulbs were damaged. I replaced the bulbs along with the connectors. No avail! 

Finally, I got this as confusing lighting problems and decided to work with the basics. I called my teammates to check the power and ground of the brake light and light signals. Sometimes, you have a good base but having no power in it! But, if you see you have got a bad ground, repair it as soon as possible. You will get the simplest repair nearby. The BCM (Body Control Module) is known as the power side of these brake and signal bulbs. Check the BCM if it has power at the sockets. You should ensure power coming out of the BCM. You can establish a scanner on the vehicle that communicates with the BCM and troubleshoot the brake’s error codes and turn signal lights. You can purchase the ‘Foxwell Diagnostic Scan Tool’ on Amazon for this! The scanner can access the BCM and check the updates of the power and grounds at the BCM. 

On Ford vehicles, we have got these BCM problems mostly. You should communicate with the BCM to do due diligence! The technician tells you the note about your exact issue. You are prepared for a repair, then. 

Products review: FOXWELL OBD2 NT624E Scanner 

Well, this scanner is a ‘MUST’ option for a vehicle. FOXWELL store is reputed worldwide, and this time, I am amazed by their diagnostic scan tool for all systems. The scanner is compatible with 58 car makes (Almost every brand in the world). It provides a full system diagnosis for most car models. The scanner does ‘oil reset’ and ‘EPB service’ for a vehicle. Undoubtedly, FOXWELL has its powerful OBD-II scan tool with ‘FREQUENTLY-USED’ maintenance functions. The scanner can read tons of sensor data and clear the fault codes of Check Engine, Traction Control, Airbag, and dashboard light. What are you waiting to fix the problems in your car? Try this! FOXWELL OBD2 NT624E Scanner 


  • A full system diagnose
  • Correcting all the lighting issues 
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Compatible with: Foreign or domestic 1996 and newer OBD2 car, truck, SUV’S! Click here to purchase it on Amazon. 

Tricks to Check your Brake & Turn Signal Lights

You’ll see many vehicles on the road are available with no brake lights! The brake lights are compulsory for some states, whereas people don’t find it necessary. We recommend you using them if you don’t want to be anyone’s danger! The single brake lights are designed to alert other drivers to indicate the vehicle’s authority, like what the vehicle is doing! Do you know about the brake lights? These lights are involved along with the turn signal lights. The lighting package includes all consist of systems like emergency flashers, headlights, and other driving lights. You should use them for the driver’s safety! Turn Signal Lights

People find it hard to use brake pedals and check the lights at the same time. Here we show you how to do that! Read below. 

  • Some recent vehicles have functioned their all emergency and turn signal bulbs as the brake lights. If you are using such vehicles and trying the bulbs in a row and are not lighting up, you better consult a mechanic. The light source is not working.
  • Drive a vehicle close to a wall and press the brakes! Do you see a red flash or glow on the wall? You’ll know the flashback if your lights are working!
  • An excellent structured lighting source will indulge at least two bulbs and light up the lighting configuration.
  • Whenever you change your oil, checking all the light sources is not a bad idea. You can check them with a friend’s consultation! 

Brake & Signal Light Problems; Easy Fixes!

These lights won’t give you head-scratchers! We show you some specific issues of brake light problems. You should crop them up! Fixing these light issues would be comfortable for us. Let’s know how to solve the four major issues in four magnificent ways. Would you like to read us?Brake & Signal Light Problems

  • Has your bulb burnt out?

Do you know what crops up the most are? A burnt-out bulb! It is the reason you will find brake light problems mostly. The brake light disturbance relies on the time you hit the brakes! It sounds sarcastic, yeah? Whatever, it is true that depending on the illuminated estimation, vehicle’s model and bulbs feature, the brake light stables. If you have got a bulb that burnt out during that entire period, you should switch to LED lights. It helps you with a much longer lifespan. What if you have old vehicles? Try out still-featured bulbs for them. Be confirmed if the stock bulb is popped out. Then, go for a replacement! Hopefully, you can do it better with a basic set of tools! If not, find a mechanic to do the replacement for you.

  • Is the analog switched worn out?

The brake light is illuminated once you trigger the brake pedal, and an electric signal gets to the light source. Do you know analog switches get worn out after a period? Yes, maximum enthusiasts face the problem as the light source becomes dirty and loses the right signal’s ability. In case replacing the switch will be the real solution. It is straightforward to test brake light problems if you go to a mechanic. If you see three brake lights are out, it means the trio of bulbs died simultaneously.  


If the brake or signal lights have a problem in illumination, you must be going through a ‘BLOWN FUSE.’ Why am I saying like that? Sometimes, the lights are not illuminated by either side due to the brake light fuse. It does not mean your light switch is terrible! All you need to do is establishing the vehicle’s fuse box under the hood. You could make a useful passenger compartment if you wished! Be mindful of finding the fuse for the brake circuit. Probably, it hasn’t been blown. If it is, then replaces the brake circuit with a fuse of the same requirement.

  • ‘Bad Socket’

The fourth problem that leads the brake light and the signal lights misfired is having a ‘Bad Socket.’ Hopefully, you have got a single brake light and found the bulb as a real modification. Your next step should be checking the light socket as the brake/turn light’s problem is due to corroded connections in the socket. Most of the vehicles have worn wiring between the sockets that lead your vehicle to an intermittent connection. For being a solution, replacing a socket would be a simple idea. Once replaced, you’ll be benefited snipping the old wires. Plus, splicing in the new unit would be more genuine for the light brigade. Undoubtedly, it is an inexpensive part to purchase!


  • Are the brake light and turn signal the same bulb?

Most of the vehicles have emergency and signal bulbs packaged in a kit! The kit is known as a brake light. You can turn the emergency flashers and signal lights just in a try! It’s wise to try them by the end of the vehicle. Just hit the brake pedal! 

  • Can a bad turn signal switch no brake lights?

A bad turn signal switch can be a lot to examine! Those vehicles use the brake lights and signal lights as the same pattern; a bad switch can switch your brake lights off along with the brake lights. However, the third light will still be functioning. This happens as the brake and signal lights are connected with the same circuit. 

  • Why does my turn signal not work sometimes?

Maybe, it is because of the ‘Oxidized Bulb Sockets.’ Research shows that rust and dust can also be responsible for disabled turn signals. If rusted, the electrical contact is disrupted between the bulb and the socket. You have to clean the signal lights and maintain the car regularly. I hope for the best!

Wrapping up

We have discussed it all about the solution if the brake light and turn signal are not working on one side! Do you have more questions? Let us know! We shall answer you ASAP! Before wrapping it up, we recommend keeping these tips in mind we have discussed in this guide. Diagnosing the vehicle’s system is a good idea! You will find problems and then can consult an expert for quick solutions. It becomes easy to solve light problems on your own. Thanks for reading us!

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