Top 5 Best Shocks For f350 Super Duty: Top Reviews in 2024

Fortunately, we have got your back. As usual, our experts share their thoughts on the best shocks for F350 super duty trucks. In this guide, you get the latest series of blows. These shocks are considered to be excellent in both capability & compatibility. Remember that Ford trucks need advanced accessories for maximum performance. Who doesn’t love versatility? Shocks from the different manufacturers must be confusing you, right? Don’t be impressed by their words instantly. Instead of being nimble, choose from the world top choices that are enlisted in our guide. It is amusing to know, specially designed shocks. They uphold advanced technology for heavy-duty trucks. You should stay away from those models that are not compatible with heavy-duty pickups. Now, get a look below to know what’s trending today?

Our Top Pick: Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set Compatible with 2005-2016 Ford F250 / F350 4WD Pickups

Bilstein 5100 is the best investment for your truck! Comparing to manufacturer shocks, we have got a night and day difference in installation and pertinence. The shocks from Bilstein technology makes a truck feel new again. They are easy to install. You can make ‘Bilstein 5100’ shocks compatible with F350 4WD. Jacob, one of our experts, says this product ‘King from Ranch edition.’ Maximum car enthusiasts tend to replace the original stock shocks with innovative Bilstein products as they have reliable dampening quality for a thousand miles on them. Undoubtedly, Bilstein shocks adjust the tenacious situations through the big upgrade and improved steering quality. Buy from our expert’s suggestion and experience the smooth ride quality.

Top 5 Best Shocks For F350 Super Duty

Best Shocks For F350 Super Duty Review

1. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set Compatible with 2005-2016 Ford F250 / F350 4WD Pickups

‘Bilstein Shocks’ is a reliable brand that we all know. What’s new from them, this time? This is ‘Bilstein 5100’ gas shock for 2005-2016 Ford and fits F350 4WD perfectly. These shocks have a significant effect on rides and handle as the shock boots are equipped with special fitment. We wish ‘Bilstein-5100’ shocks are considered for the Ford trucks. You’ll like its vastly improved performance, which is sourced from ‘Monotube Gas Charge.’ Besides optimum performance, the monotube gas charge helps the longevity & durability of a vehicle’s run! You may experience a little stiffing ride as the shock mounting bolts are re-installed in this gas shock. However, the highway speeds are far-fetched. A 46mm digressive piston is designed in this Gas Shock. Get the ‘Bilstein 5100’ compatible with both on and off-road. The shock has a high-grade road-handling characteristic. Inside of the Bilstein gas shock, a single tube liner is situated. It transfers heat between shock oil to the shock body. The Bilstein-5100 shock is developed in combined with US and German engineers. To be noted that, a vehicle is more compliant in heavy situations with the Bilstein technology. You rarely need additional stuff such as washers, bushings, and nuts for installation. 


  • 4 Shocks in a set
  • Reliable in tenacious situations
  • One’s career Warranty 

Click here to buy ‘Bilstein 5100’ on Amazon. It is a super duty package and a good investment for your truck. Use these shocks for a new truck feel again. Bilstein produces their shocks for 2005-2016 Ford (4WD). Try it! 

2. NEW BILSTEIN front & rear for F-350


‘Southwest Speed’ opens its surprising box of SUPER DUTY Bilstein shocks. These shocks will exceed your expectations. Both front & rear shocks provide you excellent ride quality. You can choose new Bilstein shocks if your ride quality is gotten to the pot. You may click a vehicle’s control beaten up by a freeway washboard if you select a wrong set of shock absorbers. In case, New 4600 Series of Bilstein is explicitly designed for the pinnacle of performance. You can get these Bilstein shocks compatible with any F-350 truck, van, or SUVs. Plus, if you need an alternative to conventional shocks, new Bilstein is reliable for the maximum superior control. A vehicle needs not to glide over harsh road surfaces remarkably. So, choose something eternally that runs mile after mile. These shocks are cargo secured and made to be the least expensive but most effective. We love its dampening quality how it accommodates in any road today. 


  • 2 Fronts and 2 Rears
  • Least expensive
  • Performance is in its pinnacle 

Click here to buy NEW BILSTEIN shocks on Amazon. They are made for improvement against slowly deteriorated shocks. Don’t switch to new shocks till you have issues. A set of Bilstein Monotube Shocks make your ride much smoother.

3. Rancho RS5000 Shocks for Ford F-350

Rancho RS5000 Shocks 05-14 For Ford F-250 F-350 Super Duty 4WD 0-1.5 Set of 4 by Rancho

Though all of our products have a complete ‘Front and Rear’ shock set, Rancho is attractive. It is attractive for being red, Super Duty & shock of choice. What we can say after testing these shocks is, ‘Great product.’ For those who’re in doubt where to use Rancho, shocks should know that it is best for Ford F-250, F-350, and 4WD (Four Wheel Drive). Now, come to the logic, why choose Rancho products? Rancho is reliable worldwide and ensures the sport utility vehicles with protective boot features. This time, Rancho brings its RS5000 Shocks for light trucks, stock applications, and off-road vehicles. RS-5000 shocks are adjustable for on-road and off-road use. You have no hassle. Just put the new rancho shocks and go through the excellent job handling. From our side, the ride is softer and much appreciated. You’ll get the exceptional ride quality anyway. For a proper result, try not to provide a good weighted load. Rancho is all about a smooth ride then. 


  • For (2005-2014) F350 + 4WD vehicles  
  • Compatible for good weighted load
  • Lifetime Warranty

Click here to buy Rancho (RS5000) shocks on Amazon. The shocks look premium with the famous red boot. They are better than stock and can be used for a long term ride.

4. Bilstein shock for Ford F350

Bilstein 33-187297 2' Lift Front Shock Ford F250/350

Original Bilstein products are stable and satisfied in quality. The Bilstein shocks have a direct-fit solution for Ford F350. Besides, the lifted trucks and SUVs around worldwide are highly benefited from this manufacturer. The primary specialty of Bilstein shock absorbers is built-in ‘Monotube Design.’ Through the shocks, you get optimal performance against various road conditions. Bilstein shocks are engineered with ‘Digressive Piston’ inside the design. It helps a vehicle lifting heavy weight without reckless shakes. You are allowed to get maximum dampening quality. You’ll see few Amazon reviews say that Bilstein shocks don’t fit perfectly to Ford F250 (4×4). Don’t forget that they are compatible with Ford F350. You must be using the Motorcraft shocks, presently. As per comparison, we can say that ‘Motorcraft’ shocks are too soft and not made for a quick response like the Bilstein shocks. When tested, we got Bilsteins are noticeably firmer than standard shocks. They are not stiff or not so soft but react more quickly to potholes & bumps. The installation process takes an hour with two bolts requirements. No additional staff is required. 


  • Improved In Ride Quality
  • Brushed finish appearance
  • Velocity-sensitive

Click here to buy Bilstein shock on Amazon. It has a praiseworthy construction & competitive ride quality. 

5. Southwest Speed's Shock Absorbers Struts

Shocks for Ford,ECCPP 2 pcs Front Shocks Absorbers for fit for 2005-2014 for Ford F-250 Super Duty,2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 for...

Southwest encourages world enthusiasts with their ECCPP Shock Absorbers compatible with Ford F-350 (2005 – 2014). Because of our expert’s suggestion, these shocks have a noticeable ride performance on 4WD. The installation is as easier as average mechanical skills. One thing is mentionable here, and Southwest Speed’s have even the same suspension setup for 2016 models. The construction is engineered with a Twin-tube shock body. This construction improves the vehicle’s stability with a proper rugged off-road work. Southwest’s products are made for maximum durability & safety to the braking and steering issues. Why not driving more comfortably today? However, you’ll get a better driving experience through the top quality bump & rubber bushes. They are exclusively designed in the ECCPP shock absorbers. Besides, Southwest makes its products with a double chrome plate. The chrome plates are micro-polished and corrosion resistance. 


  • Compatible with (2005-2014) Ford F-350
  • Micro-polished 
  • Long service life + ONE YEAR WARRANTY

Click here to buy ECCPP Front Pair Shock Absorbers on Amazon. They have applications for improved ride and handling.

How to Replace F-350 Shocks

Smooth out your ride by replacing the shocks on your F-350. This step-by-step guide makes the process easy and efficient.

How to Replace the Shocks on an F-350 Easily:

  1. Park on flat ground: Parking on level ground prevents damage to your F-350. Put wheel chocks on for safety and use the parking brake.
  1. Gather equipment: You need to purchase the following:
    1. New shocks 
    2. A floor jack 
    3. Jack stands 
    4. Socket wrench kit 
    5. Torque wrench. You should find any specialized tools in the owner’s handbook.
  1. Raise the vehicle: Raise one end of the truck using a floor jack and jack stands. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s lifting recommendations.
  1. Remove the wheel: Remove the wheel and lug nuts to reveal the shock.
  1. Detach the old shock: Locate the shock’s top and bottom bolts and unscrew the old shock. Remove the bolts with a socket wrench, then pull the shock out.
  1. Install the replacement shock: Align the mounting holes on the new shock and position it in place. The mounting bolts should be installed but not yet completely tightened.
  1. Repeat on the other side: Carry out the same procedure on the other side. After replacing the shocks on both ends, carefully lower the truck and remove the jack supports.
  1. Using a torque wrench: Tight the mounting nuts to the manufacturer’s specifications when the truck is again fully loaded.
  1. Put the wheels back: Tighten the lug nuts to reinstall the wheels. Remove the wheel chocks and thoroughly lower the floor jack.
  1. Test drive: Drive your F-350 to ensure the new shocks work and give you a smooth ride.

How to understand if the vehicle’s shocks are worn out?

Mostly from the worn shocks, you may see oil drifting. Sometimes, ‘oil drifting’ starts from the shock shaft if leaked. You will see this happens to the shock or strut. If you feel any doubt, drive out the vehicle for a minimum of 40 miles. Once it shows noticeable moisture and liquid in the shaft area, it means your stock shocks & struts need a change! 

Secondly, you can try bouncing the front or rear shocks if they are bouncing up and down. In the moment of a trial, the worn shocks can’t provide the truck with maximum dampening quality. Sometimes, the truck rides on the leaf or front coil springs that decreases the vehicle’s performance. In case, get the vehicle’s shock replaced with stock products.  

At length, if you see the Bushings or mounts broken, find out the single shocks for your F350 super duty trucks. 

How is a Ford F350 truck made for super duty?

Who doesn’t know about Ford series trucks? Since 1999, Ford has been providing us new generation trucks with maximum towing capacity. Research says Ford F350 trucks have 21,000 pounds towing capacity. It is awe-inspiring. 

Ford F350 trucks started their venture in 1999 with a standard cab, super cab, and crew cab. To be noted that on the first generation of the F-350 pickup truck, the drive configuration is a bit upgraded, such as the rear wheel axle. The first generation of F-350 models had similar base equipment like the F-150 model. If you are looking for the best shocks for F-150 2WD, check this article.

After a sensation career from 1997 to 2007, Ford categorized their trucks in the second generation. What was updated for their next step? A ‘Tow command Trailer Brake Controller’ was featured in this step. Besides, fuel injectors were compiled for 6.4L V8 in power stroke diesel. 

Following the world technology, Ford manufacturers establish higher towing capacity, six-speed automatic transmission, and military-grade aluminum construction. You have to choose between high strength shocks. It leads an F350 truck to stay on the ground evenly.   

Why a lifetime warranty backs our Top-5 products?

We think of our readers, enthusiasts, or clients. A limited lifetime warranty is something that upholds the value of manufacturers. All our products have a significant amount worldwide. Who doesn’t want a confidential buy? A lifetime warranty keeps you beyond doubt, such as manufacturing defects, installation, and premature failures. Notably, the Bilstein 5100 is made of a monotube design that offers a fade-free performance. The specialty of top shocks in this guide is all about a velocity-sensitive piston. It helps a vehicle accommodating various road surfaces. Our experts focus on a life assurance as it dignifies the excellent ride quality and handling.


I’ve listed the most frequently asked questions about the best shocks for F-350 super duty:

How often should you change shocks on an F-350?

You should typically replace shocks on an F-350 every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. However, this varies depending on driving conditions, loads carried, and personal preferences. Regularly inspect shocks for wear and damage to ensure optimal performance.

Are monotube shocks better?

Monotube shocks offer improved handling due to their design. They’re ideal for aggressive driving or off-roading. However, twin-tube shocks may provide a smoother ride for everyday driving.

Are Bilstein shocks better than Rancho?

Both Bilstein and Rancho are well-regarded brands. Bilstein shocks are known for their durability and high-quality ride, while Rancho shocks excel in off-road performance. Your choice should depend on your driving conditions, preferences, and budget.

Do you need remote reservoir shocks?

You need remote reservoir shocks if you regularly drive long distances on rough terrain. They provide additional cooling and improve performance during extreme conditions or aggressive driving. However, they may not be necessary for regular driving situations.

Final Talks

The F350 is a big buck. It should not define by size alone but also capabilities. Upgrading a Ford truck is not new. You can add so much to the F350 pickup. It leads to optimum performance. A new suspension or shock is considered to be one of the right upgrades too. Through using the best shocks for the F350 super duty, you can win an off-road competition. Mostly, you’re benefited against stressful situations. 

In this guide, we review Top-5 products from different types of shocks & manufacturers. They are upgraded in performance. Get a secure purchase from this listing, and you’ll get a lighter performance for racing.

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