Can You Charge An 18v Battery With A 12v Charger?

A good battery charger gives the ground for batteries that are stable and redact better. In this competitive marketplace, the charger takes downcast precedence. 

Battery and charger can be jointly compared to a horse and carriage. Sensible planning provides the power source says charger top precedence. Engineers are not conscious regarding complexity related to power source like charger, especially charging under unfavorable conditions. 

Charges differ one from another by their charging speed. Charges that come as a low cost- price personal charger that works well if used as directed. 

There have been a lot of queries regarding the question can you charge an 18v battery with a 12v charger. In this article, you will let you know the true answer of this question. As a bonus, we’ll cover some other queries regarding the topic.

Different Types of Chargers: 

Different Types of Chargers

There are many types of chargers. These are as follows: 

  • Basic Charger 

A basic charger is called an overnight charger. It is also known as a slow charger. It is made off “Nikel Cadium”. It applied a fixed charge of about .1c as long as the battery connected. It takes 14-16 hrs to charge an empty battery.

  • Rapid charger

Rapid charger falls between slow and fast charger. It takes 3-6 hrs to charge an empty battery. 

  • Fast Charger

A rapid charger is a type of charger capable of charging a battery within a shorter period. It takes around 1 hrs to charge an empty battery. 

  • Li-ion Charger

It has an automatic wake-up feature. It also has a “boost’ which allows waking up if a li-ion battery has fallen asleep due to discharge. It has minimum losses at the time of charging and the charging efficiency is equivalent to 99%. A Li-ion battery takes around 1hrs to charge a 70% empty battery. 

  • Lead Acid and lithium Based Charger 

It runs with constant current and constant voltage. The current of a lead-acid and lithium-based battery is constant and the voltage is capped when it comes to a set limit. It is not as fast as all other charges mentioned above. It takes 14-16 hours to charge an empty battery and 8 hours to charge a 70 percent empty battery. 

Can You Charge An 18v Battery With A 12v Charger?

18v Battery With A 12v Charger

An 18 v battery is composed of 15 individual cells. Each cell has an output of 1.2 volts. All the cells are wired in a sequence as they unite the output voltage from each cell. It needs to keep in mind the battery and charger should be balanced. So charging an 18v battery with a 12-volt battery may not be possible. There are many reasons for it. These are as follow: 

  • Charging voltage must be uniform with devise voltage otherwise it will destroy the device if the voltage of the charger is too low and it will even deader for a battery. 
  • The voltage specification mentioned in the battery pack is usually a titular voltage during discharging but not the highest voltage during charging.  Adapter input to battery charger need the highest voltage during charging
  • Possibility to drop battery charging regulator.
  • Chances to drop in protection circuitry and wiring resistance. 
  • Takes a long time.
  • May not charge properly 
  • Discharge the battery when your device is open. 
  • Charging slower than normal if the device is off. 
  • Make your device warm and hot if the device is open during charging.
  • It harms the chemistry of the battery. The most battery contains only one chemistry. We confirm that the voltage of the battery complies with the voltage of the charger. 
  • It harms the Ah rating of the battery.

How to charge an 18 V Battery?

People tend to break the charger or ruin it somehow and have also a tendency to buy a new one.  So they have an option to charge their batteries without buying chargers. It is an easy and simple method. Then you can charge their batteries through other batteries.  

Materials Required to Charge an 18V Battery:

You need to accumulate the following items for charging up your batteries. 

  1. Need connectors. It can be electric wire which has electrical connections through which we can connect many batteries. 
  2. Have to accumulate some batteries. The quantity of battery depends on the voltage of the empty battery. Calculations for identifying the number of batteries say voltage of the empty battery is 18V and the 1.5-volt battery is available in the market. So the number of small batteries required (18v /1.5V ) equal to 12 small batteries. 
  3. Accumulate some extra materials say pliers, tape, etc. 

Congregate of Batteries: 

A series of connection refers to a close circuit or connection through which the current flows in one direction.  It is like a looped road where the cars go identically way.  Do not be frustrated. We are here finding anyway. So let’s see the steps:

  • Need to find out the negative I’ve and a positive sign of batteries. 
  • Adopt two small batteries and connect the positive side of one battery with the ith negative side of another battery by copulative wire. 
  • Exercise plastic tape to secure the connector one from another. 
  • Practice the same thing with all the 12 batteries. 
  • Turn the connected batteries in a “U “shape.
  • The associate positive side of the series connection to the positive side of the empty battery.
  • The associate negative side of the series connection to the negative side of the empty battery. 

You need to place the whole thing approximately for 2 hours and so. The empty batteries will gain the required charge very quickly. However, stay close to this charging station. If you smell something odd then separate everything connected. 

Let’s Wrap Up the problem of Charging an 18v battery!   

To charge your 18v battery with a 12v battery is not possible at all. We have listed some other options that you can use to charge this kind of battery.

Hopefully, we’ve covered you with all necessary Information. Best wishes! 

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