Fix A Touchscreen Car Stereo (Explained Step by Step) 2024

Are you wondering “how to fix touchscreen car stereo”? You have come to the right place. 

Modern cars are equipped with a smart touchscreen, which is much more convenient than their analog counterparts. A smart screen gives you the power to control volume by touching your fingertips. You can change the stations without turning knobs. 

Touchscreen Car Stereo

Even some smart screens come with interesting features like video streaming, phone integration, GPS, and more. But these screens are not immune to problems. In fact, touchscreens are one of the few features that are the first to give up. 

Fortunately, you can fix a touchscreen car stereo if you have broken it accidentally or if the screen has stopped functioning on its own. 

This post will talk about major problems of touchscreen car stereos, how to fix them, and what makes car stereo touchscreen function improperly.

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How to Fix A Touchscreen Car Stereo [Quick Steps]

Here are some steps you can follow to try and fix a touchscreen car stereo:

Step 1: Remove The Car Stereo
Step 2: Dissemble The Car Stereo
Step 3: Remove The Main Wires Of The Screen Panel
Step 4: Disconnect The Touch Screen
Step 5: Remove The Broken Touchscreen
Step 6: Clean The LCD
Step 7: Install The New Touchscreen
Step 8: Add a Screen Protector
Step 9: Reassemble everything carefully

Why is My Touchscreen Car Stereo Not Working? 

Many factors can make the car stereo touchscreen not function properly. Below are some of the common reasons: 

Overheating Issue

The touchscreen car stereo will likely stop working when the car gets overheated. Car overheating can result from playing music for a long time or other reasons. 

If overheating is the issue, you must turn off the system and let it cool for a bit. After some time, you can check the touchscreen. The screen will likely start working correctly. But if you cannot turn off the unit, you must use buttons to fix the issue. 

System Having Difficulty Processing

Touchscreen car stereo often fails to function properly when the unit’s software cannot understand your commands. It mainly happens when you are using different functions at once. If functions like Bluetooth, navigation, or similar things run simultaneously, it can compromise the touchscreen’s performance. 

You can fix this issue by closing different running functions at once. But if the touchscreen stereo is still not responding efficiently, you can consider restarting it. 

Calibration Issue

Calibration is a common problem that can compromise the touchscreen stereo’s performance. You should recalibrate the machine by following the guidelines described in the manual to fix the issue. 

Dirty touchscreen

Many times dirt accumulated on the touchscreen makes it unresponsive. But you can fix this issue by wiping the dust using a microfiber towel. Ensure no fingerprint remains on the touchscreen as it can interfere with the performance. 

Major Problems of Touchscreen Car Stereo

It’s important to know about the major touchscreen car stereo problems so you can quickly resolve them. 

Problem 1: Unresponsiveness

A fully responsive touchscreen is fun to use. However, operating a touchscreen can become problematic if it’s not responding well. Unresponsive touchscreen car stereo is not uncommon, but it needs to be fixed. 

A touchscreen with lost calibration will not respond as expected as it will not register the touch pressure accordingly. 

Dust and dirt build-up on the screen can make it unresponsive. Therefore, you must regularly clean the screen. 

Problem 2: Wiring Problem

Many times the touchscreen also becomes unresponsive due to internal wiring issues. In some extreme cases, if the wiring issue increases, you might not be able to power on the screen. 

Sometimes, wiring problems occur due to faulty installation, which is not difficult to fix. Other times the internal wires get loose due to heavy vibration. 

Problem 3: Prone To Physical Damage

Touchscreen helps get the work done quickly, but they are also prone to physical damage. The touchscreen might break quickly if you use them harshly. 

Suppose your car jumps a little too hard on the speed bump. In that case, you might end up with a cracked or broken display. The touchscreen will break even if you accidentally hit it. In addition, prolonged touching can result in scratches. 

Therefore, if you want to use the touchscreen for a long time, you should be extra careful. 

Problem 4: Software Error

Software plays an essential role in the proper functioning of smart touch. Since millions of codes help the touchscreen perform smoothly, the screen will likely develop bugs. 

Your stereo will not work the way it should in such a case. It might start malfunctioning now and then. 

Can a Car Touchscreen be Fixed? 

How to Fix a Touchscreen Car Stereo

Whether you have accidentally broken the touchscreen car stereo or the screen has stopped functioning on its own, it can be fixed.

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You can fix an unresponsive touchscreen car stereo in the following ways. 

Step 1: Try Rebooting The Stereo

Try Rebooting The Stereo

The first and basic thing you can do is reboot the infotainment system by holding the button for some time. Rebooting has a success rate, and it might help you fix the touchscreen car stereo. 

Step 2: Clean The Touchscreen Properly

Touchscreen car stereos often do not work properly because they have a good layer of dust. So, you can try cleaning the touchscreen using a cloth. Cleaning harshly can result in screen damage. 

Make sure you clean your hands before cleaning the touchscreen. Replace the old screen protector. Use a screen-cleaning solution and clean cloth. Be gentle and rub the screen with the cloth. After you have cleaned the touchscreen, install a new screen protector. 

How to Repair Touch Screen of Your Car Stereo

This section will help you understand how you can fix a car stereo. 

Fixing Software Issues

If your car’s stereo is not working properly due to software issues, you must look for updates. You must immediately download any available update to fix the possible faults on the mechanic’s system. 

But if the touchscreen car stereo is not working properly even after the update, you must contact the manufacturer to get assistance with updating your machine. 

Many car users also try to fix the touchscreen issue by resetting the stereo. Around 90% of the stereo gets resolved with the reset. 

Fixing Physical Damage

You must replace the touchscreen if it is physically damaged. If your car has a touchscreen that includes all the necessary parts for operations, the replacement cost will be more. But if your vehicle’s touchscreen has separate units, the cost will be reduced. 

Guide To Fixing A Broken touchscreen Car Stereo

If your touchscreen stereo is completely broken and there is no hope of fixing it, you must consider replacing it. Fortunately, replacing the touch screen car stereo is easy. 

Necessary Tools:

Necessary Tools

Having the right tools is important as it ensures that the work will be completed correctly. Below are a few tools that you must keep within your reach. 

  • Appropriate screwdrivers
  • Panel remover
  • Clean microfiber cloth
  • Screen Cleaner
  • Double sticking tape
  • A new screen paper

Step 1: Remove The Car Stereo

Start replacing the touchscreen car stereo by removing the stereo from your car’s dashboard. Separate the panel using a panel remover. Then remove the screws that are used to keep the stereo placed inside. 

Carefully separate the wires and pull out the stereo. Try to remember the wires because you will have to rewire them at the end. 

Step 2: Dissemble The Car Stereo

Dissemble The Car Stereo

Once your stereo is wire-free, keep it safely in a secure location. Using a screwdriver, start unscrewing the screws on the surface. Then open the front panel. 

The car stereo body has multiple locks that need to be unlocked correctly. Use a panel remover and apply force to unlock. 

Step 3: Remove The Main Wires Of The Screen Panel

Once you have wide open the chassis, you can see everything present inside the stereo. If you carefully look inside, you might find a set of circuits and different wires inside the screen panel. You are required to detach the wires gently. 

Step 4: Disconnect The Touchscreen

Using the same way, you must disconnect touchscreen wires as well. Check the placement of the motherboard. 

If the motherboard is positioned correctly, you might not have to remove it. Otherwise, take out the screws from the motherboard. The idea behind doing this is to disconnect the touchscreen from the motherboard completely. 

Step 5: Remove The Broken Touchscreen

A touchscreen is not attached through screws. Instead, it is attached using glue or any other adhesive. Therefore, you must loosen the glue to remove the touchscreen without any damage. Once you have done it, the LCD will be entirely exposed. 

Step 6: Clean The LCD

After the LCD is completely exposed, you must eliminate all the debris and dust using a gentle cleanser. Use a microfiber cloth for this step to get the best result. Do not clean the LCD too hard as it might damage it. 

Step 7: Install The New Touchscreen

Once you have cleaned the LCD properly, install a new touchscreen. Mount the new component using a high-quality adhesive like double-sided adhesive tape. Cover the component with thin and long pieces of tape for better results. 

Place one side of the tape after peeling it on the sides of the new screen. Then you can peel the other side of the tape as well. Try to align the touchscreen with the panel. In addition, the wires should also be placed correctly. At last, you can place the touchscreen carefully on the panel. Do not rush the process. 

You can apply some pressure to attach the screen to the right place correctly. Try to establish an airtight connection. 

Step 8: Add a Screen Protector

For extra protection of the touchscreen, it’s advised to install a screen protector. The protector will keep the screen safe from scratches and dust. Also, a good-quality screen protector will save you from opening the screen again in the future. 

Step 9: Reassemble everything carefully

At last, you have to connect the wires correctly so the touchscreen can become responsive. Ahold the disconnected wires and connect them the way they were before. Before joining the panel wires to the motherboard, you must join the screen’s wire to the panel.  

Finish the replacement process by screwing the motherboard in the right place. Then you need to close the chassis and reconnect the stereo wires to the car. 

How Do You Reset a Touchscreen Car?

If nothing works and your touchscreen car stereo is still not working, perform a factory reset. If you have an Android head unit, this step will be easier. Use a USB keyboard to do a factory reset. This technique will work even in the case where the screen completely stops functioning. 

Is This Helpful in fixing Problem

Resetting a touchscreen car stereo is helpful. Low calibration and software-related issues are guaranteed to be fixed by a good factory reset. Stereos also come with manuals that guide performing a factory reset. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my touch screen on my car stereo?

To fix your car stereo touch screen, try cleaning the screen, performing a soft or hard reset, or updating the firmware. If these methods fail, consult a professional or consider replacing the unit.

Can a touch screen on car stereo be replaced?

Yes, touch screens on car stereos can be replaced. Consult the manufacturer or a professional technician for replacement options and costs.

Is it possible to repair touch screen?

Repairing a touchscreen depends on the issue. Simple fixes like cleaning the screen or resetting the device may resolve some problems, while others may require replacement.

How do I fix an unresponsive touch screen?

To fix an unresponsive touch screen, clean the screen, remove any screen protectors, restart the device, or perform a factory reset. It would be best to consult the manufacturer or a trained professional  if these methods don’t work.

Wrapping Up

Faulty touchscreen car stereo has become common as the touchscreen is entirely exposed. In addition, it is used several times a day. Fortunately, you can fix the touchscreen problem. 

Before you start fixing the issue, you must try to know what is making the touchscreen offer compromised performance in the first place. Depending on the cause, you can take appropriate action. 

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